is it possible to do too many facial masks How To Balance Your Emotions

is it possible to do too many facial masks How To Balance Your Emotions

Pierre a-how to balance your emotionsFat, MBA, transformation coach we want to love and be loved.Don\'t we?We may be afraid of being rejected.But before asking why others would reject us, have we ever thought about whether we accept ourselves?Have you ever thought about yourself?Make a list of what you appreciate.Add one or two things a day to see how the way you see yourself changes.Ten things you like to do most you can also list ten things you like to do.Continue to enjoy.What is your favorite thing to do?When did you do it last time?Decided to do at least one thing today that will make you happy.g.Buy you a personal gift, meet a good friend, watch a movie, listen to your favorite music, watch 1 feet ball games, walk, shop, read a few pages in an interesting book.Give yourself a delicious meal from time to time.Buy yourself a pair of beautiful shoes or clothes you like.Positive self-Can you talk to yourself well by practicing positive selftalk?Are you raving about yourself?Don't blow yourself from trumpet and focus on the positive things you do.Therefore, you will inspire yourself to improve constantly.The more you do, the more comfortable and confident you will feel.Please be good to yourself.Self-evaluation.Appreciate your qualities and talents.When someone praises you in good faith, say thank you modestly.Recall the wonderful moments of your life (celebrations, achievements, meetings, happy moments, music, movies, holiday memories, photo albums, video clips, people you like, travel, sightseeing, visiting leisure parks, with friends, family parties, chat, play, laugh, eat out, sing, etc.).Decided to go to those well-deserved holidays.Develop self-Take care of yourself because you are unique.Protect yourself from fatigue.Pay attention to your healthEat sane food.Exercise.Take three deep breaths.Then breathe normally.Simply feel the air coming into your nostrils and coming out of your mouth.Review your day to express your emotions.At the end of each day, review events and encounters.Recall how you feel about everything.You can write it down if you like.Are you happy, or are you feeling low, sad or depressed?What satisfied you?What lessons have you learned?Release your emotions if you want to cry, or cry on the shoulders of a trusted person, or write your diary.Pray if you are a believer.Think about how you feel and move on.Record your success and achievements (completed projects, health plans, positive encounters, job satisfaction, overcoming obstacles, rebounding, character improvement, good habits, helping others), Research, build a website-why not create your private website to update your CV and enhance your image, including photos of your achievements, testimony?If you like to be praised, start by praising the people around you.Tell them how you appreciate them.Keep positive and happy friends.People who always complain are not good partners.Remember to say "I love you"The dinner you prepared was good;I like to talk to you."This is amazing.If you wait too long before deciding to express your love, it may be too late one day.Leave your favorite things (music, decorations, cd, movies, photos, books, magazine articles, inspiring emails) with youEmails, greeting cards from real friends ).Avoid places that make you feel uncomfortable, guilty, or remind you of sad or unfortunate memories.Avoid comparing yourself with others.Set yourself a goal and do two or three things a day to achieve it.Develop your resilience.Accept and learn to deal with problems in daily life.Don't make a fuss about the little troubles that make up part of life.Learn to bounce when you fall.Patience and tolerance.Do one thing at a time.Don't go on in a hurry.Gary Chapman describes in his book Five Languages of love how people have different languages of love.If you say you love your partner in a language she doesn't understand, then she may not know that you love her!When we learn a foreign language, we need to learn the language of our partner's love.What does your partner or friend like best: a good time with you, a positive word, a gift, physical contact or service behavior?Which language do you prefer?Can you meet in the middle and create a win-win situation?win situations?Exchange information of mutual benefit.Respect the feelings and opinions of others.Be tolerant.Evaluate others in good faith, improve their self, and be generousesteem.Self-consciousness is negative.An enemy of confidence.Take your attention away from yourself.Interested in othersTheir attention is not always focused on you.They have their own interests.Usually you notice that you have become yourself.When you start to feel anxious, be conscious.Be honest.Be loyal to yourself.The secret of happiness is when your mind, your heart and your body are at the same frequency.Learn to stick to yourself.Say "no" calmly ".There is always no need to make excuses for yourself and ask for something gently.Respond calmly to criticism.Laughter is a free humor.Think about your cell laughing when you wake up!Remember, one of the best jokes on our sleeves is a sense of humor.Let's practice laughing at ourselves too.Continue to learn interesting.We will not stop learning because we are old.We will grow old when we stop learning.Study a topic at a time.Internet research.By learning, you can take your attention away from yourself.Check an object to see its different textures and colors.Want to know who did it, how to do it.Ask questions.Pay attention to the natural landscape around you.Find small things around you that make you happy.Let the air in and keep your home fresh and healthy.Check the flowers or observe the birds, paintings or photos.Listen to the bird choir in the morning.Enjoy the sunset and sunrise.Sit in your garden and let the fresh air and sunshine breathe life into you.You are never a person, not a person.We are all interdependent.Always feel connected and notice the changes brought about by unity.We feel lonely when we think we can do everything on our own.Please do not hesitate to ask the right person for help.Seek relevant advice and support from people around you.Accept when they can't help immediately.Keep your network active.Happiness is not an ongoing process.It is made up of small happy moments that together have a greater impact on the balance of life.Say thank you, congratulate, appreciate the identity of the other person, say you love him or her, say it's nice to talk to him, apologize, offer help, comfort.Avoid criticism or judgment of others;..Be humble and polite and, above all, be happy!© Pierre Ah-
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