is it possible to do too many facial masks Make Appointments with Yourself

is it possible to do too many facial masks Make Appointments with Yourself
In this fast-paced world, we are constantly challenged to arrange more work within the time frame that we all have.One of the most challenging parts of "getting everything together" is deciding what is important and what is not.Of all the dilemmas I have experienced in coaching practice, almost every client is struggling with time and life management.Their “to --"List has"--do\" lists.So how do we get it all done?My first question is, why are we doing all this?Each of us has the same 24 hours a day, but some people succeed more effectively than others.I believe the people who succeed are those who focus on the "right" thing.Yes, they did not finish all the work.But they did do the "right thing ".So the first step towards making more progress towards the goals you set for yourself in this life is to allow yourself not to accomplish everything.What's more important to you is to focus on what's important to you and make sure you're integrated into your daily life every month, week and day-to-day --Time and effort to accomplish these things.The second step in trying to achieve any goal is to write it down.It is said that only 2% of people around the world have set goals...It turns out over and over again that you are more likely to achieve a goal when you write it.Therefore, deciding what kind of person you want to be, what kind of thing you do or what you have is a key factor in finding personal and professional happiness in your life.Once you write down these goals, it becomes much simpler.You can identify the action steps you need to take to get to where you want to go.You can also identify more easily what is holding you back.Again, by removing or minimizing these obstacles, this gives you the opportunity to work towards your goal.The biggest challenge for most of my clients is to find "important but not urgent projects.\ "Because to achieve many goals, what you need to do is to develop or build infrastructure that will enable you to achieve your ultimate goal.One example of this is the decision to take part in the marathon.As we all know, you can't just go out and run a marathon.You need to be prepared and trained for this.You can't train only two days ago.So to get to the marathon, you need to make time for training in a regular way, sometimes months in advance.You can apply this analogy to achieving a career goal, a financial goal, or a community or interpersonal goal.You need to make time for the building blocks.You have to understand that life is a process, not an end.This is where most people fall.One of the solutions I suggest is to make an appointment with yourself to do the "important but not urgent" project ---Will give you the cornerstone of the success you want to achieve in your life.Think about this ...... We all attended meetings called by others.You can't answer the phone when you go to the meeting, you can't do any other work, you 've basically set aside an hour to focus on the theme of the day's meeting.I suggest you apply the same concept to important but not urgent things in your life.Make an appointment with yourselfThis means you don't answer the phone, just focus on the topic at hand and avoid all distractions.After all, isn't that what you did when you went to someone else's meeting?Note: pay attention to one sentence here...If you start to change your behavior and lock yourself behind closed doors without letting others know what you are doing, they will come to their own conclusions.It's better to let them know what you're doing and why.Most likely, they will support you in focusing on things that are important but not urgent.So, let's think about these dates.A good example of making an appointment with yourself is reading trade journals, or reading the latest and greatest innovations in your industry.How many of us have piles of this kind of information replaced by other more "urgent" projects?Another example is physical exercise.This is something we all need to do often so that we can do things that are important in our lives.Make an appointment with yourself to do a physical exercise and lock it in the calendar and don't be replaced by anything more urgent, which will help you stay in shape for the rest of your life.Another idea is to set aside a certain amount of time each week to recognize those who contribute to the success of your business, organization or family, take some time to write a note or call them, thanks for their support and achievements.Finally, you may want to consider making an appointment with yourself, call back and get all of this done in one block.Some of my clients have put their calls on hold and responded to them at some point in the day, which is very consistent with their energy level and clarity.By making an appointment with yourself to call back, you can effectively manage the disruption and end up doing other work in a more focused way.So when you look at your monthly plan, refine it into weekly and daily plans, which helps prioritize the various tasks you have at hand.When you look at your daily calendar, you will see your appointment with others and the meetings you plan to attend.Now, you can also make regular appointments with yourself to achieve your ultimate goal.You start working in another available time-In the "list, priority order.The big difference is that now you'll have a couple of dates with people you know better than others-yourself!
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