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irishman walking (stage 1 chapter 19) -- the end - masked facial expression

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-24
irishman walking (stage 1 chapter 19) -- the end  -  masked facial expression
The Irish walk is about me walking on the coastal road in Japan and going through a series of stages in summer, winter, spring and autumn.
The first phase began in the summer of 2009 in Cape soybeans in Hokkaido and ended seven weeks later in the wild city of Akita County. This summer (2012)
The eighth phase begins at Shibu port, Kagoshima county, on the southern island of Kyushu, and ends six weeks later in Fukuoka city.
Phase 9 is scheduled to start in Fukuoka this winter and end in Hiroshima on January 2013.
This phase is planned to last five weeks.
People are consciously or unconsciously proud of their determination and the direct goal.
They go directly to their desires, to the achievement of virtue --
When the crime
It is inspiring in their firm belief.
They walk on the path of life, which is surrounded by their taste, prejudice, contempt or enthusiasm, usually honest, always stupid, and proud that they will never lose their way.
If they stop, it is to look for a moment on the hedge, to keep them safe, to look at the blurred valleys, the distant peaks, the cliffs and the swamps, on the dark forests and the hazy plains, there, others groped painfully for their days, tripped over the bones of the wise men, and tripped over the unburied remains of their predecessors, who died alone, in the dark or in the sun, there is half a distance from the departure place.
People who have a purpose do not understand and continue to be full of contempt.
He never gets lost.
He knows where he is going and what he wants.
He did not have any width during the trip, reached a great length, and he finally touched the target, was hit, stained and tired;
He seized his perseverance, his virtues, the return of his healthy optimism: an unreal tombstone on a dark and soon forgotten grave. " (
Joseph Conrad, abandon on the island.
On August 25, 2009: a night without stars fell on me, and I remember the last thing I saw before I fell asleep was that on the restless sea, the little fishing boats were getting blurry.
Occasionally, the Horizon also disappears behind some waves, bigger and more violent than before.
"The wind must have blown over the water.
"When I leaned against an elbow and looked out of the tent, I thought to myself.
That kind of thing is done by strong wind!
Of course, Japan has no trade winds and no variety of coral reefs and bays, and these are the reasons why surfers enjoy the monster wave in Hawaii and Australia.
As someone who loves the land, I still have great respect for the rivers, oceans and oceans, from the Pacific to the Arctic, the smallest ocean in the world, permanently covered with thought ice in the middle, where life is scarce.
But what matters now is the Sea of Japan!
"Surely I can be seen by fishermen? ” I wondered.
Now, the campfire I lit earlier on the beach was burning so violently that a lot of orange sparks mixed with thick white smoke were spewing out.
Just before sunrise, when I woke up from my sleep, the fresh wind was blowing on my cheeks, which made me feel cold at sea.
The wind and rain didn't come as I thought it would, but just in case I had smashed everything.
When I first got the little Dunlap tent I trusted, I had to admit that I was disappointed when I first checked it at the store in Kanda, Tokyo.
It is with respect to this tent that I have promised hope and desire in various weather conditions that has hindered most of the time I have been on my mission so far.
But I don't care too much now!
For the excitement built in my heart as I am about to finish this phase of the mission.
When I finally camp, when I set out along this road with enthusiasm, there was an infinite joy in my heart.
A tourist sign on the side of the road told me that Shirakamidake Mountain (Kurosaki)was twenty-
Four kilometers away, about six kilometers from the coastline I followed.
The white amid Mountain is part of the northern mountains of northeast Japan, 1,203 above sea level.
The gentle slopes of the windswept grasslands and bushes help ease the seasonal winds that blow in over Nihon Kai (Japan Sea).
The mountain is covered with dense forest of mountain hair;
Beautiful mountains across Akita and Qingsen County.
I stopped to have a look at the beauty of it and talked a few snapshots.
People do this, which is why it is called the "stop Mountain. “Juni-
The Ko eco-museum and dialogue center, as a symbol, took 17 kilometers along the road.
For many outdoor enthusiasts, for the most part of the year, a major attraction is a variety of hiking routes that meander through the forest leading to waterfalls and lakes.
Amon falls is perhaps the most popular among the waterfalls.
Most of the trails leading to the waterfall have been paved and although flat at the beginning of the hike, it will get higher and higher as you go deep into the valley.
In addition, the route of the hike also led to the highest peak of the mountain, Shirakamidake. The Juni-
The Twelve lakes are located in the northwest of the white upper Senchi.
The area offers hiking and camping, as well as a scenic day of boating and fishing around lakes and ponds.
For those of you who want to know more, at Juniko Eco-
The Kokyokan Museum Center, among other things, has access to information about the mountain tree in the area.
Juniko in English refers to Twelve lakes, but not less than thirty.
Three lakes can be found in this area.
One of the interesting things that attracts many tourists to visit the lake is the bright colors inside the lake.
For example, there is a strong blue color in Lake Ochi, which the poet thinks is like the sky on the ground.
I was surprised to learn that entering the heart of a forest area protected by UNESCO World Heritage requires a permit.
Although it was desirable earlier, this can only be obtained by mail at least a week in advance.
This is especially true if the license has to be posted to another country.
Of course, it is better to go to any of the nine offices in the area in person during working hours from Monday to Friday, even until the day of the planned visit.
However, even this is not easy because there are only a few visitor centers inside and outside the three pools in white.
The vast white upper Sanchi mountain range between Qingsen County and Akita county in the north-east region was declared one of Japan's first UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1993.
This is the location of Japan's last forest of raw mountain trees.
There is a wonderful museum in another visitor center in akihabo island, which has a lot of information about the forest, provided in English, another between the wide tree and the anmon waterfall in Qingsen, there was even a theater showing 30.
Minutes scroll in the forest of Mount Mao trees.
It was broken, and soon after I left, the rain began to fall.
