is it possible to do too many facial masks Are you a highly sensitive person?

is it possible to do too many facial masks Are you a highly sensitive person?

Are you the kind of person who can easily be alarmed?Find out you're running a little too fast, or a little too worried about what later looks like a minor incident?You are not a madman, you are not alone, you are not your imagination, and you are not lack of self-control as you imagine (or are told.Some people have a faster and stronger nervous system than the average person.This difference begins at birth and persists throughout life.According to Harvard researchers and author Jerome Kagan and Nancy Snidman of the long shadow of temperament, about 15 to 20% of newborns have a faster heart rate and are slow to move, and cry for the recording of mobile phones and human voices.These differences are associated with a tendency to become more fearful and timid later.In fact, even higher heart rates were observed in the uterus of a baby later considered timid.Well, who wouldn't be a little timid if the world was a place too harsh on your senses?In her book, highly sensitive people, Elaine Allen describes the heat shock protein as someone who responds strongly to external stimuli, such as sudden loud noise, excessive bright lights and even emotional or violent movies and TV shows to others.They are easily affected by substances such as caffeine and can easily be destroyed by hunger.(She did describe the benefits of all this, including a deeper enjoyment of music and art, an appreciation of exquisite smells and tastes, and a rich imagination.) As a heat shock protein, does this mean that you are destined to go through a lifetime, avoiding stimulating activities, events and people, and protecting yourself from shock?Still feel too easily intimidated by the social environment?No, you can tame those tendencies that respond too strongly to your world, and quiet anxious brains by adding meditation to your daily schedule.And, no, you don't need to rest for an hour or so in order to meditate.Studies have shown that just five minutes a day can bring beneficial changes in the brain region where anxiety is located.The Minni aporius Star Tribune recently had an article about the myth of meditation.A myth that persists is that you have to think "nothing ".” (Huh?The Star Tribune quoted Stefan Brancel, president of the University of Minnesota mindfulness student club, as saying, "there are people who can do this but have to go through years of discipline training.If ordinary people try to do it, you will actually have more pressure because you will start to criticize yourself for failing.So just focus on your breath and when your mind is wandering, just gently bring your attention back to your breath.That’s all?Yes, that's all, but doing so regularly trains your brain in the low-level process of controlling the impulses of emotional control.Another way to describe what you do to your brain is that when you gently train the higher level of your brain, you are building willpower.If you are a heat shock protein, you will delay control of your brain and life before you have more time, and you may want to reconsider your schedule.Constant low levels of stress are a real killer that can consume your body very subtly-the heart, arteries, brain cells, and so on.So, take your time now-whether you're a heat shock protein or not.Is there too much pressure in your life?
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