is it possible to do too many facial masks How to get it all done…

is it possible to do too many facial masks How to get it all done…
So much to do --There is too little time to do all this.I can't tell you how many times I 've heard angry people lament that they don't know how to get it all done.This is part of the problem.-If our expectation is that we should complete everything on the to-do list, then our expectation is obviously unrealistic.We failed even before we started.It's very simple. we can't do everything.The sooner we reconcile with this reality, the better chance we have to manage our days, weeks, and months with reduced stress and improved satisfaction.So what should we do if we can't do everything?Millions of people are here.Dollar issue..Too many people spend their time on things that are not important to their business or personal goals.They are distracted by what is really important.They take the time to do things that are important to others, instead of doing their own thing at my time management workshop, and I ask people to write down the five things that consume the most time in column.Then, after finishing, I asked them to complete column B, which is the five most important things in their lives.When people compare these two columns, there is usually a shock silence.The key is to determine what is really important to you and make sure that the projects on your list advance these important things.Sometimes it's not easy to clearly express what those really important projects are.We are all so overwhelmed by today's activities that it is easy to ignore these things.Taking a step back and looking at your life, career, family, health, etc. from a macro perspective is helpful.Ask yourself, "What happens if this field of my life reaches its peak?"Another exercise I use is to have people in my workshop imagine themselves as 90 years old, review their lives and list the five things they are most proud to accomplish.For example, someone might say that health is one of their values and is very important to them.However, they do not schedule any exercise on their daily or weekly action lists.By making it clear what is important, you can make room for this activity in your life.One of the biggest challenges is how to deal with what we call "important but not urgent.These actions and activities can help you move towards the personal and professional success you desire, but have not yet reached an emergency or crisis stage.Exercise is also a good example.Health may be important to you, but you can't do all the exercises at once.You need to spread it out and exercise regularly.When people tell me they need or want to "find" time to do something, I feel like they have beaten themselves.Remember those lists with 493 items on them and it's hard to find the time.We don't have time to find.-we “make” time.We need to make time for important things.Finally, we must have realistic expectations of what we can accomplish in a day or week.When I look at those fiveI can't help but think that some people have pages that list lists, and they may let themselves down quite often.What I would like to suggest is that people evaluate how much time they have worked on a certain day and see the list of important activities they have listed to support their personal and professional goals, then make time for them in their days, weeks and months.The estimated time for the actual allocation of activities is very helpful.Once this is done, I direct people to double the time.In this way, when they plan their own work, they can have a realistic expectation of what can be done in a day.This practice also makes people ask for help when they are overwhelmed, or say no to requests that may not be important or urgent.Knowing what is really important to you and having realistic expectations of what you can accomplish in a day or week can help you achieve your goals and improve your self-satisfaction.So, what time do you have tomorrow?
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