It didn't last long!
Like yesterday, cloudy blue skies replace most of the day.
There was morning traffic on the road ahead, and most of the cars passed by with the driver.
Then there is an occasional tourist coach with elderly Japanese tourists on board.
On the high seas, I can also see several large fishing boats heading to some important places, which is the best spot for fishing.
The road crossed the rails again, but as I learned in due course, they did not cross as many times as they did yesterday.
In front, a group of pupils waited at the bus stop for the bus to take them to school.
They all turned to me as I walked towards them.
"Good Morning", I shouted as happily as possible in English.
All the children giggled and some people called me back with smiling faces.
"Good mornengu, good mornengu, amerikkin? Amelikajin?
"Going a little further along this road, I approached a junior high school girl who walked slowly in the same direction.
When I pass by her, I can say that there is something in her facial expression, if not the speed of walking, tell me that she does not want to go to school.
She didn't answer my morning greetings to her when I passed.
I learned from the road signs that nothro was 60 kilometers away during the last two days of hiking.
Juniko Lake and Iwasaki town are closer at 14 and 10 kilometers away, which is a bit of a pleasant idea.
"Maybe have a hot breakfast somewhere in Iwasaki.
"Right on my right, a rice farmer wears a mask when spraying rice fields that I understand as chemicals.
Maybe I should do the same because when I pass by there is a strange smell in the air. “Why me!
When I speed up the pace, I think.
Thanks to the early morning breeze, the bad smell kept on me for a long time.
The traffic along the road was blocked due to some impious reasons and I was unable to cross to the other side.
I have accelerated my pace even more!
This is the only way to keep the distance between me and the smoke.
On an elevated slope a few metres above sea level, a local train roared past.
On my right, the sea rolls freely to the beach, free from the harassment of people's hands.
Another sign that looks like a tourist tells me that tsubakibeach Beach is another six kilometers along the road.
Soon I found myself climbing the first steep slope of the day.
At the same time, my heart was anxious to visit a certain outhouse because nature called more than once.
"One Tree can only do that.
I muttered mum when I fiddled with my little spade.
The sign of a noodle shop says "Ramen 101 ".
This is a proper name, I think, as the restaurant is located next to Highway 101.
"There must be a God," I mumbled jokingly, and my eyes saw a public toilet in front. “What luck!
"When I put my backpack on the hard sun-basking dirt on the wall, I muttered mum. What horror! “Oh no!
"The toilet is locked and the state of the building seems to have been around for a while.
There is nothing to do but to move on and find a more isolated place far from busy roads.
There is nothing to do but move on.
"It will be one of those days," and some monkeys sat down and looked at me from the tree.
I was wondering if they knew how I felt or if they were the reason why the toilet was locked and abandoned.
A road sign told me that the little Heinz train station was on the 193 road on my right. "Fuck it.
"I don't want to take any detours now.
Also, there is no need for a train, but there is definitely a toilet where there is a station.
"Maybe somewhere behind a tree, monkeys or no monkeys will do a good job too.
"A huge windmill rises in front of me like a white goddess.
I always thought they were the most elegant and beautiful of the man-made inventions.
Until my eyes fell on a huge waterwheel.
It's really different to stare at this huge wooden structure.
It stood there, turned around, turned around, as if alive, in its own world;
This powerful thing seems to illuminate me.
"Come and see, but don't stop!
You can't stop like me . "
Soon I got to the top of the steep slope, it was a huge waterwheel, very spectacular.
The waterwheel is at least five stories high.
There's nothing new or recent about the environment it moves, and for a while I feel like I 've gone back in the past.
I sat down next to the huge waterwheel.
Just then, there was a better place to see what could be done to relieve the pain in my small toe on my left foot.
Splash, splash, when the wheel hits the water, the water will ring.
So to deal with it, it's easy to see the actual problem.
Maybe it's a new blister formation, or was it a wound that didn't fully heal in a previous botched operation?
Anyway, the pain starts to let me know.
If only my old friend Kai (Japan Sea)
It's nearby and I'm sure its salt water will be as amazing as it has been countless times before.
Still, having me stand up or slow down is not the kind of injury or pain I wish.
Again on the road will definitely answer my questions in one way or another, I just need to be clear about the speeding traffic.
Irish-born author-
In addition, other means of transport by the philosopher Iris Murdoch became even more terrible every day.
Only bicycles are kept pure in their hearts.
Seven young cyclists passed by me in the opposite direction, and several of them waved to me as they passed.
This is not an easy thing to do when negotiating the steep slopes facing.
A dead cat lies on the road, and its internal organs are scattered on the asphalt.
Flies hovering around the ruins apparently enjoyed their unexpected feast.
Now, as time goes by, traffic on the road becomes significantly busier.
A road sign I just passed by told me that Ozawa railway station is on 194 Road and on the right.
The cyclist can feel the old hunger after about an hour from me.
After a while, I stopped at a restaurant on the side of the road and glanced at the menu at an elegant stall outside the entrance.
This restaurant looks a bit funky but I'm not sure when the next one will show up.
On top of that, I was hungry because there were several customers sitting in front of several tables for dinner, so it was obviously open.
With this, I turned in.
However, the manager or boss of this place must have observed me from a large window and he has other ideas.
Just as I was about to release the strap on my backpack and remove it and enter, the man in question approached me and met me at the entrance.
Silent for a moment, then he made a cross sign with his arms.
This is a form of body language that symbolizes "no.
Or something like that.
There is no word between us!
The Japanese like silence as a way of communication.
While I read somewhere that people should never follow them jokingly with sharp words, I would love to ask for a reason.
I have experienced similar things several times in my previous trek along the Qingsen County coastline, so I am no stranger to meeting such monkeys.
Instead of letting it go deep into my skin, however, I simply turned around and went back to the open road again.
Earlier, a small police car passed by me.
