is it possible to do too many facial masks Playing GOTCHA Doesn't Work

is it possible to do too many facial masks Playing GOTCHA Doesn\'t Work
If I could wave my wand and change the way humans interact, I would eliminate "gotcha" forever ".What is "Gotcha?Before we talk about eliminating "gotcha" it is important to clarify what "gotcha" is!There can be multiple forms of "Gotcha.In oral form, we know "I told you" more often, but "gotcha" can take many other forms."Gotcha" not only noticed that someone made a mistake, but also used the mistake for them.Sometimes the purpose of "gotcha" is to try to make someone feel bad about doing something.Or forget something.What even broke.Either way, "gotcha" or "I told you" is essentially a person trying to exert power on another person.Here are a few examples: your sales manager promises to submit a report by Tuesday.After the due date on Thursday, you are in a meeting with the sales manager and his staff and you indicate to him or her that the report is not submitted on time to make sure he knows you know.This made him very embarrassed in front of the staff.Gotcha!You know that the vice president of your company asked that the PowerPoint presentation be colored.You remind all the speakers that this is a fascination with the vice president.At the meeting, a speaker used a plain black --and-White PowerPoint presentation.You call him over at the end of the meeting and remind him in front of his peers that you indicate to him that he should use color.Gotcha!You remind your spouse that he or she should put a quarter of gas in the car.This car is on E when you go to an important event.You are late because you have to stop to refuel.You remind "spousey" that you won't be late if they put a quarter of gas in the car."I told you!"You might argue that the person is right in all these cases.This is not the point.When the comments are made to get someone to stand in his or her position, to take a sense of superiority, to put someone in a corner, or to try to make another person feel guilty, it becomes a "gotcha ".All of the above problems can be solved by means of respect and concern.We are not saying that these problems should not be solved.They can and should be resolved in a cooperative and cooperative manner.When someone put us in the corner and wouldn't let us out, we went through all the situations.Or, what about embarrassing situations in front of our friends, peers or colleagues?Or what about when we make honest mistakes, when we don't get the benefit of doubt, but feel sad because things happen?I think we can also remember how we feel about people who do this.This is not positive, to say the least.Unfortunately, its memory usually lasts for a long time, causing long-term damage.The man is playing "gotcha"The struggle of power does not improve interpersonal relationships.More importantly, they will destroy them.Usually, through the struggle of power, one person wins and the other loses.Sometimes we call it winning: losing.In this era of partnership, playing "gotcha" won't work.It tore the relationship apart.It built walls that were difficult to dismantle.It creates distrust.People who play "gotcha" don't respect others-They care more about themselves and their appearance than about the relationship between them.Sometimes playing "gotcha" produces more "gotcha ".In other words, sometimes people try to retaliate against the people who hurt them.This creates more tension.Instead, my wish is that people in business and personal relationships will take the approach of benefiting others from doubt.When they see a relationship as a partnership, not a competition, there is a synergy.Cooperation requires mutual respect and trust.It works as well as it works.It is important to realize that we are all human beings and people do make mistakes.How you relate to these situations can make the situation active or moderate.This is your choice.So next time you think about saying "I told you" My wish is you don't do that...
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