is it possible to do too many facial masks Balance in Life: What Do I Need Less Of?

is it possible to do too many facial masks Balance in Life:  What Do I Need Less Of?

Last week, we asked, "What do I want more?"This week, I want to help you reverse the opposite a little bit.There is a lot of power in language.I have always shared this principle with my clients.Take a moment and pay attention to how your emotional reaction changes between the two sentences: I want 15 minutes of quiet time.A change in a word-from want to need.But it's all different.It would be nice to want to represent.Need to be seen as something that must be owned.Want to be easily ignored or selfish.Need is what you need!:) So, as we continue to talk about how to create more balance in life, I hope you bring this new question with you, as you did last week."What do I need?"Remember not to get into the right or wrong situation here.Here are the steps to do it again: Set the timer for 5 minutes.We don't have much time to talk about. you can do that.Ask yourself the question: "I need a little less?In the next 5 minutes, write down everything that pops up in your mind.Don't review it.Don't question it.Don't worry if it sounds crazy or you think it's impossible.Just write.Now what?As before, it's time to look at the list of topics or patterns.Don't focus on individual projects now, just look for a wide range of patterns.Dig deeper into these commonalities.Once you're done, go back and re-Read all your personal belongings.Continue, place a star next to the 3 that you feel most strongly.The point is that you don't judge them or try to figure out how to get them to leave right away.Be very honest with yourself.Remember, finding balance in life is not so much a sprint as a transnational activity.Now, write down those projects that are starring and the themes/patterns you notice on a separate sheet.Hang them on last week's list so you see them every day.Again, I don't want you to do anything with them right now, except to promise to read at least once a day.If you allow yourself to look at the two lists rather than react, you will find a more creative way to solve them.You will get your "aha" and then you will know how to move forward and you will find more balance in your life.Don't forget to post under some of the items on your list!We can create a list of communities to help improve everyone's creativity.
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