Unlike all the other police cars I see here and there, its lights don't flash.
I never really understood why the police needed to keep the lights flashing all the time, which seemed like a complete waste. Four middle-
Older people are peddling on the steep route I'm down.
As they struggled to get to the top, their bikes were full of camping gear and looked spectacular.
One of the firm guys nodded and smiled and thanked me.
The expression on his face tells me that we understand and respect the difficulties of each other's goals.
He still did not dare to take his hand off the handlebar and wave.
In a very short time, I was wondering if they would stop at that racist restaurant, only two kilometers from where they were going.
"Why shouldn't they stop there? ” I thought.
This is the only place with a long distance.
The police car I saw before drove past me again, but this time in the opposite direction.
"How about people riding bicycles?
"When the police car reached the top of the mountain and disappeared out of sight, I wanted to know.
On the beach on my right I can see three large piles of broken wood and planks.
I'm not sure why the wood is there.
Even if it's washed away by the tide, it seems like it's trying to clean up the beach.
It wasn't until I had a good time that I understood that they were Bonfire for a certain holiday.
Japan is a country where festivals are held every year.
Matsuri's principle is the Shogun held during the new year.
Followed closely by the Setsubun matsuri, which was held in early February, it was deprived of power in the spring.
Then at the beginning of the parade, the doll festival-matmatmatsuri-was held for the girls.
Three major festivals held in July!
On Tanabata, people visited the temple, wrote their wishes on small pieces of paper, and tied them to branches.
The biggest festival in Japan is the Gion Park matsuri held in Jingzi, which attracts people.
In July, known for his thirtiestwo floats.
Last but not least, the shichigasan matsuri, held every November 15. ‘Shichi-go-
"Seven" meansfive-
Three in English
These numbers symbolize the age of the children during the festival.
For example, a boy is seven or five years old and a girl is seven or three years old.
This is when a child, accompanied by his parents, wears a traditional kimono and goes to the local shrine to pray for a healthy and prosperous life.
The road sign told me that JR Iwasaki train station is nearby, which is not important to me.
At first I thought I had arrived in Iwasaki town as well, but when I passed the train station, the name board above the entrance said "Iwasaki Mutu ".
Quickly check the train schedules on one of the walls and tell me that there are only ten trains running every day.
The first morning train runs at "07: Sixteen o'clock A. M. " and the last one runs at "8: 45.
On this road, I once again walk along the road without worries and uneasiness
It's more sensible not to mention still craving something to eat.
Without food, I sat by the vending machine and enjoyed a can of cool Coca-Cola.
The idea of a Japanese tramp or miracle came back and he walked by me for a while.
In fact, we have been passing through each other on the road for the past few hours.
How did my tramp live?
Does he rely on the sympathy of others?
Does personal circumstances force the person to wander the road, such as lack of work, broken relationships, or what else?
I would also like to know if he is going somewhere as special as I am?
Or he just goes around with his nose, kind of like a place he likes.
The great country of Japan is a very stable country. no one should cross the line.
After all, what Japan has achieved in the past, if not all, is due to stability and the stability of its people.
All I could hope at the time was that the wind of fate would be better so that my colleagues on the road could settle down.
Then, does this tramp's purpose on the road make him as happy as I am?
What is the reason why people like this are wandering on the road?
There is no doubt that in the past, war and famine and many other natural and unnatural factors were enough for people to move.
If any, my own country, Ireland, has passed Japan in the face of famine and turmoil.
Of course, these are not important to me except for my own reasons.
Especially now, with the end of this phase of my mission, I am very close.
That's what I thought when I got up and grabbed my backpack.
Even when I got back on the road, I kept thinking about the Japanese tram in my head.
"Isn't 'home' the basis for a sense of belonging, a sense of place or a 'home?
"I want to know myself.
After all, many homeless people or homeless people do not have their own homes.
It's a crack or loophole in life for me, and I might even put myself in it.
As for where I rent for sickness in Shinjuku, Tokyo, I would certainly be happy to be back there and I find it difficult to call it my home.
Over the years, both in Japan and overseas, I have rented almost everywhere else.
Once again, from that famous expression, what does this look like: "Where does a person hang his hat and what does his home look like ? "?
All this is not important to me!
There are many wandering people, Japanese fishermen, who sailed in the distant waters and settled there.
Are they not family and family that can work on the high seas on hard days?
Early records have told fishermen that they sail far away from home.
In the 15 th century, fishermen living in and around Osaka were fishing in waters far west of Kyushu.
Smaller order, Gypsy, Hunter, carpentry and others live in the mountains.
Obviously, mountainous areas are also sparse areas of the country.
"Sanka", or better known as a mountain Gypsy, is also a word that literally means "mountain cave.
However, Sanka often camp along mountain streams and rivers.
They make a living with the fish they capture and sell and the bamboo products they make, such as brooms and baskets, etc.
The Sanka people sell these things in the towns and villages they walk.
Especially after the Second World War, the Sanka people settled down into the modern way of life.
Kyushu is one of the places where many people come to settle here.
Another unique group of Wanderers who finally settled down was called "mataghi" or Hunter.
Like sanka, The Hunter is a mountain man, where they are engaged in trade, looking for games like wild boar, bear, etc.
Then there is "kijiga" or carpentry who make a living by cutting down trees to make tools, toys, accessories and furniture, as well as other household items.
Like the mountain Gypsy and Hunter, kijiki people are integrated into the crowd and settled down in a more sedentary lifestyle.
Citing a book I have recently read called The Forgotten Japanese, "this kind of Rangers are likely to die in a generation, but then there are other people who fall into a similar situation.
"Many things about the people of the mountains have completely disappeared from the post-war history.
Perhaps historians are more friendly to people from these different groups.
Perhaps, if the history books are properly documented and can provide a brighter revelation to these long-dispersed, almost forgotten ancestors, how can the Japanese people look back on the past?
