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internet marketing glossary: a list of digital terms you ... - skin care routine with facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-30
internet marketing glossary: a list of digital terms you ...  -  skin care routine with facial mask
Internet marketing is a fast
The growing industry in the past few decades.
Like modern technology, digital marketing will continue to develop. they\'re ever-changing.
So whether you're new or good at technology or internet marketing, getting the latest updates will allow you to deal with any challenges you might have --
Including the acquisition of new methods and terms.
To help you stay ahead of the game, we have launched a comprehensive trilogy of digital marketing jargons.
We will update this glossary on a regular basis and we hope you will find these useful glossary!
AD Adsense is a txt-
B Alpha casted е d Alpha dv е rti casted е m е nt casted е rvi C е one five ff е r е d B у G one five gl е.
Google advertising is a well-known and popular way of online revenue, and through Adsense, websites can earn revenue from advertising.
Tim jobs blog and big online publishers also make money through Google Adsense.
AdWords advertisers pay g gll based on the amount of ad clicks generated (PPC) r impression (CPM), and in the long run Google also compares with AdSense publishers.
Compared to the graphic text of 2003, g provides the text in the text, not the graphic text.
The advertisement is advertised by Google and maintained by Google, so the online advertisement is copied and pasted.
R v n a r. сliсk оr реr-
I. I. n. B. I.
It is I. t. ll. Free t. E. E. v. rifi. d. Web site. ubli. h. r. th. G. о gl. AdS. е n. program.
G one five gl е P r е casted е ntl у p r one five vid е casted a numb е r diff е r е nt of AdSense p r one five gr Alpha m casted, b. advertising for the content of your link (e. g.
, Web page RSS r RSS f d): AdSense f content r content: website address for search: advertisement on a domain name: RSS advertisement on the domain name: advertisement on the domain name link: advertising budget or advertising expenditure is an approximation of the company's promotional expenditure for a given period.
This is the money a company has set aside to achieve its marketing goals.
When creating ad spending, companies must be willing to trade off --
The trade-off between spending and income.
For example, if a company costs $10, revenue should be equal to or greater than $10 in order to avoid losses.
A company can set their advertising budget in a number of ways, each with pros and cons: as a percentage of sales at the same level as its competitors, as the amount required to achieve a certain goal, function of the product unit as a link to its sales resources: advertising words are derived from advertising words.
According to William J.
Stanton, advertising has to do with showing the audience all the activities involved in paid advertising
For non-messages,
Personal information about organizations or products that sponsors are also identified.
According to the above definition, advertisers refer to individuals or organizations that place advertisements in the advertising media to reach their target audience.
Collins Dictionary defines advertisers as people or companies who pay for activities, products or jobs on TV, newspapers or posters.
Types of advertisers: retailers as advertisers, in some cases, retailers of products become advertisers.
This is the case where retailers proactively promote products to potential buyers in order to gain more sales.
Retailers have also become advertisers by displaying the company's products.
End users as advertisers, when using such products to be satisfied, end users can also become advertisers of the organization's products by spreading good news about the product to others.
Resource link: 12 banner ads are another form of paid media, a rectangular graphic display found at the top or bottom of the site, or in the left and right sidebar.
These are probably the most commonly used types of advertising.
Wherever you go, you can find a lot of standard 468x60 banner ads.
Their main feature is that after clicking on the ad, you will go directly to the website of the brand or product.
Banner ads are all pictures-based.
Banner ads come in two ways: a single image (gif, jpeg) Flash movie and a composite banner. The type of banner advertisement is: Flash banner-
These banner ads are interactive in nature, and their constant smooth animation makes visitors want to "participate" in the GIF animation banner --
These are more prominent, cost
Effective advertising for most small businesses.
Static banner-
These advertisements contain a single frame of still, phrases with images or catchy mouths, usually used by websites that provide CTAs or call for action. Type of banner advertising campaign: Brand banner-the main goal of this campaign is to ensure that visitors are familiar with the brand, products and services. Click-
Through the banner-the campaign is more "radical" than the previous one ".
It basically attracts visitors to "click" and "come to our website ".
"Resource link: 12345 display advertising or display advertising is a paid media that visually conveys business information by using text, images, animations, videos, and more.
Display ads are synonymous with banner ads, because even if they don't search for your products or services, they will be displayed to your target crowd.
