is it possible to do too many facial masks How Well Do You See from the Other Side?

is it possible to do too many facial masks How Well Do You See from the Other Side?
Why don't everyone get along well????We hear this all the time.Whether it's different values or conflicts or misconceptions, some people get along harder than others.What's worse, when they don't get along well, they are the ones who expect another person to change so they get along well!Now, I don't know about you, but over the years, I have absolutely no success in making other people change.Think so.Have you tried changing yourself?Diet?Habit?Phrases?It is extremely difficult to change yourself, not to mention others.So why do people try to change others when they can hardly change themselves?The point here is that if you want to improve your relationship with others, one strategy is to have a person change the way he or she communicates.That person is not another person or girl.It’s you.Why?Simple.Because the other party will not.You can control you, so the only adjustment you can control if there is any adjustment is to adjust you.Why is this important for the general business, especially the insurance business?Because we need communication to move forward.Helping our companies and businesses move forward requires leadership.The only way to get people moving is to communicate.To push people forward, you have to get in touch with them.So you are friendly, talkative and outgoing.You walk into a room with a very reserved person working quietly.You want to start a conversation with that guy.Which of these situations is more likely to work with each other?Communication and interaction: 1.You rushed over to that person, reached out your hand, laughed loudly, sang, hi, my name is Pat, how are you doing today?What is the bottom line of that project?2.You settle yourself down, you focus on this person, you notice their manners, and you know that you have a tendency to speak out loud, you consciously lower your voice, smile, say, hello, how are you?My name is Pat.May I join you?Is this a good time to talk about this project?Of course, the second scenario has better job opportunities for both participants.You give Pat a chance to be himself, not to dominate or intimidate him or her with your own personality.You open the door to communication, not one-way communication.We all know that people are more likely to accept the concept or project when they are involved.This is how we lead others forward.This is how we influence our industry.So, going back to why you change the way you communicate will help you lead your business, your organization, and even your family.Your ability to adjust your way of communication to suit the way people communicate with you is directly related to your ability to gain understanding, commitment or agreement from that person.In this fast-growing world, it is important for people to develop and use these practices.What can you do?* Next time you talk to someone, put yourself in his or her shoes.Try to see things from their perspective instead of yours.* Observe the person's understanding of his communication style;Then adjust the way you communicate to suit this style.* Ask questions, wait and care for answers in good faith.* Don't interruptWhen you interrupt someone, you will tell someone that you think what you have to say is more important than what they have to say.* Repeat the shared information and digest it before replying.* Win-win: win-win, in which case you all feel like you have contributed to the solution.* Value your differences.Seek different reference frames and different advantages..The first thing I did with a new client as an executive coach was to have them complete their profile.Before you begin to adjust the way you communicate, you not only need to know and understand who you are, but also how you are perceived by others.By getting to know yourself better and knowing how you may be perceived, you are able to better modify actions that will make others more popular.This improves the overall communication opportunity.Without trying to understand or appreciate a different style of communication, you can open your heart to misconceptions about others.People who are direct, task-oriented and focused may be seen by others as indifferent and uncaring, although this may be far from the truth.People who analyze and meditate may be unfairly considered unemotional or dragged.Friendly, loud and outgoing people will be improperly considered to lack detail or attention.None of these styles are wrong or better than the other.They are completely different.Finally, we should pay attention to the differences between us.But to value them, we need to understand them, appreciate them, not judge them, or see them as a worry.Because people with different strengths, knowledge, and frame of reference can create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.I call it leadership synergy.
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