If only, if only, if only!
So, many Japanese families today may go back to these different groups of mountain people, at least part of them.
So far, all the news I 've heard from people I 've talked to in and around Tokyo, and other news I 've heard during my travels about the country, are all about past samurai relationships
Not long ago, for example, in the early post-war period, there were far more people walking than today.
The early mountain roads, long before the turn of the century reopened, were busy if they had disappeared.
Even on the mountain road, there are countless people walking from town to town.
In short, simple people at the time had to walk because it was the only way to survive or make a living.
For a while, I was able to clear my mind and think nothing.
However, there are more people in my mind who have chosen this path.
"If wandering along the road can be considered a profession, not just a necessary component of a profession, will Prostitution certainly become the oldest occupation?
"Through where I was sitting, a signpost told me it was 40 years old.
8 kilometers from noshlow city, 20 kilometers from Hashi Meng and gionico Lake
Eight or six kilometers away.
On the Road Again, the first tunnel soon appeared.
Fortunately, it is only 290 long.
Still, the cool wind on my face was the most popular on that hot day.
A cool sweat flowed down my forehead, and it warmed up when I exposed the biting sun at the other end.
Ahead, a train pulled out of the station and headed north in the opposite direction.
When the train passed by me, I saw the carriage full of young and old people.
"Where did everyone go? ” I wondered.
Soon I was hiking at Juniko JR train station, which told me there was a lake with the same name nearby.
I'm tired of seeing the name "Lake juniko" on many signposts and am happy to get through it.
Just then, as I approached, a bus drove away from the bus stop.
I want to know how the driver of the bus knows that I don't want a ride?
Or like me, he doesn't care.
I didn't notice if it was full or empty.
My little toe was sore again and began to take up most of my attention.
Fortunately, there is a roadside restaurant across the road from the train station.
On a small sign outside, I saw that both "lunch" and "lunch" were fish --based. “Mmm! Not good!
"I mumbled mum when I pushed the door open and entered, and my backpack was still tightly tied to my back.
I left my backpack at the entrance and walked to a table. “Mmm!
"When my eyes glance at the menu on the table, I think.
Only three pieces of meat.
According to the dishes provided, but I am too hungry now and don't care.
Two of the three meats
Based on the dishes, udon noodles and katsudon, I am familiar with them and have tried them numerous times along the way in restaurants elsewhere.
Another of the three is called "Sutamina", a drama about the English word "stamin.
It was ordered in time and more out of interest.
When the dish ended up on the table in front of me, I could see that it looked very similar to the one I had last night, called "gyorin", only this time, fried pork slices are neatly placed on rice.
I ordered the second Cup (‘jugi’)of Asahi beer.
A girl working in the kitchen put a small plate of green beans on the table next to the beer.
I never understood why the Japanese connected green beans to beer.
Again, I don't care too much.
Anyway, it feels good to have anything in my body.
Grilled fish-
Basic dishes of course!
No matter what I feel about the taste or custom, the food is good.
And, in terms of its name, I feel that I am well prepared for the road.
Just as I left the restaurant, a motorcyclist was walking out of his bike.
The rider was about to enter the restaurant when I passed by the motorcycle.
With a bright smile on my face, using my best Japanese, I shouted to the man at the door, "it's easy to ride a motorcycle and try to walk on the road from morning to night.
"In a happy mood of equality, he called me when I got on the hot tarmac," Gombart Kuta! ” (Do your best! )It's gone.
At the age of twenty, the sun rose from the rest of it, trying to cook me incredibly.
The information on the road sign tells me that I have traveled 20 kilometers under my "Belt and Road.
Noshiro City was less than two years old when he was 40. Four kilometers.
At the thought that my goal was so close to me, my mind was so excited.
"Of course, I can finish another ten kilometers in leas before I call it a day.
"Not far from the Signpost, I stopped to take a picture of a beautiful old house with a thatched roof.
"Where did all the great architects go long ago?
"Isn't there a song like this?
My thoughts don't need answers, and it feels good to really feel happy in the end, because the sense of accomplishment is flowing through my body.
Another signpost told me that JR Songwei railway station is on Route 264 and is on my right.
Every time I pass the train station, my brain plays games with me.
"Come on, give up now.
No one knows by train.
"I know I will know, that's enough for me.
Also, the first week on the road, I soon learned that the cause was not prepared for timid people, and it certainly had no room for deception.
Across the road, the rice fields surround a lonely building.
It turned out to be the train station itself.
By that time, the traffic on the road had been greatly reduced, but I still had to stay awake.
Earlier, I was joking outside the restaurant that the motorcyclist passed me on the road.
A warm wave, two horns, soon he could not see.
I can only imagine where he is going.
Maybe he is also coming to an end to the hustle and bustle of being away from city life.
Deep in the pine woods on my left, I can hear the firing of the shotgun. “Mmm!
"For a moment, I wonder if the hunters are still living the kind of wandering life I mentioned before?
After all, Cowboys can still be found in America!
The road sign told me that Kurosaki was on my right.
A saskawa delivery truck drove north from me.
"How many kilometers did those guys run a day?
I'm curious about myself.
These small things remind me of life in Tokyo. I think it is very strange.
Soon I will return to my original life.
A second shot was heard, but this time it was much weaker than before.
After a while, I decided to stop at a shrine to boil water and make tea.
The rest, if not tea, may bring me back some spirit.
That's about it, and I hope there's a trace of boredom in my head!
The shrine is usually far away from roads and traffic, including a large number of high-quality trees that cast a magnificent shadow and can rest below.
When I went in, a red "bird" looking lonely looked down at me.
All the shrines I stopped to rest had at least one tori gateway.
After all, what would the shrine look like without torii, without torii, without its entrance, without its two upright supports and two trademarks crossing!
