is it possible to do too many facial masks Is Racing Against Time Really Worth It?

is it possible to do too many facial masks Is Racing Against Time Really Worth It?

I recently saw this quote from Bonnie Friedman, "a sense of unhurried time is a wealth in itself ".A sense of time without panicIs there such a thing, or does such a person not live in such a hurry?We live in a very fastIn this fast-paced era, our morning is first to knock out the alarm clock, then to have breakfast at the granola bar, while putting on a shirt, rushing down the kids and going to work on time.Phew!Forget about a regular day when you "need" to rush to keep up with the day's schedule, and people seem to be in a hurry even on a day off.‘Hurry up!We are late for the movie!’ ‘Hurry up!We are late for dinner "" hurry up, we are late for a leisurely walk on the beach!’ Seriously?The problem is that most of us are used to living in a hurry.But is it really good for us?Absolutely not!Why is our productivity always falling?From the very beginning, our bodies begin to adapt to work, play and rest.When you do things in a hurry, grab any little sleep you can grab so you can work on this project --If not now, your productivity will definitely drop in the long run.What most people don't understand is whether a job really needs to take the time;Do you really need to do ten things in a hurry to get it done?How about completing 8 pieces today and 2 pieces tomorrow?Not only will you make mistakes, or if you are smart, then you may not make mistakes, and these will not be your best work.This will cause the whole thing to be modified or redone-is it worth it?Health-Wise, the car clock has its meaning.From depression, muscle pain to stress and anxiety, this further leads to many serious diseases.Not to mention how much of your food keeps getting smaller when you eat on the go.You know, those takeout and processed canned foods are useless.In addition to affecting your health, a hasty life can also bring bad luck to your emotional and mental health.One of the worse consequences is stress and anxiety.People who live in a hurry are in a state of permanent stress, whether it is work-related or caused by lack of sleep.In the long run, we don't even study what stress can do.Take a break and think about whether you need to slow down or if your current lifestyle is exactly what you want?When you make the clock your ally, you begin to notice, enjoy and appreciate the little things in your life.It will be more delicious to drink a cup of coffee slowly.You need to slow down becauseIf you prioritize and undertake work based on your abilities, four hours a day is enough for you to get the job done.Know religiously what your body and mind can handle and stick!When you slow down your relationship to improve.You take the time to listen to people, not just to make to-at the same time-Make a list in your mind.You will understand better when you listen.Also, you will end up spending time with people who are important.Whether it's friends or family, they don't feel left out.How can you live a leisurely life?First of all, don't imagine your life in a hurry.Don't even want to finish everything in a day, when you make a decisionMake a list and make sure you're doing it slowly and rationally.Get enough sleep at least within the recommended 8 hours.Try doing some form of exercise in the morning, which will eliminate the damage caused by stress and will no doubt be beneficial to your health.Always set aside some "me" time.You can listen to your favorite music, work on a hobby, volunteer in a local kitchen, or just sit down and have tea.Write your life goals on a piece of paper and make sure you do something every day to achieve them, but don't rush.Whether it's food, family time, sleep, or even a regular cup of coffee, make sure you focus on the task at hand.Enjoy this moment.Always remember that no matter what happens, no matter what happens, it will happen at the right time.Try to live a day in peace while rationally making time for your work if you feel it's more than your I-need-to-absolutely-rush-to-work-now!days.
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