is it possible to do too many facial masks Dealing With Doubt And Fear

is it possible to do too many facial masks Dealing With Doubt And Fear
We are all in that place, but uncertainty may mean the beginning of an important shift.The days began to be naive.When we wake up, we sleep slower than usual. we really don't want to get up.Wouldn't it be nice if today is Saturday or Sunday?However, for me at least, the past three weekends have been filled with important work deadlines that are not waiting.Then the day we hated came.Days of doubt and fear.I have had a hard time in recent days, with headaches and back pain.I don't want to check my phone because I don't want anyone to get anything from me.Don't let me do anything for you.Today, I'm not at the top of my game.I have nothing to give today.Please have someone save me from my own negative thoughts of doubt and fear.What if my project fails?What if I can't do it?Come here if (your words ).You see, you and I are no different.Both of us often go to this questionable place.This is where we hit our head on the wall first. it doesn't move.We have to find a way to get around this obstacle, but nothing seems to show up.We can even try it.A heart-to-heart attempt or call a friend for spiritual support, but the wall still stands like Molly Brown, who never sinks.This is called failure.It's me today.I'm bad, it's bad, I can't do anything.It's too hard, and while I love the women's code and the content behind it and its role-it turns out to be a lifetime challenge.How can I put the role of the code in a slogan?It changed life.This is a successful system of change.This is a system for women who want more but don't know where to start.This is for women who know something incorrect and they want something else but they don't know how to find it.My helicopter brain takes off again and revolves around the same problem over and over again, frustrated that I can't find a solution.I finally surrendered.I can't think of it.I failed.Or not?When I talk to a live audience or my class, I call it a tunnel analogy.You drove into the tunnel in Europe.You know it's a tunnel and you know you need to drive through it and get off the other side to your destination.There may be several tunnels, some quite long.You have planned the route and you can accept it before you enter the first very long tunnel.Soon you will realize that you are under a huge mountain, in a small tunnel.You think about the accidents that happened in these tunnels before, how much you hate the closed space.A little weird.You can't really turn around, even if you can, would it be better to turn around and walk back, or will it be faster to move on.In the end, you surrender and believe in the road-you keep driving.It's easy to get lost when we get into the tunnel.We forget that it is temporary and there is another side.We only see small, enclosed spaces, which is definitely not where we want to go.This is the time when change can occur.The nagging voice inside tells us that we are not enough and may never be. The Voice we think we have replaced it is back, louder than ever.It's fighting for our attention.In my case, I went back to what I knew best, and that was to roll up my sleeves and fight.As I have been trying to push forward.But sometimes it doesn't work either.Because it may be a real change, we may need to change.That means we can't go back to the old way, but there will be a new way.Usually, because we are called to believe in this path, it has not yet been revealed.If we a) know what the road is, B) we control how easy it is to map it out and c) make it happen faster.When this happens, remember that real change and transformation means that our old ways will no longer work.When we are empty, we have no choice but to trust.It is wise to win your support network at such a time.Call everyone who believes in you.Tell them how best to support you.Sometimes it's as easy as having someone listen to you so you can vent.Or in the female code, the phrase we use is: I see you, I believe you, I support you.Remember, it's just what's happening now, not forever.The harder the situation is, the deeper your shift will be, and that's what you want to start, isn't it?As for me, I recruited my friend Ali, who reminded me not to create disaster scenes in my mind (because I do like to do so) and to go back to my heart.It doesn't matter, she said, and there's no answer.What do you think?Is it safe to show your soft, fragile side, or will you try to wear a good face even if you don't feel it?I 'd love to hear what you think about it.
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