Of course, the most spectacular torii because of its location, if not the most famous, rises from the inner sea of Itsukushima shrine, and in my mission I will definitely be in the future
A long time ago, the torii gateway was made of wood, however, there are still a lot of gateways left behind, and recently, concrete seems to prove that it is a material worth replacing for durability.
So it was on this hot day at the end of summer that I sat down, in the shade of gray, and rested on some cold dusty steps in order to make a cup of hot tea.
Spider web hanging from the top right or torii.
The lower half of Torii has been covered with moss, which tells me that the surroundings are not as dry as they look.
Highway 101 is separated from the roof of Kurosaki's home. it is my old friend, Kai, Japan (Japan Sea).
From the steps I was sitting on, thanks to the torii gateway, I got the most delightful blue frame image --
The sea is green and calm.
How tempting it all seems to me! “Mmm!
"Then whenever I camp, I start thinking about going for a bubble.
My body is still soaked with sweat!
Yes, I need to swim.
Once again, as the fable reminds me, I never counted the chickens before they hatch.
The most difficult time on the road is when the sun is strongest. no shadow can be hidden.
Therefore, the reason for the shrine is proved to be a good place to stop and rest for a while.
To a large extent, this is the day when the sun falls on me.
If I do come to a small shop on the side of the road, I will walk inside for a while to calm down, or, before moving forward again, sit outside in a small shade and enjoy a cool beer.
There is one thing I find a little difficult to deal with in these small stations.
For whatever reason, the owners of most stores must feel that it is their responsibility to stand outside and accompany me until the last drop of beer disappears.
This is not a real problem because useful information can often be collected on the road ahead.
There is a tunnel ahead.
How much I hate the long tunnels south of Hokkaido small balls.
Every time I see a tunnel, I think of those huge black holes.
Of course, I hope that similar tunnels will not appear again.
Fortunately, the tunnel is only 627 metres away. 4 meters long.
This is not bad compared to some monster tunnels in southern Hokkaido, some of which run more than three kilometers.
What's interesting about this tunnel is that it's leaning down in the direction of Hishiro.
It was completed in February 1975 and is far less new than the huge jobs on the Great North Island.
Just as I approached the tunnel, a tourist bus with the words north Japan rushed past me and walked in the same direction.
Most of the tourist cars passing by me are elderly passengers. “Mmm!
"I remember thinking about how wonderful it is for seniors to be able to pay their pensions on such trips, and I want to know what the new seniors that are following in the next few years will be.
Japanese society is rapidly aging.
At present, one in every four people is 60 years old.
Five years and older.
Caring for the elderly is a huge challenge for the government and society as a whole.
Housing, carers and facilities that help make older people more comfortable need to be carefully considered.
The rest of the world is focusing on how Japan deals with this growing problem.
According to some thinkers, one out of about ten people in the world is over 60, or 0. 81 billion.
By 2050, this percentage will rise to 1 out of 5.
Not only does God forbid Japan, but governments around the world also need to take immediate action to solve the problem.
After all, almost everyone wants to be able to enjoy retirement in the most comfortable way possible.
Another closed roadside cafe with weeds in the garden is not far from the roadside.
Through a dirty window, I was able to catch a glimpse of its past.
The calendar on the wall says July 1988.
"Isn't this the time when Japan's economic bubble burst ? " I want to know when I look inside from outside.
On the other wall, I can see the poster of Coca-Cola.
This photo shows a beautiful smiling young Asian girl holding a classic glass Coca-Cola bottle and the black stuff hissing around her neck. “Mmm!
"Seeing the old bottle, I wanted to recall the first time I had a Coke.
At the thought of this, I began to feel thirsty!
Back in the early days, when customers enter the cafe, they look at the posters on the wall.
Soon a Signpost told me that the town of Omigosh was on the right.
Along this section of Highway 101, there are many beautiful little summer homes that extend along a large part of the coastline.
I also counted three Japanese porn magazines scattered on the side of the road.
The worn-out magazine must have been discarded by parking people, as there is a small pile of cigarette butts next to one of the magazines.
In this wonderful era, Japan has become the birthplace of a "one-time culture", and I think this is more about the various discarded items found on the local dump, the garbage is in a usable, working, mint state.
There was a time when people didn't throw away broken things or old things as they did during the bubble economy, and in the bubble economy one-off culture was the most obvious.
Almost everything will be used and reused until it becomes available.
They will then be sold to the recycler, who will somehow modify, change or modify them for sale.
Now, getting rid of what's available is also going on, but it's much smaller.
Less money!
Unlike now, it's cheaper to fix things a hundred years ago.
Not only in Japan, but also in many countries, there are many circuit repairmen who go from town to town, repair everything, pot bowl pans basin, knife mill, repair umbrella, etc.
Some of them also make a living in this area!
Another signpost told me that I had a good time because I am only thirty years old now.
Two kilometers away is a good day for hiking.
Akita, capital of Akita county, has a population of nearly 325,000 and is only in his 90 s.
A kilometer further.
August 14, 1945, when 134 B-
The target at the age of 29 is a refinery there.
Some 137 people were killed in the raid.
According to my research, this is considered the last bombing of Japan in World War II.
However, all of this makes little sense to me right now, because all I can think of is getting to darnohilo in time before my knees are fully surrendered.
It is also at this point in my mission that I bid farewell to Qingsen County because I crossed the border exhausted and entered the Haba township of Akita county itself.
Just as I did, I started to laugh.
"Why did the famous Marx brothers enter my thoughts? ” I wondered.
When I left, I now limped on the side of the road.
Maybe my little toe is trying to tell me it hasn't come off yet, but it does if I don't deal with it ASAP.
Finally, I decided to rest in a place called Hachimori to see what can be done with blisters on my feet. “Fuck it! Bad timing!
"Normally, when I get to the camp, the necessities of life, like water holes or places to eat, are just closed at night.
As usual, public toilets tend to be well taken care of, or spam and spam as my grandmother often says.
