is it possible to do too many facial masks A Life of Peace through Questioning

is it possible to do too many facial masks A Life of Peace through Questioning

I work every week with women who claim that having a peaceful life is their top priority.However, "a peaceful life" is not the best goal.Not very specific.What is it really like?I get it;They are tired of rushing, running, demanding, hard relationships and exhaustion.But if you can't be more clear than "more peace", you won't go far.So, my job in these cases is to help them dig deeper!I help them with a few specific questions about what a peaceful life really means to them.I want to share this with you today!So, let's act ...... What is a peaceful life like?I have my clients brainstorm what a typical day and week would look like if they were more peaceful.I force them to see what they want, not what they don't want.For example, "I won't have children at the event every night" is not an option.Instead, I helped them redefine this as "I have more time at night to enjoy my children" or "I stay at home more often at night ".Note that the wording (as it is important) is current-oriented, not future-oriented, and stated in a positive way (as if it had happened ).Both help them start thinking about bigger issues and look at what is important to them in life.How does a peaceful life feel?After they make a list, we review how we feel when reading these statements.What would you think of me?We take the time to challenge this and focus only on the possibility of these things happening.Once they allow themselves to experience the feeling of a peaceful life, it is easy to compare it to what they feel now.This is often a big wake-up call and motivates them to work on Issue 3.How can I start moving towards a peaceful life?They have learned from Question 1 What to do.We have addressed the hesitation and the rules they created to prevent them from making these changes in question 2.It is time to take action to identify small start steps and live in different ways.Unfortunately, people like to skip steps 1 and 2 and try to go to #3 when they feel overwhelmed.That's why it doesn't work.When you're at a loss, you don't have the creativity to come up with a solution, and the same reason will hold you back when you try to make a change.Take the time to complete all three steps and you are more likely to succeed and really start in your own unique peaceful life.Let me help you start now and comment below on your thoughts on a peaceful life.
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