When a search ad gets a sales credit, the display ad generates awareness that leads to the sale.
In short, displaying ads affects search ads that users click on that they don't even want to click on in the first place.
How do you measure the success of display advertising?
Reach-reach is defined as the number of people who can view ads online.
This data is defined by the number of visitors accessing the ad network you plan to use. Click-
Pass rate (through)-CTR is the potential for users to click on your online ad.
Bounce per rate (abl)-percentage of visits to a single page and exit from the site.
Conversion rate (CVR)-percentage of the number of people who click through the ad and finally click on the CTA (call to action) and complete the advertiser's target by purchase, registration, etc.
Return on Investment (ROI)-This quantifies the value gained for every penny spent.
Resource link: 1234 local advertising is a paid media that features (consistent with local or natural user experiences) follow the form (visual design ).
This is a sponsored content of nature, or "in-feed,” and non-disruptive.
This includes Facebook's "suggested posts" or "sponsored posts", Twitter's "promotional tweets", etc.
, Fitting naturally in a news feed or timeline.
Other types of local ads are: content recommendation-This ad usually appears at the end of an article or blog with the title "recommended to you," You may also like . . . . . . " Or "related topics" promotion list-usually seen on merchant websites such as eBay, Amazon, etc.
"Sponsored" or promoted products are among the best in the selection list.
Paid search ads-this local ad is almost the same as the promotion list and the only difference is that they promote the business and place it at the top of the customer search list. In-
Advertising with local elements-advertising related to publishers.
For example, a food brand may have
Advertise on the food website.
Print advertising, online video advertising, etc.
Resource link: 1234 publisher technical terms define an online publisher as someone who posts written content (blogs) or uploads media files (images, music, videos, etc) on their website.
A publisher can be called the initiator of the idea of giving birth to a newspaper, website, or magazine.
Essentially, publishers control the operation of media content.
Advertisers are also those who undertake the financial needs of owning and operating print or online media organizations.
The publisher also ensures that his or her media outlets maintain a healthy relationship with the public.
Ensuring reader satisfaction is also one of the duties of the publisher.
The reputation of the publisher is important because such a reputation can make him or her own media agency in March.
The same is true for online publishers.
Resource link: 123 re-marketing is a technology that focuses on bringing back visitors who have been to a website before but have done nothing.
By re-marketing, you can target ads to specific targets: people who visit your website.
One of the most expensive hotels
An effective way to advertise gives you the opportunity to reconnect with them and to maintain or increase the overall visibility of your brand.
Re-marketing ads can be made in Text and/or image display formats.
For example, a watch brand may re-sell the watch with "new and improved features" after introducing new technologies in the market to increase sales.
There are 5 types of re-marketing: website re-positioning-showing ads to visitors who don't have any "conversions. (e. g.
The cart is full of email/CRM redirects-display ad social or social media redirects to visitors or subscribers who open emails-on social networks (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
) Visitors who leave without conversion.
Re-marketing list for search ads (RSLA)-This re-marketing is only available on AdWords and features the same as above.
Search redirect-this type is almost the same as RSLA, just it shows your ad to visitors who have searched for keywords related to your product or business.
Resource link: 1234 search advertising or search advertising, a paid media, is a way to link search to products and services of a brand or company by using online advertising.
When a user types a specific keyword or phrase while searching for a product or service, search ads appear.
There is a specific advertising management platform for each search ad-Yahoo! uses Yahoo! Advertising!
Microsoft uses adCenter and Google uses AdWords.
A good example of using search ads: Your own toy shop.
Halloween is coming and you decide to retail a lot of Halloween products (masks, costumes, plush toys, etc ). ).
Then you choose to advertise on Google.
Once you have selected the keywords ("Halloween toys", "scary toys", etc ).
), Those who use your keyword search will trigger your ad and appear at the top of the search page, sponsored section.
You can also customize your search ads so that it will only appeal to your target population (in this case, locals in your area ).
This option is ideal for small businesses that want to do cost
Effective advertising, and want to be "relevant" on the Web, instead of spending money like big brands.
Resource link: to put it simply, 12 separate ads refer to promoting products to suppliers by borrowing their subscriber email lists.
This means that the manufacture of the product needs to find the website publisher who has a large number of users and pays the publisher to send emails (advertisements, offers) about the manufacturer's product representative manufacturer.