But there are few other uses.
Two or three minutes coin operated hot water shower also did not, 100 yen or 200 yen each time.
Two very attractive young female staff assured me that not everything was lost.
They told me that if I continued to walk ten to fifteen minutes along Route 101, I would go to a spa or spa where I could take a shower and eat.
They also told me that hot springs are a cheap place and that's what I want to hear.
The news lifted my spirits, the little one I trusted --
The men's Dunlop tent is now firmly together, and the camping stuff is thrown in to wait for my return, and I am moving in the direction I am given;
Of course, my soap and the remains of a few new clothes will be stuffed under my arm.
After a two-kilometer trek in the direction I was given, nothing still looks like a hot spring.
Both sides of the road are pine trees, and occasionally the sparkling sea can be seen in the dark sky.
This strange car is racing past, but getting information from there is not the only insight except tat.
Finally, fortunately, I stopped at an office building.
Through the window on the first floor, I could see a young man sitting behind a desktop computer and not knowing I was looking at him.
With a tap at the window, the guy quickly turned around with a surprised look on his face.
When I was standing there, I must have seen him. I can only imagine it.
A few seconds later, he stood up and approached the window, opened the window and accepted an unexpected invasion.
Of course, I apologize for taking this guy away from his job and he looks so engrossed.
It took me only a few seconds to explain to him why I invaded. “Oh!
You mean Harku hot spring!
"I was told.
He pointed in the direction I had already headed and said, "go two or three kilometers along this road . ".
"Two or three more kilometers?
I replied that he was reluctant to believe my ears. “Well!
I don't think there will be a hot bath and hot food tonight, "I said to the smiling man, half wondering if he understood what I was talking about.
Then I turned and went back to the camp, where tents and sleeping bags were waiting to welcome me to another world.
Sleep is as important as food if not water!
Sleep is something to relax.
After a long day of countless movements and thoughts, muscles and brains need to rest.
During sleep, breathing slows down and the heart rate drops.
Of course, there are many unknown things about sleep, such as why the brain continues to function in the form of dreams, even the importance of dreams, and so on.
It doesn't matter to me because when I wake up I can't remember my dreams at all.
What I know now is that I want to make sake (sleep)
I will go back to my tent every step I take.
I am not a happy person!
Except thirty
Starting in the morning, I have run five kilometres under my belt, and the failed adventure this evening has brought me four kilometres of unnecessary journey. “Fuck it!
"I don't care who hears me.
"I should stay in the tent and rest.
Instead, I am now tracing my steps in the direction of the camp.
For a while, I even wondered if the two girls understood that I was walking and that they were most likely back in their own warm futon or bed?
I tried to laugh and made a positive adjustment to my little dilemma, but I couldn't.
All sorts of useless things come in and out of my mind, including the words that think came from Benjamin Franklin (1706 to 1790)
One of the founding fathers of the United States: "What you hear, what you see, you don't believe.
I feel stupid!
Other than sleeping, when I got back to the tent, there was nothing worth doing but sleeping.
It's too dark to read or write, and I'm not in the mood to do anything whenever I come back.
A separate tea bag was placed on my other garbage that was pushed into the corner of the small tent.
I poured some water into the pan from the flask and put it on my little hat.
Stag deer burner to Cook
"Maybe after a cup of hot tea, things may not look so bad.
"When I turned around to make more space in the tent, I told myself.
Slowly, I began to see the bright side of life again. “Fuck it!
"I said to myself, I remember I had some postcards to prepare, write and post before I went to Noshiro tomorrow.
"This winter I will have to pack up at Noshiro and continue to leave from there.
It was a long and difficult blow.
How many wounds, blisters, and muscle pain I have along the way don't seem to matter now because it smells good at the end.
I am satisfied with my progress.
Of course, this is a great start to my mission, or something that looks a lot bigger now than I thought before.
Not cheap!
I lost a lot of things along the way, camping gear, clothes, and even time.
But what saddens me most is that I lost a recently completed notebook.
That's Kanita in Qingsen.
To say the least, losing three weeks of irreplaceable information will remain in my mind forever for a long time to come.
Anyway, I need to think positively for many hours on the road.
All I can see right now is waiting for my hot shower at a hotel in Noshiro.
"August 26, 2009: in the morning, I got to know more about Noshiro, the last paragraph I had on this long and difficult tramp.
A friend's phone is scheduled to pick me up in the lobby of Dormy Inn.
The plan is to spend a few days together, mainly to celebrate the successful completion of my first phase of the mission.
And, if possible, back to so-
It is called normal lifestyle in Tokyo.
It's only thirty kilometres from Noshiro, and I have two days left.
I can say that the last road will be a piece of cake, which is not common.
I have an interesting feeling in my stomach.
This may have to do with the end of this chapter.
For a moment, this interesting feeling has diminished, and for me, some are also looking forward to the next chapters.
A road sign told me about 80 Akita City.
8 kilometers, noshello is only 20 kilometers left now. seven.
From this logo I learned that Hashimori Yukko Land was 4 kilometres away and I didn't know what was going on with this place at the time, although I arrived in nothro for more time than I needed, I was not in the mood to detour to find the answer.
Soon I found myself at Iwate where I stopped for a break.
Facilities such as rest areas, parking lots, public toilets and ramps next to the entrance to the disabled are available.
In the high sky, the clouds are scattered, which tells me that the sun will be with me in the next 20 + kilometers.
Shortly after leaving Iwate beach, I arrived at Hachimori Yukko Land.
There is also a seating area, but there are fewer facilities than the beach.
I stopped at a place called Dry Valley restaurant and put my backpack on the vending machine at the door.
The sweat on my hand brightened the phone cover in my pocket.
It was already 12 and I was always looking forward to my friend calling and telling me about the meeting we were planning to have in nohilo.
