is it possible to do too many facial masks Are You Doing The Right Stuff?

is it possible to do too many facial masks Are You Doing The Right Stuff?

These days we seem to have been pulled in many different directions.The priorities compete with each other and it seems like we can't get everything done, can't we?To make matters worse, our daily "to-do" lists seem to grow much faster than our ability to check them out.No wonder the world is under increasing pressure.Sometimes it helps to step back and evaluate all the things we are doing to make sure that the important "things" are addressed.So, what is the important thing?Many things are up to you.I like to challenge my coaching clients to decide which mountain (target) they want to climb and which one they want to climb.We then look at their daily to-do list to see if their activities are related to climbing one of the mountains.Interesting things about goals ...... When the first one, you have a goal, the second one, you have a better chance of achieving it when you write it down.Only 2% of the world has a goal!Do you?Let's go back to the mountains you want to climb.Mountain is our analogy to the goal of life.If you imagine a climber, he or she does not have to climb only one mountain in his or her life, but several.Many of the preparations they have done can keep them ready to climb any of these mountains.So just as you can choose many life goals, you can choose many peaks to climb your life.When you distribute them within a reasonable amount of time, they don't necessarily compete.No, it's not easy to decide which mountain you plan to climb, or what matters most in your life, but it's easier than you think.Start with your character.When you write down all your characters, the goal is naturally generated from them.Examples of roles for parents, sisters, sons, football coaches, community leaders, musicians, friends, nurses, etc.For example, if one of your roles is a parent, you can have goals related to the future of your child or their relationship.You may have goals related to saving money for the university, or related to how much "alone time" you plan to spend each week.Goals are the best when you keep balance in your life.Achieve fuel in one region.Too much emphasis in one area will exhaust other areas.It is important to assess your balance from time to time and take steps to ensure that your life is comprehensive in terms of body, emotion, intelligence, attitude and purpose.Keeping balance is a good strategy to achieve life.The mountains you want to climb should include every area that balances your life.Goals around physical health, intellectual challenges, life goals, and emotional satisfaction can be the basis for you to climb other mountains.The next choice in the goal revolves around what you might want to do, be, or have.Whether you want to drive through the countryside, learn to play the guitar, or want to be a doctor, these are the "mountains" you can place in your plan ".Once you decide which mountain to climb, make a plan to climb.By actively working towards these goals, you will feel more energy and excitement about your life.When you plan your months, weeks, and days, make sure that the actions you are taking are moving in one or more of these mountains.Check out someone's daily "to-do" list to see if their activities match the mountains they plan to climb, an interesting exercise.When you believe that only you can control your attitude, and you combine it with the ability to recognize that you live in the present moment, you can truly control your enjoyment of life.That means the moment you are in.Right now.Too many people live in the past or in the future, which adds to the pressure (what to do with all the things I haven't done!) This inhibits their ability to enjoy the actual moments they are experiencing.You can choose to enjoy the present moment, be happy or sad, choose to worry or expect, choose positive or negative.You can choose to believe that you are doing the right thing.It reduces stress, knows that you are doing the right priorities, and enjoys what you are doing.After all, it's very exciting to think and plan for the next mountain you're going to climb!
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