in conversation with green beauty maven, susan wong - organic non toxic skin care products

in conversation with green beauty maven, susan wong  -  organic non toxic skin care products
Han Skin Care Cosmetics founder and CEO Susan Huang had her eureka moment when looking for organic cosmetics on the beauty channel.
When Huang decided to turn to green beauty in 2011, she realized that even if natural skin care products were readily available in stores
There are few toxic cosmetics.
In addition, the price of goods displayed in the store is also very high.
Noting this gap in the market, Huang put forward the idea of Korean skin care cosmetics.
An affordable, clean cosmetic collection that will appeal to all ecology
Conscious Consumers
Today, Huang Guangyu's dream business is booming, providing a series
Natural beauty products from lips and cheeks to blush, bronze and eye shadow.
All cosmetics are prepared with natural ingredients such as oil, shea butter, fruit extract, plant pigments and pure minerals.
Here I chatted with Wang to learn more about her cosmetics collection, why organic cosmetics are safer and everything is natural beauty: Noma Nazhi:
Susan Huang: I was pregnant seven years ago, which led me to find a healthier alternative to traditional cosmetics, which usually contain harmful ingredients.
Like many for the first time
Time expectant mother, I did more research during this time, and learned that the fetus is vulnerable to dangerous chemicals due to immature metabolism.
As a result, I want to minimize the chances of exposure to toxic ingredients, and I know that it's not just what I eat, but what's on my skin that goes into my system and affects the health of my child.
This has aroused my interest in natural beauty.
What makes natural organic cosmetics a better choice?
SW: In general, natural and organic products avoid the use of toxic and suspicious ingredients such as phthal and parab salts associated with health risks, which are found in many traditional products.
On the contrary, natural and organic beauty products often include ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, and consciously exclude cheap fillers that weaken product integrity and reduce manufacturing costs.
In addition, most natural beauty brands are often cruelfree.
Neural Network: What prompted you to start your own series of natural cosmetics?
SW: I started to focus on cosmetic ingredients and labels when I was young, working in several beauty shops.
However, I became particularly picky during my pregnancy.
I was shocked by the research I did and the stories I heard about dangerous ingredients lurking in cosmetics.
So, I'm looking
There is no sacrifice of performance or quality, and there is no sacrifice of toxic and safer cosmetics for arms and legs.
It's hard for me to find a choice like this, and when I realize there's a blank in the market, I have my "Aha! "moment.
I then decided to create and provide healthy and effective natural cosmetics at a reasonable price in order to make it easier for more people to get.
What is your best selling product?
I want to say there are two.
What is very hot now is our Malibu copper.
Since its debut last winter, it has appeared in a variety of media publications.
Bronze is matte and talcfree.
It uses cocoa powder, cocoa seed butter and Moroccan oil.
Another of our popular products is Rose Berry cheeks and lip tones.
Thanks to its cream formula, it is perfect for a wide range of ages.
What else are you passionate about besides vegetarian beauty? SW: Running!
I have been an avid runner for about 20 years and hope to continue for at least a few more decades!
Being an entrepreneur is an essential part of my life and a way to relieve stress and help me get ready for the next challenge.
What is your favorite green beauty product?
SW: know that I have contributed to the green beauty campaign and help the environment by providing safer, healthier makeup.
Help consumers feel better about what's on their skin.
NN: What is the most surprising thing about running your own beauty company?
SW: realize that there are many other female entrepreneurs in the beauty industry who have experienced or are experiencing similar experiences.
As a member of the green beauty community, one of the greatest things is a high degree of friendship.
In general, we support each other and inspire each other.
NN: What is your best advice for women who want to transition to organic beauty?
SW: It's perfectly OK to gradually roll out clean products.
Especially if your skin is sensitive, if you suddenly change a new set of ingredients, it may cause irritation to your skin.
Learning to Read ingredient labels will help you make better and smarter choices and provide a feeling of empowerment.
Retailers and influencers on the Internet, as well as dedicated to cleaning beauty, offer many resources on green beauty education, such as Credo Beauty and organic rabbits.
So, what is the next step for you and Han skin care products?
SW: Based on feedback from customers and retailers, we are focusing on expanding our products to new categories.
We are working on a CC cream with SPFand other products.
Our goal is to release some of them by the end of the year.
We will also focus on expanding our business and distribution in the United States. S.
NN: What advice would you give to emerging entrepreneurs who want to launch their own beauty products?
SW: have a clear vision of what you want to provide and develop a plan to better understand and run your business.
The beauty industry is a saturated and competitive market.
If it's your passion and you 've launched your beauty collection in a row, do it and go all out!
This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.
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