The online business refers to a separate advertisement as an advertisement form, which can also be referred to as the subscriber list "rental" used by the product owner to advertise its products ".
This means that the owner of the product temporarily borrows the list of subscribers of the owner of the website to promote his or her products.
To effectively carry out personal advertising, the owner of the product to be advertised must have the following in order: come up with an attractive and attractive landing page with a copy of the sale included in the email. Liaising with the manufacturer's website owner or supplier a niche with a large number of subscribers establishes a tracking system that pays for links to individual advertising resources: 12 sponsored posts one sponsored post, that is, the Post that is called a promotion post or a paid post, which is paid by The Advertiser to be posted to the website.
The idea comes from public events like companies and brand sponsorship funds --
Charity programs, local and international competitions, concerts, etc.
Today, in the world of online marketing, it carries the same idea.
Sponsored posts are considered a local ad that appears in the same area as regular posts, rather than the usual "intrusive" clicks
The ads you see on the website.
In other words, a sponsored article looks like an edit that should be there.
Some of the networks and tools that sponsor articles are: Adproval, BlogHer, WhatsApp, group high, Markerly, and Syndicate.
Resource link: 12 affiliates in Web marketing, an individual or company that recognizes another brand, business, service and/or product.
The association ID is the unique identification string (alphanumeric) associated with the associated company ).
The membership ID, also known as the referral ID, is used to track sales, clicks, visitors, and refunds.
In online marketing, an affiliate is an individual or company that recognizes another brand, business, service and/or product.
Affiliates receive commissions determined by endorsement, usually in the form of cash, credit, or reward.
Sellers can control sales and pay commissions to members based on sales generated by members.
In the link, you can identify the affiliate ID based on the parameters in the URL.
Examples of this include: aff_id = xxxxxxx refer _ id = exploit affiliate marketing such as Amazon (e-commerce shopping), Blue host (Web host) and Aweber (email marketing service provider), etc, develop their business quickly through recurring sales created by affiliates to track the thousands of affiliates they recruit, each with a unique membership ID.
Affiliate marketing is the name of the relationship between the affiliate and the brand, business, service and/or product.
Affiliate marketing involves the percentage of sales value generated by the seller sharing affiliate.
As a popular sales channel, companies such as Amazon, Bluehost, Aweber and Grammy are examples of businesses that rely on affiliate marketing to increase sales.
A commission is a pre-agreed remuneration or payment given to someone after reaching a specific amount or target.
In terms of affiliate marketing, commissions are provided to affiliates that promote seller/Advertiser services or products (which can be individual individuals or companies.
For example, the seller establishes a joint venture with the partner by providing its products or services to the partner and uploads it to the partner's website.
Example of Commission: large Commission: 50% Commission, $150 for each sale. For example, the service you will promote is $50 a month, $350 a year.
For each sale, you will receive $25 per month and a recurring commission of $175 per year: $15 per month, which means that someone is registered through your link for 6 months, you will have $90.
If they stay here for two years, you will have $360.
Result reward: Paris tour!
Achieve 400 of sales and get full
The cost of traveling to Paris!
Resource link: 123 cookies on the Internet, cookies are tiny data that the website stores on your computer, laptop or smartphone so that they can be identified when you restart
Visit their website.
Amazon is a good example.
When you fill out your shopping cart on your last visit, Amazon will remember the items in your shopping cart such as login information, search, suggestions, etc when you come back.
This is particularly useful in improving the conversion rate of e-commerce platforms as a gentle reminder for new buyers to accumulate a "wish list" at checkout as a shopping cart/list.
In affiliate marketing, affiliate cookies are the same as Internet cookies, but not automatic
Fill in your login details and it will transfer your associated account data to the website.
This is for affiliates to get a sales credit in any case when they want to buy a product and recommend the customer to that site.
However, the duration of the affiliate cookie is limited, which means that your referrer must take advantage of the limited time.
Otherwise, it will time out and disappear on his/her computer.
Most affiliate cookies last 30-90 days.
However, some sites like Amazon have a very short duration of about 24 hours.
However, there are also people who practice Black hat techniques such as illegal cookie stuffing and big taboosNO.
Cookie filling or cookie abuse forces people who have never clicked on a single affiliate link on the page to load the cookie onto the computer.
Resource link: 12 revenue (EPC) EPC per click, or 12 revenue per click, is part of the performance indicator, used to determine the average revenue generated by clicking 100 times through advertising or affiliate marketing links.
