is it possible to do too many facial masks GEMS for Working Moms

is it possible to do too many facial masks GEMS for Working Moms
Is Your Life an endless cycle? Around work and taking care of children?If so, you are not alone.In a recent study by the Institute of Family and Work, American women said they did not have enough time to spend on themselves and enough time to choose the activities they liked.We all know that saying yes to more responsibility can make us feel safer with our boss and help us avoid family conflicts.However, our default mode is often "yes" and almost everything has it.In a world of constant demands, it is not fully utilized to say no.Of course, you can't give up.Make a list around work and family duties.But don't you think you should identify your other more personal priorities as well?Now start with these practical gems.Give it up, evaluate, move on, taste --Can help you shine more in your life.Give up: as a doorman, do you sometimes get frustrated, stressed or resentful about your workload and chores?Recognize that some obstacles are in your own mind.It is essential to learn how to change your standards.Let go of the idea that you can do it all.Don't blame yourself for this.Guilt is a common emotion for those who are worried that they are not doing enough.Remind yourself that it is OK to do less or delegate, given your reality.You know you dance the fastest.Evaluate now and now: if you step back and evaluate what you are doing, you will make a better choice.Are you exhausted by volunteering in the children's classroom, coaching their football team and leading school fundraising activities?Decide what makes the most sense to you and then prioritize.The same is true of housework around the house.As long as you are willing to do all this, others may not stand up.Move on: think about what you want to do today, but can't find time to enjoy.It can define your priorities for tomorrow and help you stay on track in the face of inevitable distractions.Mark this as the beginning of the new ceremony.Find out specific activities to incorporate into your daily lifeTake a walk during lunch time, meet friends once a week for coffee, write in a diary or read before going to bed.Work only for you this time to keep it sacred.Taste your self: society sends complex messages when it comes to taking care of yourself.On the one hand, we are taught to pursue what we want, but if we work too hard, we are considered selfish.Integrate your selfWhen you practice saying "no" to something that may be presented as a greater opportunity, you will feel full.Because of the pressure to succumb to the outside world and take more responsibility, it is tantamount to ignoring the consideration of your own best interests.The time-Tired women have become a common prototype.We are friendly to spouses, children, parents, friends and bosses.We pay a high price to please others.When do we learn that charity starts at home?Self-Respect comes from having the courage to make tough choices, even if they are unpopular.After all, if a longThe goal of the semester is for our children to find personal satisfaction. shouldn't we lead by example?Put yourself on top of youMake a list as if you are your favorite person.
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