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is cheap writing really worth the cost? | warrior forum ... - are expensive skin care products worth the money

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-15
is cheap writing really worth the cost? | warrior forum ...  -  are expensive skin care products worth the money
The title of this thread says everything and I 'd love to know what your response will be.
I 've read about people being paid up to $500 per article, less than 50 cents (yes, that's true ).
Personally, I paid up to $100 for an article, but these customers seem to be almost a rare species on the verge of extinction.
In today's global market, it seems that everyone is gradually shifting to outsourcing their content to countries with lower living costs, just to save money.
No one seems to care about value and quality anymore, which makes me doubt something.
It can be said that outsourcing is only a smart business practice, but have you considered the real cost of it?
If you could hire a writer who produces 10 articles a day for $15 a day, would you?
Many of you may be thinking, "where can I find them ? "?
But you really need to take a step back and see what you're doing or at least try to do.
Let's say you found the writer and you hired them to write an article. week trial.
Things went well on the first day and the article you received was a bit decent.
At first glance, they seem to be fine.
It's actually original.
So, you send more work to the author, waiting for the next set of articles to enter your inbox.
The next day there was a small problem with the production and your author told you that they could hand the article over to you the next day.
Well, fast forward for the fourth day, you still haven't received the article and any news from your author.
On the fifth day, you realize your mistakes and find yourself a little uneasy about wasted time and potential loss of profit.
Sadly, this is the story of many marketers who fall in love with it every time.
I'm not saying that all "cheap" writers are the same, but reliable writers are far away and few.
Even if they do make what you ask them about, it rarely really meets your expectations.
This is not surprising, however, as most people know that low quality is usually trade
Cheap price.
However, people still tend to flock to these writers and then complain because of complaints.
If you know that the typical result of hiring cheap writers is frustrating at best, why continue to do so?
Are you so keen to pay the lowest possible price that you are willing to sacrifice the reader's interest?
Do you realize that these people who read your content are your intended buyers?
I hope so, because you will go bankrupt without them.
If the content you post can only be considered junk at best, do you really think that your readers will follow your advice or will buy anything from you?
Unless you live in a fantasy world where all your dreams come true without respect for reality, the answer is obviously no.
Everyone knows that at some point they will sell in some way.
The question is, "Will it be your article that sells them?
\ "No one wants to be bombarded with aggressive marketing ads on your face every time you visit your site.
But that's most of what you post these days, just a sales strategy (no matter how bad ).
The person reading your article hopes they can find some valuable insights into their questions, what will he do?
Have you forgotten?
People are looking for helpful information.
Provide it and follow the money.
So, that reminds me of another very important question.
Do you want to find a writer that ostensibly meets your wishes and pushes your competitors from the top of SERPs so you can get a lot of cash?
Or are you pursuing a writer who can appeal to your reader's needs, needs and deepest wishes?
Experienced marketers will obviously agree with the latter, but the more pressing question is, "What price are you willing to pay ? "?
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