This indicator relates to the amount of the expected revenue, usually presented by the affiliate marketing network, to help publishers analyze and differentiate the revenue potential of various merchants.
The formula for determining EPC is = the number of clicks of affiliate revenue/affiliate x 100.
EPC is a good performance indicator that can be used to analyze which product is more effective under various expenditures.
Let's say that an affiliate is offering two offers, one for $50 and the other for $60.
A quick look, $60 spending looks better.
Having a good grasp of EPC will reveal which method yields the best.
A total of 500 clicks were made on the first offer and 50 leads were obtained.
The subsidiary then earned $2,500 in EPC revenue of $5.
A total of 500 clicks were made on the second offer and 40 leads were obtained.
The subsidiary then made $2,400 in EPC revenue for $4. 8.
This shows that higher spending is not always a better option.
Using the example above, affiliates make $0.
Additional revenue is $100 per click 2 times.
Resource link: 12 evergreen content (what some call epic content) is a niche that people need year after year.
In other words, the content of evergreen is always relevant.
Not news updates, events-
Based on articles, product release updates, trending articles, awards announcements or anything limited to the duration of the festival (Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc. ).
Evergreen tree contains a wide range of niches such as health (Dietary Supplements, skin care, diet pills, diet plans, etc.
), Currency (stock, investment, insurance, bank, business transaction, etc ). ), and self-
Suggestions for improvement (relationship, career, public image, marriage, school grades, etc ).
), Give a few examples.
It can help your readers solve the problems mentioned above.
This is something they naturally search and share through social media (think about what you see in your feed, like Miles-
Briggs personality test article, 10 ways to watch the game of thrones, how to find the right job for you-actually everything relevant in their daily life ).
For our marketers, we call them "pain points," where we have a deeper understanding of the reader.
Resource link: 1234 joint venture a joint venture, or widely referred to as a joint venture in the field of marketing, is a commercial arrangement made between two or more entities to achieve a specific goal, agreed by both parties.
Generally speaking, it is more called a strategic "alliance" that provides the two entities with a share of the benefits, losses and costs associated with it.
To form a joint venture, only written arrangements are required.
Requirements of this agreement: Details of the risk (start/end date, use of intellectual property, submission of periodic reports, etc ).
) Division of profit, loss and cost share the role of each entity in decision-making, service delivery, etc.
The joint venture is not: merger because there is no transfer of ownership in the transaction.
Because, strictly speaking, the partnership involves two or more people.
The joint venture consists of two or more entities.
Once the legal structure is determined, the joint venture is now formally established.
This means that certain legal issues are now involved.
If all entities come from the United StatesS.
At least one document, one joint venture agreement is required.
If an entity is not in the United StatesS.
At least two documents, new legal entities and joint venture agreements are required.
However, the legal definition of a joint venture varies from country to country and is not all subject to governance, E. G-
Australia has no legal significance in "joint ventures.
Resource link: 12345 product ID is the unique identifier string (alphanumeric) associated with e-commerce ).
As a unique identification string, the product ID (PID for short) is also used for affiliate marketing to help assign and track sales created by affiliates.
Good practices for using product IDs include realigning the use of the original SKU codes on e-commerce products or making sure they are easy to understand.
The tracking link is a link with a specific parameter attached.
For the purposes of analysis and tracking, create a tracking link.
By tracking the link, you can determine where the sales are, how the traffic is obtained, and so on.
Typically, the tracking link uses the UTM (Urchin tracking module) parameter in the URL.
The tracking link can be identified with parameters added to the URL, or it can be used;
Use URL links to shorten service creation such as Bit. ly and Goo. gl.
With the parameters, marketers can use Google Analytics to track page statistics including acquisitions, user behavior, and traffic sources.
Analysis bounce rate is a key performance indicator (KPI) that refers to the percentage of a single bounce rate)
Page access, such as access to leave your site from the entrance page.
This is a reliable measure of access quality, and the high bounce rate significantly reveals that landing pages are not related to visitors.
The formula for calculating the bounce rate is the bounce rate = view only the total number of visits to a single page/The total entry of the bounce rate page, more specifically, a single touch hit access.
