is it possible to do too many facial masks How to Bring More Energy to Your Work This Fall

is it possible to do too many facial masks How to Bring More Energy to Your Work This Fall
Summer is a good time to slow down, relax and conceive new ideas for your business.But all good things must end.As we finish our holiday and move towards Labor Day, many of my clients are asking: how do I maintain this calm, thoughtful energy when I get back to work?Of course, I also have some customers who don't feel very energetic during the summer vacation.They're used to that.Now they are afraid of returning to work and a stricter schedule for the fall.Are you more like a second person?If so, keep reading and find out the possible problems-and how to get back to the predicament when autumn comes.My client and I use the paper room system™We find out where your values and needs are and how to best nourish them.When you don't pay attention to your values, the challenge becomes a problem.It's easy for you to lose the excitement, energy and enthusiasm for your job.Take my client's 1 Pa Theresa.Patricia is the financial manager of a local biotech company.She recently attended the coaching meeting and was frustrated and frustrated.She is fighting for a huge project that starts in the summer and is scheduled to be completed earlier in the new year.But the project is a mess and her regular tasks are tough.It feels like everything is wrong.When Patricia explains what is going on, her words roll over each other, and her breathing gets lighter and lighter.I had Patricia take a few deep breaths before we went on.Then I asked her to review her top six values.Patricia lists her values in a calmer, more relaxed way (we previously identified them through a paper room practice, so she was able to recite them from the top of her headThese values include connection, learning and achievement.I know Patricia needs to take sustained action based on these values in order to maintain a strong sense of self and be satisfied with his work."So, what do you do at work to take care of your values?” I asked.Oh, by the way, Patricia said.Then she smiled-because at that moment she realized that her nightmare project might actually be a great opportunity to respect her values.* The project involves cross-cuttingA functional team that she usually does not work.Patricia can build relationships with these people.* She has never worked on projects of such a scale and scope.From a learning point of view, her work enthusiasm for the project has increased.* It is more difficult for her to complete the task.The project will not be completed in five or six months.But after thinking for a few minutes, Patricia decided to create a milestone list around the project.In this way, she does not have to wait until the end to have a sense of accomplishment.Instead, she breaks down the project into steps and timelines that make sense to herself, which enables her to recognize her achievements in the process.Don't expect you to return to work?You can try this exercise.1.Write down your first six values.Examples may be honesty, creativity, contribution, teaching, mastery, and adventure.2.Next to each value, write down what you often do to keep an eye on the value.3.If you haven't done anything at the moment to handle a given value, what can you do?4.Go do it!5.Schedule time regularly to check your values and give them some TLC.Have a good summer!
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