is it possible to do too many facial masks Is Balance in Life a Myth?

is it possible to do too many facial masks Is Balance in Life a Myth?

At this point, classes have resumed in most schools here.Finding balance in life seems a daydream to many people.When moms drive their kids here, there and anywhere, I see their painful expressions.My foot was the victim of a shopping cart incident, a mother was running around with a screaming child trying to finish shopping as soon as possible.I get it.But is life really like this?I say “no”!Do you really think this lifestyle was designed by you?Is this good for your body?How close will your relationship be if you don't have time to invest?Finding balance in life is not a myth!It is possible.All you need to do is change what you think of it.Joyce Meyer quoted a good quote in her book, I dare say.I think it tells us the truth about the balance of life.She said, "Maybe we can do more if we do less."Well ...... I don't know you, but quality is more important to me than quantity.When I read it, it was so real to me.How many of us feel pulled in thousands of directions?I hear moms bragging all the time about what's so goodThey're Tasers.My return, though, is to keep asking how well they really did.Just because you do a lot doesn't mean you do a good job!I want you to look at this sentence from the perspective of your relationships.Think about the people who are most important to you.Do you let humble activity hinder the way you invest in these relationships?Are you the best for your child?Or are you listening to their stories when you are "more"task”?Are you showing your husband that he's important or are you too tired to really focus on what you did that day?Believe me;I know there's a lot to do.But I ask you to take a serious look at your to-do list.•What can go?What feels necessary, but, if you are honest with yourself, all you do is because you are trying to impress or avoid being judged?What can be entrusted to others?What changes can be made to allow more space for those really important relationships?These are difficult questions to answer.But if you have any hope of balance in your life, you need to think about it.Don't just blow them by the breeze.Think them clearly and then make your plan.Good luck!I know you can do it.I invite you to share your thoughts below.
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