is it possible to do too many facial masks 8 Proven Strategies to Improve Your Time Management Skill

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is it possible to do too many facial masks 8 Proven Strategies to Improve Your Time Management Skills

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-09-29
is it possible to do too many facial masks 8 Proven Strategies to Improve Your Time Management Skills
Planning is not easy when you are in "react" mode.When you are organized, you will feel more confident, more control, and much less stress and stress.In order to think strategically and evaluate your priorities and schedule more objectively, you are able to see a bigger picture.Effective planning allows you to be proactive, not passive, when managing time and priorities.Here are 8 strategies to help you control your time: 1.Plan to add the next two days the next day.At the end of each working day, when you plan for the next 3 days, make sure you have an accurate time estimate next to everything you schedule.This helps you stay focused and realistic about what can be done in a day.When you are organized in the next day plus two days, you can really have a clear understanding of your top priorities and most important matters.2.Before confirmation 2-You have to finish 3 things every day.When you plan on each day of the next day, identify the top 23 things you will accomplish.I put these 2-3 items on 2 or 3 post its notes and put its notes on my computer as an ongoing reminder to complete the notes on the day.I focus on getting them done early in the day so I don't let them hang on my head until these 2-Complete 3 tasks.When the task is finally processed, it is very beneficial to tear the finished post off my computer.3.The first thing in the morning is to allocate time for the most important items on your list to be done.Spending 30-60 minutes on your to-most important projectEspecially before reading your email, listing will be the best time for you to spend.Usually, the most important items on the list you're going to do are not urgent, so it's hard to find them.The first thing in the morning before you get off track is to focus on them, which will make sure you make time for them.For these very important projects or tasks, you can also consider blocking time every morning.4.Estimate the time required to complete the task and the value of undertaking the task.When deciding whether to schedule a task, not only ask yourself "how long does this activity take?"Also consider what rewards or benefits it will have for you and your company to undertake this task.We often allow the priorities and agenda of others to enter our schedule without taking into account the true value of the activity.When you confirm that the event is important, arrange the appropriate estimated time in advance to complete it.5.Divide large projects into smaller time periods.Sometimes we think we have to block a whole day in order to solve a big project.It makes sense to divide a large project into smaller time frames.Consider a 30 minute or 1 hour block to start a large project.Taking many small steps in the process of completing a big task will make you progress and feel easier to control.Start from an early age, keep an eye on the final result and stick to it.You have completed the task and achieved your goal before you know it.6.Identify your most efficient time and schedule your work to take advantage of it at the best of your work.You may be an early bird or prefer to work in the early hours of the morning.Arrange your work accordingly if you can so that you can optimize your quality and productivity.7.Keep the time log.Keep track of the time you spend on the task for 2-4 weeks.This is a great way to determine where you spend your precious time.You'll be surprised how much time seems missing or spend on activities that aren't that important.Even doing this exercise once will give you a lot of insight into how to spend your time and plan your time making changes.8.Schedule a 45 minute meeting instead of an hour.There is no time interval from one meeting to the next, which really makes you feel like you're running on a hamster wheel.Even if you spend 15 minutes between meetings, it will allow you to quickly check the information or email, rather than during the meeting, and it will allow you to approach the meeting in a more relaxed and controlled way.One of the common complaints I 've heard from executives and senior managers is that they have been in meetings all day and never get the issues they want to solve.They felt that they were overworking and had too many orders.Remember, you can control your calendar at any time.This is your choice.First of all, make sure you prioritize yourself and the most important things.
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