The sun hit me so as I waited for the phone to ring I took a can of cool Fanta from the vending machine there.
Not because a guy drank a large bottle of Kirin beer at the place I ordered.
"Didn't I see that guy coming out of the car a few minutes ago?
I'm curious about myself.
He kept glancing in the direction I or I was sitting, and when my mind was filled with my own concerns, I prayed that he would not try to strike up a conversation with me at that time.
Then again, I heard it say in that great film, 'How Green Is My Valley, 'and prayer is another good, quick, clear direct thought.
The Sun's relentless heat has penetrated into my mind and made me quite anti-social.
Also, the guy just lit the second cigarette in five minutes, and the smoke from the first cigarette has contaminated the air around me.
"Smoke, drink, maybe drive!
"There's something wrong with this guy, I thought.
The only thing to do is to pick up my stuff and move further away.
This time, I decided to find a place, a course for me to pass the place where that guy was sitting.
When I passed him, neither of us said a word, and it was the same.
Maybe he was lost in his own thoughts.
Just then, a sports-looking American van drove into the parking lot.
This is a real home far away from home, with only wheels.
It even had two parabolic plates attached to its back window, which made me wonder why the person driving it left home in the first place.
There must be a kitchen sink inside.
"For those who like luxury on the road, it's just one thing.
"When I turn to the road, I have a feeling for myself.
I was thinking when I passed through the custom van, and the things I was most worried about had come true.
At first, I got a firm slap on my right shoulder, and then a shellfish was almost pushed to my nose.
My feet shuffle quickly and make me face to face with your feet, the one I hope to avoid not long ago.
A sign that looks like a tourist tells me that I will be arriving in another sitting area soon, the name of which is Shirakami-
Three pools of fudassen.
It's only three kilometers away from the Kanoura Observatory, which doesn't matter to me.
According to the road signs, it is now only 17 kilometers away.
Akita City is still a good hike at the age of 70
Eight, and Minehama is only ten kilometers on this road.
Signposts are a popular spot for me as they help me plan a rough orientation.
In terms of time, they also gave me some ideas on how long it would take me to go somewhere.
Thanks to experience, this is something I have become very good.
A van slows down with two young Japanese in it.
The man sitting in the passenger seat shouted to me through the open window. “Hay!
Can you speak English?
Do you need a lift?
"At first, it didn't show that I was the one being talked to, because I was a little lost in my own thoughts on the way forward.
I can recognize the American accent almost immediately.
Then I realized that the van had slowed down the pace of walking.
But before I could answer the questions of these young men, the Van flew over a bridge, bent and could not see.
"Maybe they think I ignored them on purpose?
"I want to know.
The holidays are coming to an end and I know that foreign students studying in the United States will soon return to their colleges and universities.
For some time on this road, I felt a little troubled because I didn't stop and talk to the young people in the car about their time in that great country, the land of freedom.
I still feel hungry and stop at a bakery "fresh bakery boselcetto" next to Highway 101.
For the larger town, the shops and restaurants are no longer there, which tells me that it will always be like this until I approach Noshiro.
In fact, there are few good shops or restaurants since leaving the small meatballs in Hokkaido.
This is one of the reasons why I went through that wheel shop several times in Qingsen to thrive with local housewives and seniors.
My last stop before I got home was by the side of the road --
The place to eat is called "papu ".
There I decided to have a bowl of hot shio ramen or noodles.
In the cafe, I had a chat with two very pleasant bosses.
Both of them were very helpful in providing me with the necessary information for the bus to Akita City.
Later on the way, again I was wondering how this information was used because I really needed to go to the train station where I agreed to meet with my friends.
Along the way, I passed through a group of elderly citizens who were so preoccupied with the goal game that they didn't even look in my direction. “Olympics? Hmm!
"I want to know if the goal can become a sport of the Olympic Games?
When I came out of Lawson convenience store, a saskawa delivery truck passed.
The truck reminded me that the hustle and bustle of Tokyo is really not far away.
Seeing the truck also reminds me of the last postcard I wrote to my family, friends and acquaintances a few days ago.
I put these things in the mailbox of the convenience store now.
In the field on the other side of the fire.
The smoke told me that it was not the fire of the camper, but the work of a farmer burning grass and leaves.
Looking closely, I can see that the fire is too small in addition to the smoke.
It is not easy to see what is pouring oil on the fire.
Of course, I can't see grass and leaves on the fire.
For a while, I was wondering what was the purpose of the fire?
Soon, two young girls around the age of nine walked past me, and they were also surrounded by their childish discussions about things I didn't know.
They didn't notice me when they passed.
Everything seems to be very different from a few years ago when children would point their fingers at me in their childish pleasures and run behind me.
"Cover Gold, cover Gold "(Alien, alien)
Or "American Gold, American gold ".
At one of the rising places on my left, a lonely train rolled over.
At the top of the entrance of an apartment building it says the sign "herbal garden", but throughout my life I can't see the herbal garden anywhere.
A blue tour coach with the words "tabe bus" flew over the side at a very fast pace.
A team of cars followed.
"Even on my motorcycle it's hard for me to keep up with it, dangerous bumper to bumper ".
I saw some kids in some cars.
I guess they were picked up by their mother at school and are on their way home now.
Today, the tour coaches are everywhere on the road.
Another elderly tourist packed with Japan who passed by you at an extremely fast pace.
Soon I passed an Eneos gas station and advertised a liter of regular gasoline on "123 123.
The constant muscle pain made me slow down the crawl obviously.
A sign that looks like a tourist tells me that on Highway 63, the future Sui is on my left.
There is also a terrible word "center" before the word "noshiro", which tells me from experience that it will most likely be ten kilometers further.
August 27, giant thermometer above Highway 2009: 101
One degree Celsius, seems to be right.
However, there may be other ideas on cloudy days.
According to a small sign on the side of the road, I officially came to the city of noshello and the first phase of my long tramp officially ended.
