is it possible to do too many facial masks Say No – Set Your Boundaries, Get More Done

is it possible to do too many facial masks Say No – Set Your Boundaries, Get More Done

It feels like you're on a treadmill and will never stop?Too much to do?Too much to do?Just as the overlap between our work and family life becomes blurred, technology connects us around the clock with people and tasks, and we may all be working at 24/7, but still feel overwhelmed.How can we get it all done?You're not alone.Millions of Americans are frustrated by their growing to-do list, ongoing connectivity, because they can't seem to get anything done.On top of that, many of us try to do everything for others.We care.We want to help.We want to cultivate.Not only are we overwhelmed by our own list of actions, but the people around us have also given us their list of actions!Border of rescue!In the current environment, we all need to set boundaries.By setting clear boundaries at work and at home, we enable ourselves to find a balance that will actually provide energy for all aspects of our lives.Setting boundaries will enable us to accomplish important things.The first step in this process is to decide which boundaries are important to you.For example, if you need lunch time to relax and rejuvenate, then one of your boundaries might be that you didn't schedule a meeting at that time.Another example might be that you don't want to pick up business calls at home after an hour, other than an emergency.The more you know your boundaries, the better you can communicate with others.When I was in an American company, I used the first half.Plan my day and organize it.One of my co-During that time, the workers kept stopping at my office-usually she came up with a good idea the night before.I found that missing the planned time made me more miserable than I wanted.After I conveyed my desire to have privacy in the first 30 minutes of the day, it worked for everyone.She still came in with her great ideas, but after 8: 30.The boundaries you set up depend on your priority list and your values.Each of us has different priorities and values, so the boundaries will be different.Many times, the boundaries you set will be those that are not around the activities in the priority list.Borders are related to protecting what is really important.For example, one of your values may be not gossip.However, when someone tries to get you to share harmful information about another person, you may find yourself either at personal time or during working hours.By acknowledging that participating in the discussion will cross your boundaries, it gives you the power to not participate.When someone asks you to do work that is clearly not within your job duties, the boundaries can be challenged.Although your employer may have defined these boundaries, it is difficult for many colleagues to reject requests from others seeking help.It is important for you to look at your abilities and complete your own work according to your needs or the desire to help others around you, as this may take you out of balance.We're not saying that you shouldn't help someone once in a while, but when it becomes a major invasion of your own work, you may need to revisit your boundaries.Once you set boundaries, it helps to let people know what they are.This can be done easily through dialogue and respectful dialogue.You don't need to send out an official memo to let people know you turned off your BlackBerry at 6 in the eveningm.Please call if it is an emergency.Instead, you can let them know very well that you checked your emailmail until 6 p.m..Recently, one of my clients shared that a friend wanted to meet her on a certain evening or weekend to show her a new cosmetic.When my client explained that she kept evenings and weekends for her family, they decided to have a breakfast meeting which worked for both parties.Flexibility is important, especially when setting the work boundary.Just because you set boundaries doesn't mean you won't change them on a special basis.By maintaining the employer's goals and your goals, you can usually make arrangements that are beneficial to both parties.Being too rigid about your boundaries, especially at work, can limit your career.The important part of respecting your boundaries is knowing what they are.Knowing your priorities and values and respecting them will help you overcome some of the burdens or pressures you may encounter.
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