There are 6 Kinds of clicks that can be forwarded to the GA (Google Analytics) server: page browsing (sent through _ track pageview) Events (sent through _ trackEvent)
E-commerce project (sent via _ addItem)
Business transactions (sent via _ track Social) user-defined Social (sent via _ setVar), good bounce rates have many variables such as industry, brand credibility, type of website, page type, user intent, etc.
Here is the GA average for bounce rate: content site-40-
60% lead generation sites-30-50% Blogs – 70-
98% retail outlets-20-
40% service sites-10-
Page 30%-Page 70-
90% Resource Links: 12 geo-tagging is a form of geospatial metadata that includes adding geo-tagging metadata to different media such as videos, geo-tagging photos, websites, RSS
Data geographical markers mainly utilize latitude and longitude coordinates.
Other data that can be used are precision data, distance, height, timestamp, orientation, and sometimes the name of a place.
When you enter the latitude and longitude coordinates of the image in the search engine, geo-tagging will help locate the image taken at a specific location.
It's not limited to images-
Found, but also to the location-
Website, news or other resources.
It can also simplify search in search engines by providing relevant media or content related to search queries.
Geo-tagging plays a vital role in storing and placing photos in specific locations on a map.
This operation is possible by using the latitude and longitude position of the image on the image file format (EXIF) data that the picture can be exchanged.
Geo-tagging can also be automatic, taking photos with a smartphone that turns on GPS.
A lot of digital SLR cameras and dotsand-
GPS is also built into the camera.
Some of them have peripheral attachments that allow geo-tagging.
Resource link: to put it simply, 12 sessions A means that a user makes A number in one session.
G. l. t. f. time t. about 30 minutesg. , browses wеb-
Download m. t. r. m. before exiting equals session . ).
To put it simply, these metrics are a unified approach, namely, "v" and "".
"In a different feature, a different feature, r.
At a specific time, your website has a group that is on your website.
Accept in tt, an in ingl that can generate multiple events, interactions, and transactions.
A specific u. r. n.
What happened . . . . . . Day, week, or . . . . . . Day.
After the meeting, there was a good meeting and a fresh one.
The end of the session is: Time-Time
B. D 30 minutes midnight f. midnight sports if a u. r. v. n comes B. k through an n. r. n.
Resource Links: 12 sources/media sources are the source of your traffic, such as search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc ). ) Or domain (. com, . org, . net, etc.
) Media are general categories of sources such as organic search, cost-per-
Click on paid search, network recommendation, etc.
Source/Medium combines the dimensions of sources and media such as google/organic search. com/ cpc , etc.
Resource link: The 12 UTM Urchin tracking module (UTM for short) is an easy way to track, and the UTM code provides a way to track and view traffic to the site.
In 2005, Google acquired urchin Software, which became the predecessor of what is now known as Google Analytics.
The way the UTM code works will not have any impact on the site.
The UTM code is able to track the performance of the link and view its source.
UTM codes are very important because they help to display a variety of information specific to a single link, such as the number of clicks and traffic on a website and the traffic obtained from social media and Google Analytics, to identify the source of traffic.
Google analytics takes the code by entering some type of value into web link and classifies it into a variety of useful reports and information.
A notable use of the UTM code is to make a special URL or combination or many URLs that can be added to the market activity that attracts users to the site, in turn, provide google analytics with the information it needs to hold data records for analytics purposes.
Resource link: 12 BUSINESS guides in the BUSINESS, which refer to starting or running the BUSINESS with little money or no money.
This simply means setting up a business without involving venture capital companies, banks or even angel investments.
In this case, entrepreneurs may rely on reinvesting the money they make from their clients into the business.
This usually involves a hard start without any external financial help.
Stage of piracy: a company that relies on piracy usually uses seed funds saved by individuals or gets help from close friends. Part-
Time hobbies that individuals can use as a second source of income can be built through guidance.
Here, individuals can maintain Day work while nurturing other businesses.
As mentioned earlier, the second phase involves the use of money paid to the business by the customer.
In this case, the growth of this business may be quite slow due to operating costs, but in the end, the business may pick up and be able to fund itself, make a profit for the owner.
While starting a business may seem risky, it is a better way to get out of debt, especially in the case of personal savings.
Resource link: 12 Minimum viable products (MVP) include the development of a technology for introducing new products with basic functionality into the market with the aim of getting feedback from early adopters, to improve customer satisfaction.
Feedback from customers is used to develop the final product.
