is it possible to do too many facial masks How to Remain Calm Under Pressure

is it possible to do too many facial masks How to Remain Calm Under Pressure

With the launch of the book Happy woman happy world, my team is on red alert.In addition to all the excitement of completing the book, I found myself piling up on my-do list.Frankly, the list is now longer than the veil on the wedding dress.I'm not kidding!Some people collapse when they are under too much pressure, some can still perform, but don't thrive under pressure, and then some (like me) find this speed quite exciting.When I feel like I'm sitting in the middle of a pressure cooker, I do some of the best thinking.This is a good article with great tips for staying calm at work.I am looking at my list and want to run away or go and exercise my mind.This makes me think about how the women's code outlines how to deal with stress.One thing is for sure, we can't let our lives do what we want, and others don't always act like we want them.That means the only thing we can control is ourselves, and that's where we should start.This leads to my question-how can we stay calm under pressure?First, let us learn about the three pillars of the women's code.Awareness, support and collaboration, and how to use them in stressful situations: Our first action is always a step back.What's going on with this?We see, we see, we decide what needs our attention most now.Let's do one thing first.We repeat the process step by step.My advice is not to take your wholeBut break it down into a list of five things to do.So you can focus.I use a long list and a daily list.Give it a try and let me know what you think.The second step is to make sure you are supported.Can you ask your family or partner to invest more on some of your regular tasks?Wherever you are, find someone to help you run errands and ask for help.Women often make such mistakes and think that if we do it ourselves, it will be faster.But if we don't ask people or train them, the end result is often disastrous because we do everything ourselves.Take the extra time to explain what you need to do and let someone else do it.Don't judge your assistants because they are not perfect.They don't want to compete with you. they are helping.Thanks for their efforts.The third component is to remind yourself that you don't have to do everything yourself.On certain tasks, others around you may be more qualified than you.Although I am very satisfied with our customer relationship management system, Jenny is the first choiceGirls in the team.My choice is-either I waste my time figuring it out or I pay her to do it.The first option is not cheap as it takes me a bit longer to figure out what she can do in a few minutes.Find better ways to delegate others and allow others to collaborate and contribute.The trick to keep calm like a cucumber is to constantly remind yourself to keep the communication channels open.Even when you are tempted to think that the people around you have to see how hard you work-the fact is that almost everyone prefers clear communication rather than a complete breakdown.Got it?Stay focused, break it down, ask for help, communicate your needs and let others take over or help you.
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