The town of Futatsui branches to the left on the 209 Road.
The terrible word "central Noshiro city" appeared again on another signpost in front of it.
There is also a question of how many kilometers to get there.
If it's not the Noshiro center on the road, it's Akita City!
Like a carrot dangling in front of a donkey, I can feel my nerves pulled and continue my tramp walking towards the Akita City.
It feels like Akita is tempting me to finish my mission there instead of finishing it at nohilo as planned.
But I'm too tired to think about anything now!
"I can't reach you this time, my dear Akita City --
The other plans let me know.
"I found myself calling and didn't care who heard me. “Next time! Yes!
Sure next time! Please wait!
"I shouted again when I passed through countless signposts.
At the last kilometer from the city, I lacked the reserve to visit and I could not feel like I wanted or needed to sit down and rest.
I feel very important every step I take!
That's on the 40 th.
The fifth day on my way to Noshiro at last!
As expected, I was almost in a miserable state and exhausted.
In front of me, a small group of elementary school children approached in the opposite direction, the largest of them walking in front.
I find it strange that the children looked down on the ground all the way.
I want to say, in terms written by playwright John Heywood, "a penny of your idea ".
When we approached, none of the children looked up at me.
Then, as we approached, I shouted to them in a pleasant voice. “Good morning!
When they passed by, I spoke in English.
With this, they all raised their heads and looked in my direction.
The little face looked more surprised than merry. “Shit!
I thought to myself, "what is waiting for these children at school?
Because they all went there.
For me, they looked like they were taken away to meet their firing squad.
How annoyed their sweet little face looked, perhaps at the time of the year, the school exam was waiting for them.
The rigor of the Japanese education system has been written a lot, and the terrible rote memorization is a basic teaching tool.
Even I hate my school exams when I was their age.
Once again, because of my school life, I can't remember one thing I learned that is worth mentioning. Sad!
In fact, my ability was not until I graduated from middle school. Rs’ (
Read, Write, Count)improve.
Unlike these young people, how did my friends and I run all the way to school.
Or don't forget the days when we crossed the swamp grass to pick apples, just to be driven away by farmers. Mmm!
Sweet memories!
We will play "tag" with each other on the way to St Kevin Elementary School on Waterfall Road ".
The whole process will be repeated after school.
We are happy children!
A cyclist passed me south.
We did not say a word or wave.
Maybe something in the air makes people in these places so cold.
What happened on the path of the Brotherhood?
There is also a sign that Akita is almost 60 years old.
5 kilometers away, Oga at 40
Ogata, 8, 20nine.
"Maybe this is probably the last sign of my tramp," I thought.
The road is busy now!
People are on their way to work.
In addition to the heavy traffic, the political poster has always been a travel partner for me.
They are everywhere, on the wall, on the boards that stick to the soil, and all the people are smiling, waving, or pointing to me from all directions!
"How do these posters affect anyone?
I think that's probably the case.
"If any of them come down from high right away and accompany me down the coastal road from top to bottom, then they will certainly be elected.
Across the road is a coin laundry called Toritodon.
If I was camping all the time when I really needed it, there was only one such place. “Fuck it!
My dirty clothes can only wait now.
"All I can see outside the little wild train station is that there are taxis lined up everywhere.
"Where the fuck is Shihoku bus stop? ” I wondered.
A young man works on the table at the ticket office and he can tell me that it is somewhere outside.
In Tokyo, people shake their heads if they don't know where they are somewhere, and more or less leave you with your own equipment.
The situation here is not as I originally expected.
Maybe he saw signs of disappointment on my face.
As soon as the young man finished his sentence, he stood up and walked outside the station and motioned me to follow him.
I am not a person who can hang out. I grabbed my backpack and chased him quickly.
The young man obviously wants to help me.
Then he pointed to the place outside the taxi line and told me that my bus stop could be found outside the taxi.
With this he turned around and hurried back to the station and began to wait for his work.
Of course, I thanked the young man for his help and passed the taxi that guided me.
As much as I appreciate it, I can't help but wonder why he had to go outside the station and tell me where the bus stop was.
Maybe he thinks I don't understand Japanese.
Nevertheless, I know that I can never fully understand that the Japanese people may be closer to the facts.
Then some of the people I know also said the same thing to me.
There is a separate bus stop that looks like it caters to all the buses, local and long distance routes.
Maybe I am looking for something that looks more suitable for the coach and I have never imagined that there is a bus stop for all buses.
On the second idea, maybe I should thank the young man more for his help.
I put my backpack on the bus stop and waited for the bus to arrive and the bus wouldn't be very long depending on the schedule. At nine-
At 30 in the morning, my bus opened and stopped. The door opened and I continued to drag my backpack.
Now my eyes are heavy and I want to sleep
An hour's journey, but failed.
For whatever reason, I don't care the way to go in the coming winter.
At the moment my work was done, it was over.
There is nothing to do other than sit there and have the bus driver do his job.
The sky was still overcast throughout the journey and we finally arrived at Akita railway station.
I have very little about any shape or form, which is my ability to adapt to changing conditions.
I should be proud, but I can't feel anything just now!
My progress on the road is fast and most of the time so I can't complain.
I have tried my best!
Now, in the process of moving towards my goal, I have become accustomed to the way of life in Tokyo or elsewhere, and in the early days of my mission, I have given up on these, will be back soon.
Naturally, it's not hard to see me in the city again.
As buses enter the city range, various chain stores begin to appear, with an increasing number, with all the famous names, and the closer buses are to the city center.
The last time I went to Starbucks was Kojimachi in Tokyo, but I knew it would change soon.
So I quickly found myself sitting in a person next to the station, completely doing nothing and thinking about the meaning of life.
It was almost time for me to meet my friends on the way, in the lobby of the dormi hotel.
I wonder if I will get a smile and a congratulation?
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