is it possible to do too many facial masks Are You Eating Your Heart?

is it possible to do too many facial masks Are You Eating Your Heart?
A car is blocking your traffic.What's worse than this isRushing in and out of the driveway puts innocent people (you) in danger.You are very angry, very angry, you say loudly how stupid this driver is.Where is the police when you need them?!When you go home, you tell your spouse, your child, your dog, how stupid the driver is no matter who is free, how dare they put others in danger.You were complaining the next day.What did your boss scold you?-You will hear it, with or without a guarantee.It's understandable that you're upset, and the more you think, the more angry you get.You feed water-How angry you are, how unfair your boss is, how unhappy you are talking cooler.You answered your spouse, "How are you doing today?"With a complete unedited review of chewing, it became even more angry a minute ago.The next day-the next day and the next-you are still tricky and uncomfortable.So when your doctor tells you in your annual check-up that your blood pressure is too high and you have a serious risk of heart problems, you exclaim "of course!My boss is terrible, there's a damn fool on the highway!What do you expect?!Your doctor wants you not to "eat your heart ".Because that's exactly what you're doing.Your anger and ongoing resentment over life's excitement is actually eroding your heart's health and health --being.I stumbled upon this particular way of understanding how we accidentally hurt ourselves in history.A novel I have read about ancient Egypt.One of the characters said that if you were to enter heaven in the underground world --Death, you must tell the God who is guarding this passage, "I have not eaten my heart," meaning, "I have no anger or resentment."What a brilliant image!For this is precisely what is caused by anger or resentment, as is held in your mind;Heart swallowed up by those emotions.Please note that it is not your initial anger or anger that hurts you.This is an instinctive reaction to pain or fear.What is harmful is that you can catch these emotions in just a few minutes.Re-Hash anger-It is often fatal to cause an event or remind people of it.It's best to feel your anger first, vent it, and then let go.Instead, focus on the fact that you survived the traffic and you still have a job that you can improve no matter what your boss is upset about.Focus on the benefits of anything that annoys you, because there will always be benefits as long as you are willing to go and find.Your heart will thank you.
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