is it possible to do too many facial masks Make It Easy On Yourself

is it possible to do too many facial masks Make It Easy On Yourself
Have you ever been involved in a never-ending game: in a game, the grand prize at the end of the game is as far away as you started, small returns along the way may make you more and more scarce?Maybe the grand prize doesn't seem to be tempting anymore or even appropriate, but you 've been busy and haven't even noticed that its charm is fading.Everyone has experienced this at some point.Why when the steam is dissipated, we continue to bump like an overloaded train.Our minds are filled with beautiful phrases such as "Persistence pays off" or "success is the day after you give up" or short but harsh "no excuse "."It means, somehow, that people who don't pay attention to these warnings don't have the right thing --Well, what do you do?I think the reason why these experiences happen is because we confuse a goal with various ways to achieve it, some of which are dead --ends.As a dancer, I realized that I couldn't (and didn't want to) engage in hard, increasingly painful sports throughout my life, it didn't bring me the quality of life I wanted.The inner reward, the joy of dance, is decreasing year by year, but the home I want, the warm relationship, the leisure, and other creative activities seem to be getting farther and farther.Yes, I was sad when I resigned.But I also found that the time and effort I put into the dance was enough for many of the delightful activities I postponed: first the ballroom dance, then the skating, travel, language learning, music, and finally writing and public speaking.To my surprise, my initial goal was to move others with my joy and enthusiasm, and my performance never disappeared.I just found a different way to go there.One of my students was once shocked by the decline in her grades and thought she would never enter law school.We discussed why it was so devastating;What happens if she doesn't go to law school?She broke down and cried, "then I will never be happy."I had to convince her that it was not an end to get a degree in law;There are many reasons why people want a legal degree, including (but not limited to) a desire for high incomes, prestige, political stepping stones, or the need to seek justice for socially vulnerable groups.These are goals;A law degree is the way she chooses.As far as she is concerned, the desire to fulfill her parents' dreams has been inspiring her ambition-until the fuel runs out.She can't do it anymore.Conversations with her parents led her to switch to a career in laboratory science, where she happily analyzed data and no longer needed to be bold and confident.If you put your dreams in too much detail, including the path to the door to your dreams, you may lock yourself in a rigid pattern, not only will this not bring you happiness, but it may even hinder your efforts to realize your dreams.Don't abandon yourself any more. ask why you can't seem to stick to the workload.Don't be afraid to hold back and say, "it doesn't work for me."Don't let anyone convince you that if you don't sacrifice your mental and physical health, you don't have the" right thing "to succeed "--To achieve this goal.Take the time to explore your inner desires.Give up any activities (and people) that don't support you ).Just don't call it.When the energy starts to flow, you will know that you have found your real goal to make the activity irresistible.Don't call it out;Call it your energy redirect.
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