is it possible to do too many facial masks Self-Care for the Kids’ Sake

is it possible to do too many facial masks Self-Care for the Kids’ Sake
Leaving a legacy that we can be proud of is an important part of a vibrant life mission.Part of this is the importance of teaching the self.As mothers, we should care not only about us, but also about our children.Self-Care allows you to handle every day of stress in your life with the right mindset.If you're stressed out, exhausted or overworkedA little change in the commitment plan can surprise you!!!Come on, I know I'm not the only one.) But I want you to take a moment to see what you're teaching your kids?No matter how old the children are, we teach them by what we do and do not do.We are the standard of their normal life.If they see a mom dressed in worn-out clothes and try to make others happy-that's what they'll believe "good mom" will do.But it is also normal if they see a mother who takes care of herself and their family.You don't want to destroy your daughter or your future you want to live a crazy life???If not, then it's time to change routines.Passing on healthy habits to your child will never be too late.So, what does this look like on a practical level?First of all, I encourage you to assess the part of your life that puts the greatest pressure on you.Is there not enough time to get things done?Can't it show up now?Or are you just not getting enough sleep?You decide.You know the answer.The difficult part is to acknowledge this because we usually feel guilty because it is a struggle because we have these unrealistic "should" beliefs.Next, start dreaming without judgment.Write down at least 5 lists of specific actions you can take, and if they are done, it will significantly reduce your stress in this area.Don't worry if you think this is possible.Don't be bothered by trying to figure out how to implement it.Don't stop at 1 or 2.I really hope you can stretch yourself and come up with at least 5.Finally, choose someone you sincerely believe will have the greatest impact on.Note that I did not say "the simplest ".It may be!But our goal is to make a lot of money here.Circle this idea from your list.Work on thinking about it in the next 24 hours to see what possible solutions are available.Ask some friends if you get stuckYou can always throw it away on Facebook.If your solution requires the participation of others, take some time out for the conversation.What I want you to remember is ...... It's not about you being weak, poor or selfish.It's about your commitment to be the best mom and teaching this to your child.I want to make it clear here: if you choose to "learn from the lesson", then you can't choose to teach your child to take care of yourself.Is this the legacy you want to leave behind?Yes, change can be difficult in the near future.But then the return is huge.Be sure to share a small action below that you may have a huge impact on your life.
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