is it possible to do too many facial masks Eliminate Time Clutter - Create A Not To Do List

is it possible to do too many facial masks Eliminate Time Clutter - Create A Not To Do List
If you're as busy as most people are, you might have somedo list going.It can be a laptop, a mobile device, and even a piece of paper is banned in heaven.But looking at the list some days makes me feel crazy.There are too many things to do, and sometimes I feel like this list has its own "legs" like a centipede ".In other words, this list seems to have been growing without my help.In my experience, this list becomes a crocodile at some that bites.So how do you control your-do list?How about creating a do not-to-do list?Because we often hear and use these terms, a lot of our ideas come from, no, I won't, I don't know how to do it, I can't finish it, part of our brain.I sometimes use the same concept in my list.What's going on with this.Take this article as an example.Most people will be in their-The to-do list gets an article by a specific date.On the contrary, I may put on my No.List something like this: Don't waste your time doing things that are worthless to my clients.This forces me to focus first on what I need to do is add value.Because, frankly, it's not always a valid incentive for me to write an article.But when I consider giving value, it inspires me to take appropriate action.In this case, the actions I take will provide maximum value to my clients.Let me give another example.Maybe I need to clean the bathroom and let's face it, it's one of my least favorite jobs (and maybe the ones you least like ).I changed the idea to "don't make my bathroom unprepared for the company "."This is a deal.Our ideas are very interesting.It is so useful for negative things that it can be difficult to keep an eye on positive things.In fact, it takes extraordinary effort to focus on positive things all the time.This of course creates stress, so here are some ideas about something you don't liketo-To-do: I won't be distracted by the most important things I can do today (whatever that is.If I want to be distracted, I will automatically think about what I need to focus on.I will not confuse and accept the idea that activity equals productivity.Instead, do something that you know will bring you closer to your goal. I am not going to participate in activities that I am not willing to take action guided by a coach, including a conference call or a conference call.Instead, choose carefully the activities you plan to attend.I will not confuse eating less with losing weight.Instead, accept that it's all about the actual food choices you make while eating.I will not check and reply when each email arrives.Don't choose 4: 30 p.m. noon, nine o'clock A.M., one time, only month-30 minutes to view and reply to the Mail.I'm not going to work at lunch time.Instead, plan your lunch and take a break from your work.I can't help working.Stop for several hours in a row without rest.Instead, I timed my activity with a 30 minute glass and took a break.An activity that quickly eliminates stress is to take a deep breath.Breathing becomes shallow when your body is under pressure.You will even notice that you hold your breath.Taking a deep breath can immediately release tension.Oxygen immediately begins to flow to cells.Energy is free to move in your body.Taking a deep breath after 30 minutes of focused work can make your work smarter.I will not give up my goal even if I feel tired.Instead, remember why you have goals in the first place.This simple way of thinking can help you to stop and think about what you are doing that may hinder you from achieving your goals.It also relieves the burden that you have been trying to think positively.So what are you going to put on your list of not doing?
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