is it possible to do too many facial masks If You’re Thinking of Checking that Blackberry in a Meeting, Don’t!

is it possible to do too many facial masks If You’re Thinking of Checking that Blackberry in a Meeting, Don’t!

We did it all.The meeting continued.Your boss is rambling.You "understand" the main point of the concept.You’re bored.Your thoughts are erratic.Hmmm.Want to know what new found treasure appears on my PDA?Who would have noticed if you had a sneak peek?Your boss will.Other people in the meeting will.Don’t do it.You may have committed suicide.Robert Half & Associates recently conducted a study of 150 executives, and the results showed that 31% of executives thought it inappropriate for employees to check PDAs during the meeting.Despite the findings, 86% of executives surveyed witnessed such behavior.So, if, in this study, almost one out of every three executives thinks this behavior is inappropriate, then you are more likely.Others in the meeting, possibly future executives, may also have an impact on your career future.The behavior at the meeting may be career promotion or career destruction.People draw conclusions about people's leadership style, preparation, communication and value by participating in the meeting.So, take out your PDA if you want to shorten your career.Why is the quick check of PDA so harmful?Consider this.We are all talking to people who are watching other places while talking to us.It's irritating because they seem to be looking for more important people to meet, or just not focusing on the conversation at hand.It’s rude.Translate this sentence into a secret check of the BlackBerry, and we did the same thing.We have moved our attention away from the topic at hand, which is actually insulting the person who is hosting the meeting or the person opposite.PDAs are no different from any other new technology and guidelines on expectations and use must be developed.The ongoing access provided by PDAs means that they can easily cause us to be consumed by work for all of our time.People are not encouraged to keep good workLife balance, productivity is affected, and employees become so invested in responding to information that they may act in the way of their careers --It is destructive and even potentially dangerous.Checking and responding in meetings is not the only mistake in PDA's career.* Respect the meeting organizer, close your PDA before the meeting starts, make it invisible and avoid annoying your colleagues.* If you are waiting for an emergency call or email, please inform the meeting organizer in advance and you may have a moment of excuse to deal with an emergency.* There was one at the meeting-to-A meeting, or in the restaurant, do not put the PDA on the table, or check it in the conversation-it gives the impression that the PDA is more important than the subject at hand.* Please forgive yourself when you need to type the information and find a private place to send it.* Set the ringtone volume only to the height you absolutely need and avoid lengthy or annoying ringtone themes.* Whether you are watching a movie, a concert or any other public event, turn off all the ringtones when the lights go out.* Control your PDA instead of the other way around.Decide when to turn it off so you can focus on your family, your hobbies or your spouse-and turn it off.* Don't text while driving.Do not check or read emails while driving.Don't search for contacts in your address book while driving.The consequences can be devastating-not just for you.As with any other tool, PDAs have the potential to improve efficiency and productivity when used with appropriate guidelines.However, if you are not careful, the continuous connection they provide will quickly become completeRestrictions on consumption and occupation.Managing your career means managing other people's impressions of your abilities and values.Respect for others is a quality of leadership that people generally admire.
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