is it possible to do too many facial masks How can I soar with eagles when I work with turkeys?

is it possible to do too many facial masks How can I soar with eagles when I work with turkeys?

I remember seeing this logo in an organization I worked for a few years ago, and when I thought of some of my colleagues, I laughed.A long time later, I realized that some of them might have my face when they looked at the sign and laughed.This expression refers to people who perform well in this environment (of course I), if not because of people who perform poorly around.In fact, it often describes people who do things that make us feel depressed and escape.Here are some common Turkey behaviors.-Bluffer & Blusterer: It sounds confident that others will stop to provide ideas even if they feel that B & B is wrong.-Clams: do not offer ideas in a group environment, but later reveal criticism to some of the favored ones, leaving others confused or betrayed.-Inspectors: keep protesting and want to slow down others before all the facts happen.They never are.-Just like to have fun: turn every meeting into a party or joke --Fest that can undermine actual progress.Have you noticed that these people seem to be all out of insecurity?They're not doing it to you.They're just doing something to protect themselves.These behaviors are a sign of their stress, and everyone has a typical way to deal with it.For example:-B & B just to avoid feeling out of control.Listen, appreciate the offer and say it out loud.This man didn't stop you from saying are.-Clams are afraid to speak in public.Ask clams what he or she might contribute before a public meeting.Listen carefully in a relaxed manner so that clams are not afraid to speak in front of you.-Inspectors are afraid of making mistakes.Give a lavish compliment to the care he or she brings in any situation, and then gently let the inspectors return to the initial goal that is being pursued.-Just like to have fun: This person is afraid of not being liked and is competing to get the most attention.It is recommended that JLTHF use this enthusiasm and energy to motivate and motivate others.They won't do this to you again.They show the fact that they are under pressure and may be able to get a little help in relieving stressstressing.Help if you can.By the way, what kind of Turkey are you?
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