is it possible to do too many facial masks Can you change the past?

is it possible to do too many facial masks Can you change the past?
Can you go back and change the past, or what do you remember?The point is: what do you remember.The truth is that our brains are filled with memories, only some of which we retrieve, convincing ourselves that we have a true and complete understanding of the past, and that we actually have a part, our history is often negative.Why emphasize negativity?Our nervous system quickly Records unpleasant events, including clues that lead to them.Then they hold on as tightly as the rattan pot on the hull.On the other hand, pleasant things are stored slower and faded faster.Why?Because we need to learn and respond quickly to the threat signals that may threaten our lives.Even if the thread just hints at the beginning of the third grade spelling exam, our bodies react as if it were a life --Threat incidentOnce we have this negative mindset, we touch and store more events that match the template we set up.We have noticed the hard things that confirm that we observe life.Paul Meehl, a researcher, pointed out that we will become more depressed as we grow older, and he called the phenomenon "drift aversion ".Can you change this?Yes-take the time to focus on happy things, especially before going to bed every night.During the day, smell the roses, listen to the birds and respond to the smiles you meet.In fact, you can build a foundation for good memory, which will attract more and more similar memories-even starting to recover from pleasant memories that have not been touched a long time ago, for a long timeThe warm encounter I met at the recent alumni meeting sparked a good memory: As the sun rose, I approached the campus, using a soft rose-colored gold-plated building, thinking, "this is mineExplore the small rooms and libraries of the old library, and find treasures in bound journals that are not relevant to what I am considered to be studying;Walking in the countryside of daona in summer, surrounded by silence, bees buzzing in the leaves, only to find one of the Ivy --The covered building is a high-energy physics laboratory-all of which are buried in memory of the stress of life-and is evaluated in a highly competitive atmosphere.But it's not all that's happening.Lovely things are all around me, apparently recorded in my brain.It's not about reCreate the past;Instead, you highlight the pleasant aspects of it, and ultimately overwhelm the more unpleasant events.If you think of the past as something that happened a second ago, you can start to consciously work to build a warm, confident past, see how it affects those old storage files that are far away from the past.
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