is it possible to do too many facial masks How to Relax and Recharge Completely

is it possible to do too many facial masks How to Relax and Recharge Completely

If I allow my failure or stop me when it doesn't seem to me to be successful, I don't see any way I can make progress.-Calvin Coolidge, 1872-The regular relaxation of 1933 President of the United States is crucial to longevity and personal effectiveness.Here are some of the most successful and highest-paid people in the United States who use some tips to relax their bodies.First, work only five or six days a week, and rest completely on the seventh day.Every study in this area shows that if you take a full day or two off, you will be more efficient and walk for seven days in a row in five or six days than when you work.During this time, don't catch up with the report, don't tidy up your desk, don't prepare your proposal, and don't do anything that requires mental effort.Simply relax your brain completely and be busy doing things with your family and friends.Maybe work around the house, walk, do physical exercise, watch TV, watch movies, or play with your children.Whatever you do, train yourself to completely shut down your mental gear for at least 24 hoursOne hour every seven days.Mini ride-Second, three.There is a day off every three months, during which no work is done.Don't try to catch up even with small things.If you do this, you will keep your mental state and in the end you will neither rest nor do any quality work.Third, rest at least two weeks a year and you do nothing during this period --related.You can work or relax;You can't do both.If you try to do a little work while on vacation, you will never give your mental and emotional battery the chance to recharge.You will be as tired as you left when you return from vacation.If you are involved in a difficult relationship, or a situation of low spirits at work, then train yourself to get rid of it completely at least one day a week.Take care of things out of your head.Refused to consider the matter.Don't discuss it constantly, call it, or think about it carefully in your mind.If you are passionate about a person or a situation, you cannot perform your best mentally.You have to take a break.Because change is as good as rest, walking is a great way to relax emotionally and mentally.When you move your body, your thoughts and feelings seem to be relaxed by yourself.In addition, remember that the process of digestion consumes a lot of physical strength.Therefore, if you eat light food, you will feel better and more refreshed after that.If you eat more fruits, vegetables and the wholeGrain products, your digestive system needs a lot less energy to process them.Because your diet has such a big effect on your body's energy level, through it your mental and emotional energy level, the more picky you are about what you put into your mouth, the better you feel, the more efficient you are.We now know that foods high in fat, sugar or salt are not good for your health.The lighter the food you eat, the more energy you will have.To put these ideas into action, you can do three things immediately: first, plan ahead for a few weeks and completely relax your work in at least one day.Observe the discipline of this date.Second, book, book and pay for the three-day holiday months in advance.You are more likely to go as soon as you pay, than to postpone it.Third, decide that you don't work at all during the holidays.Work when you work.Take a 100% break when you are resting.This is important.
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