Since Eric Reese, a startup writer and consultant, began using the term, the term has become popular.
Minimum viable products provide marketers with the right research and information they need in order to improve specific products, reduce functionality, or stay as is.
In fact, it can help them understand the advantages and disadvantages of this product.
Three things MVP must have: enough value to attract people and force them to buy or test products.
It has to show the mouth
Early adopters will be interested in the watering function.
It has to create space for providing feedback to help improve the product.
For example, mobile companies like Apple have attracted early users with the iPhone 8.
Here, when customers are the first to buy their phones, they are promised to get some phone features for free.
Resource link: 12 encoding/programming Angular, or Angular JS is a structured Javascript framework with the main purpose of simplification.
It helps developers create applications.
It allows you to use HTML as a template language and extend its syntax to convey the elements of your application concisely and clearly.
It is characterized by: two
Mode binding (model change view, and vice versa), templates (embedding), RESTful API processing, AJAX processing, dependency injection, modularity, etc.
With Angular, you can do the following: create a navigation menu, depending on the Touch or click entered by the user to create a spa or single page web application through the HTML and CSS of the integrated framework to provide more experience browsingangular JS is based on such principles, when building UIs and software components, declarative code is better than imperative code.
Resource link: 123 API application programming interface (API for short) involves a set of specific rules, protocols, and tools used to set up the application software.
The API is the specification and code that software programs need to communicate with each other.
They enable computer programming to go smoothly.
This is the skeleton that the programmer uses when setting up a computer program.
The specification of the API can take various forms such as data, routines, object classes, structures, remote calls, or variables.
API can be used for web-
Basic systems such as database systems, operating systems, software libraries, or computer hardware.
In short, the API helps software programs facilitate communication between different programs, just as the user interface enhances interaction between computers and humans.
The Api allows people to cut and paste clips such as LibreOffice documents into another template such as an Excel spreadsheet.
POXIS, C Standard Template Library, Microsoft Windows API, and Java API are examples of different types of APIs.
The Api is best seen as a window, door, or lever that prevents the internal functionality of the program from being completely exposed to the world.
This saves both resources and time, and avoids legal disputes with programmers.
Resource link: 123 boot (CSS) boot is opensource, front-
The final web framework for designing web applications and websites for free.
It's made by CSS-and HTML-
Design-based templates for forms, typography, navigation, buttons, and other interface components.
Alternatively, the bootstrap can include extensions using JavaScript.
It's basically concentrated in the front.
Unlike other web frameworks, the final development.
Bootstrap, originally named Twitter blueprint, originated from Twitter.
It was developed by Jacob Thornton to encourage and help internal tools to work continuously.
According to Mark Otto, this is basically a way for the company to share and a document for the company's internal design assets and models.
Why is piracy important?
With a responsive feature, Bootstraps makes it easy for tablets, phones, and desktops to adapt to CSS.
They are very easy to use and can be applied by anyone with elementary CSS and HTML knowledge.
All modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera are bootstrap compatible. It has a mobile device.
The first method that constitutes its framework.
How to download the bootstrap and where to download it?
Bootstrap can be downloaded from getbookers.
Another option for Com is to get it as an inclusion package from CDN.
Resource link: 12 CSS cascading style sheets (commonly referred to as CSS) are the languages that describe the layout of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) documents, such as web pages, colors, fonts, edges, lines, background images, positions, etc.
CSS defines how HTML elements can be displayed on screen, paper, or any other media.
It also controls the layout of various web pages. HTML vs CSS —
In the simplest words, HTML lays the foundation (structural content), CSS does styling and more (formatting structured content )!
For further explanation, HTML was made to describe the content of the web page as follows: This is a title This is an early paragraph of the World Wide Web, which is enough.
However, as more and more people use the Internet, the chances of getting more content are increasing, and web developers (and designers) are starting to consider adding layouts to online files.
More and more components such as fonts and color attributes have been added, which has led to the creation of CSS by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C.
By creating CSS, the field of web development has been developed and provides significant advantages for web design, such as numerous advanced and fashionable technologies, various layout applications in various media
To give a few examples, more precise control of types and layouts.
Resource link: 12 dynamic websites are different from static (fixed) pages, and dynamic websites are generated in real environmenttime.
This includes web script codes such as PHP (hypertext processor or personal homepage) or ASP (Active Server page.
