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is it possible to do too many facial masks How to Relieve Stress: Wave It Goodbye

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-09-29
is it possible to do too many facial masks How to Relieve Stress:  Wave It Goodbye

Our world is under great pressure.Does anyone disagree?Want to know how to relieve stress?If you're not careful, it's easy to find yourself tied together by anything.This requires a conscious decision to protect yourself from the chaos that surrounds us every day.I would like to share a new "shield" that I have been practicing so that you can also give it a try if it sounds good for you!I only know about brain waves recently.Do you know we have four major brain waves?Our consciousness, awake, do, state is mainly caused by beta waves.When you can't seem to keep your eyes open, the feeling of extreme drowsiness is when most of our alpha waves are created.And then, once we fall asleep and we are dreaming, we have a lot of Theta waves.Finally, deep sleep consists mainly of delta waves.We started when we created most of the Beta, move, move!We always hear people tell us, "All you need to do is relax!Slow down!It's easy for them.Their "to-do" list doesn't look like yours.But what about when you feel like you're overloaded?!At this time, we often yell at our loved ones and have a terrible headache. In general, we just want to stay alone!Taking a nap may not be an option.It may be totally unrealistic to stay alone for half an hour!What is your choice?How to relieve stress: Make more alpha waves!!!You might think, "What should I do?"The answer is simple-close your eyes!As soon as you close your eyes, your brain will immediately begin to produce more alpha waves to calm down your entire system.And you don't have to do that for a long time!Just close your eyes and focus on your breath 5-10 minutes can have a huge impact on the stress you're under.Now, before you start screaming "5-10 minutes!!Who has such a time?!”C’mon!Let’s be real!You can stand up and give yourself so much time!If you're at work-go outside, go to your car or go to the bathroom and be alone.If you are at home, find a room, close the door and give yourself a gift when you arrive.To be honest, how many times do you want you to take a few minutes to calm down before you say it, or do the real hurtful things you regret?Now you know what to do.1.Go to a place where you can be alone for 5-10 minutes.There's a timer on your phone-we all know you carry it with you, right?2.Close your eyes.3.Listen to quiet music or focus on taking a deep breath.4.Don't worry about your mind spinning in the crazy direction.Come in No matter what thoughts.Just close your eyes and breathe.Now that you know how to relieve stress-when will you take 5-10 minutes off?Please share any other stress relief tips you find useful to you.
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