is it possible to do too many facial masks Resolve Not To Resolve!

is it possible to do too many facial masks Resolve Not To Resolve!

Why did so many resolutions not pass the first week of January?When we rush to welcome the beginning of the new year, isn't it amazing that time flies really fast?Where did 2012 go?Please note that the new year tends to bring a lot of new things as people are prepared to meet the "new beginning" and commit to dealing with many things that have hindered them before.The New Year's resolution is a popular activity with traditions dating back to the Roman and Babylonian civilizations, but why is it that only a small part works?Are people just not as tenacious as they were before or are people just hoping to break them?Here is the question to think about: the question of resolutions may not be the resolution itself, but the way they are combined.People make vague statements that have no end point and cannot be measured."I will drink more water," and what binds all these statements together is that it is impossible to know if you have implemented them.If they can't measure and there's no deadline, then how do you track them?So, if the solution is a waste of time, what is the choice?Forget the resolution.Instead, set effective goals.Be determined not to solve it, but to set some achievable goals for yourself.Take a look at these tips to help you make some elaborateYou will see some written goals on 2013.Be SMART!In this case, SMART represents specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time --Bound.If your goal follows these principles, then it will give you the motivation to reach the end and you will know when you reach the end!The difference between a goal and a smart goal is the difference between "I want to lose a little" and "I will lose by 15 pounds to 1st.Which is more likely to be a successful goal?Share your vision.Tell people.When you share a goal with others, you are more likely to achieve it.Keep a goal for yourself and you are unlikely to reach it.Who knows why this psychology works, but it does.By engaging others in your goals and dreams, it can not only inspire you, but also provide a support system for you to achieve these goals and dreams.Whether you like it or not, your friend may remind you of your goal of losing weight when you reach out to get the third cookie!Write it down.While it may be considered useless by some, it is huge.For some reason, written goals are more likely to be achieved than without written goals.Don't put them away. they will never be seen again.Make them visible on your planner, refrigerator or even smartphone.Check your goals regularly.It is a practice to regularly review your goals and progress towards achieving them.When you make a daily or weekly plan, check your goals as a routine.This keeps them alive.It also helps you to make room for them on a daily or weekly plan rather than being "to-" by someone else-do’s.”Celebrate.Enjoy yourself when you reach your goal!Celebrate.Plan for the celebration.One of my clients likes to watch the play.Her reward for one of her goals is to see a certain game when she reaches her goal.She did it twice and it was unforgettable.Some of the goals are very lofty and there are many sub-divisions.In this case, incremental achievements are celebrated.If you practice rewarding yourself or patting yourself on the back when you reach a smaller milestone, you can actually motivate yourself to move towards the end goal.Temporary milestones maintain the presence of the final goals, maintain your high level of energy towards them, and a sense of accomplishment along the way.The secret of success.The biggest challenge about goal setting is simply "achieving goals ".So don't set one (or two) goal this year.Write it down.Tell others.Regular review.Then enjoy your celebration.
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