Dynamic websites are easier to maintain than static websites.
Static pages contain unique content, which means that you must manually open, edit, and publish them each time you make changes.
However, dynamic sites access data from the database.
If the developer wants to update the content of the dynamic page, just update the database record.
This method is easier for websites with hundreds or thousands of pages.
Static site usage. htm” or “. html.
"Dynamic use ". php,” “. asp,” or “. jsp.
"Resource link: 12 Hexcode hex code is the code that the programmer uses when communicating with the computer.
Represents the "hexadecimal" of 6, and the code that represents the value that determines the color.
For example, if the programmer decides to use dark blue, this will be represented as hexcode # niubb.
The hexadecimal code uses a hexadecimal digital system containing 16 symbols, also known as base 16.
In order to dictate colors as accurately as possible, the digital system used consists of only ten numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
The continuation of the value then becomes the first six letters of the alphabet: A, B, C, D, E, and F.
0 is the lowest value, and F represents the highest value.
Resource link: 12 HTML hypertext markup languages (HTML) are the "native language" of the World Wide Web ".
It is the language that defines the structure of the web page (also known as "markup.
This was invented in 1990 by scientist Tim Berners. Lee.
Its original purpose was to simplify how scientists from various universities access each other's research papers.
HTML is a language that enables us to present data or information on the Internet.
With HTML, we can: publish online files such as titles, paragraphs, text, lists, tables, photos, etc.
Restore Online data through hypertext links to create the forms needed to perform transactions using services such as ordering products, setting up reservations, searching for data, etc.
Add spreadsheets, sound clips, video clips, and other apps directly to the document. Each foundation of the site is built through HTML elements.
Elements provide the structure for the HTML file and indicate the desired layout to the browser.
Each element consists of a "label" that is the name used to "mark" the beginning and end of the element.
There are two kinds of tags-Open () and close ( ).
The difference is "/" That means "end".
"Resource link: In-
Line is any element in a program, message, or document.
For example, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) inline code is any code built into a web page/website, not loaded from an external file.
Most of the content on the site or page is inline, but the image and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) files are loaded externally.
When we talk about HTML or CSS, inline "elements" refer to any element in the same line as the code surrounding it.
Here are some examples of CSS inline elements: create anchor BOLD TEXT create line break specify text as code Change font Display Image File specify text create a subscript text underlined text resource link for strikethrough text : javascript JavaScript is a programming language that enables you to implement complex things on a Web page, such as displaying real
Time updates, interactive maps and graphics, moving objects, etc.
In short, JavaScript makes your site Interactive.
If the content is constructed with HTML, the content is modeled with CSS, and the dynamic content is created with JavaScript.
Let's say we created a character called Mike.
The HTML looks like this: Player 1: Mike CSS looks like this: p {font-
Family: The era of New Rome "; letter-spacing: 2px; text-
Conversion: capital; text-align: center;
Border: 1px solid rgba (0,0, 200,0. 6);
Background: rgba (0,0, 200,0. 3);
Color: rgba (0,0, 200,0. 6); box-
Shadows: 1px 1px 2px rgba (0,0, 200,0. 4); border-radius: 8px;
Fill: 2px 8px; Display: Online-block; cursor:pointer;
JavaScript looks like this: var para = document.
Query selector ("p "); para.
AddEventListener (\ 'click \ ', update name );
Function Update name () {var name = prompt (\ 'enter new name \'); para.
TextContent = \ 'player 1: \' name;
} If you're curious about what's going to happen, you might want to try it out on GitHub!
The benefit of JavaScript: useful values can be stored in variables.
You can do an operation on a text fragment (called a "string"), and you can run the code in response to some events that occur on the web page.
Resource link: 12 PHP or hypertext preprocessor (recursive initials acronym words) is a server-side scripting language that enhances static or dynamic websites and/or web applications.
It was once called a personal homepage.
The script language is used to interpret scripts (a set of programming instructions) at runtime ).
The goal of the script is to optimize the execution of the application.
The difference between the scripting language (PHP) and the programming language (JavaScript): the programming language is used to enhance the complete application;
The script language is mainly used for regular tasks.
In programming, you need to compile the code before you can execute it;
In scripting, code is usually executed without compilation.
When the scripting language is usually embedded in other software fields, the programming language does not need to be embedded in other languages.
For example, PHP looks like this: Example
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