is it possible to do too many facial masks Balance in Life: What Do I Want More Of?

is it possible to do too many facial masks Balance in Life:  What Do I Want More Of?

As a mom, it's easy to focus on the needs of others.We want everyone to feel happy and loved.But ignoring yourself doesn't bring a lot of balance to your life.I can hear it now-"me?I don't have time to think about me.I’m fine.”Really?If you think your needs are less important than the rest of your family, I don't agree with you.I want to challenge this idea.It's great to take care of others.Yes, it may be very satisfactory for some people.But if all you do is take care of others and ignore yourself, you will go to disaster.Let’s re-Take the train and take a minute to think about yourself (no, before you go-it's not selfish!I want to help you with a little dream ...... Ask yourself this very simple question, "What else do I want?"There is no right or wrong here.It may be something material.It could be a relationship.It may be time.No matter what pops up in your headThese ideas give you clues that you miss something when you get more balance in your life.The following are the practical steps that need to be taken: 1.Set the timer for 5 minutes.Come on, you can give yourself 5 minutes!2.Ask yourself, "What else do I want?3.In the next 5 minutes, write down everything that pops up in your mind.Don't review it.Don't question it.Don't worry if it sounds crazy or you think it's impossible.Just write.Now what?Now take a closer look at your list.What theme or pattern do you see?Don't pay attention to the individual items you write, just look for a wide range of patterns.Have you noticed that you want something lonely?Do you need more beauty around you?Dig deeper into these commonalities.Once you do that, go back and re-Read all individual items.I want you to put a star next to the 3 stars you feel the strongest.Again, don't judge them or try to figure out how to do it.Be honest with yourself.Finding balance in life is a process, not a process.time event.Now, all I want you to do is write those projects that are starring and the themes/patterns that you notice on a separate sheet of paper.Hang that piece of paper where you often see it.Don't worry about doing anything like this now.Let your mind think about them and the possibilities they have.Here's the interesting part... Share what you got from this exercise!I want to hear what you came up!Come on, don't be shy.Let's celebrate your first step in finding a little balance in your life.
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