is it possible to do too many facial masks Ten Creative Steps To Less Stress

is it possible to do too many facial masks Ten Creative Steps To Less Stress
Creative thinking is a skill that we can learn and practice in our daily lives. here is the best reason to try: simply "changing the environment" or transferring attention can reduce stress.In familiar, predictable, or regular situations, take advantage of every opportunity to try a new method or attitude that trains the brain and mind to be more creative in the face of sudden or high changes andThere will be a stress curve in our life.Because there are so many things in life that we can't control, it makes sense to develop skills and ways of thinking that can get energy when we need it most.Here are some tips for leveraging internal resources: 1.Improv-It: improvisation is the art of live creation, but created in the form of a game or a specific instruction, like "Tell us your day like you are the most frustrating newscaster in the world."Impromptu games inspire creativity by attracting right-wing peopleThe novel positioning of the brain in a series of rules provides a basis for the left brain to search for orders and organizations.In daily life, some of the ways to do this include: talking to your child, each person's sentence must start with the next letter of the alphabetg."We can all play this game," "But what if I can't think so fast?"Come on, try it." wait.At the next work team meeting, use only questions for a conversation, or the next person must have a conversation using the last sentence of the person who just spoke.2.Do the opposite.When Seinfeld's iconic loser, George Costa za, attributed his pain to his intuition and decided to do the opposite of his own best judgment, he met women who had not been able to reach before, and found a job in the New York Yankees.When we choose to deal with a situation in a completely different direction from ingrained and habitual, we experience a certain degree of uncertainty and thus trigger the right-The brain looks for new and untried responses.Although we may not be aware of sitcomBy using this technology, we will gain a psychological power that increases our ability to quickly identify unfamiliar situations and respond effectively.3.Feel the love.Creativity is positively related to happiness and love and is negatively related to anger, fear and anxiety.A 2006 study published in the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences shows that positive emotions do expand our focus so that we can perceive a wider range of choices and are there.This is only a study found in more and more knowledge about positive emotions promoting creative views on life issues.4.Observe synchronicity.True story: after graduating from college, I went to Australia almost immediately, ostensibly to meet my Australian boyfriend, but actually to stay away from everything I know as much as possible.This decision is either hopeless romantic or incredibly reckless and very useful for my family.Little money, no work, suddenly found that no matter how far we go, our problems will travel with us, the first few months, I read and write in the library most of the time (as it is free ).There, I found the diary of New Zealand short story writer Catherine manesfield.The sentence she gave me was: "risk!Risk anything!” she wrote."No longer care about the opinions of others, no longer care about these voices.Do the hardest thing on earth for you.Act for yourself.Face the truth."Fast forward until 2001.I write a one-A female show called whistle in the dark, a monologue about crazy lifeChange the itinerary belowWhen the show was released at a club in Manhattan, I opened the New York Times Sunday Book Review section and found a review of Catherine's biography.Article title?"Whistle in the dark.The simultaneous nature of these events, togetherOccurs in a way that makes sense to us but has no cause and effect.They relate us to intuition, which is an internal GPS that guides us to the right choices even if the world around us does not recognize or understand.5.Go Within.Radio silence with the world around us for some time has made us more comfortable with our inner world in which insight, observation and ideas have been formed.No text messages, no text messages, no exceptions.Our realm of consciousness-often filled with stress and pressure to get things done-requires an opportunity to disconnect from incoming information and stress, so that the worse the structure, the seemingly random inspiration and intuition may come out.Busy schedules may take precedence over quiet work, but if we turn off the radio, even driving to pick up the kids to play football is an opportunity to breathe slowly and listen at a red light.6.Act as if.Changing the role changes the framework in which we look at the situation and opens a series of new possible reactions.New ways of action follow new ways of thinking, but mental habits take time to change, and as the pace of life improves, we may encounter situations where action needs to be taken quickly.In daily life, we can "rehearse" by choosing a role that is different from what we usually play in a familiar situation. this is a very real possibility.Talkative and outgoing in group situations?Practice being a quiet listener or an appreciative listener.If the children's battles tend to trigger the desire of the referee, or to intensify the tension by shouting more, watch by watching the footage of the action but the athlete who is out of the action.7.Follow the resistance.Some people complain that they will not do anything to change, but we give them heartfelt attention and advice.Some people often, often, insist on providing advice that we neither ask nor need.In addition to the deep-rooted personality quirks, there are the quirks that make us feel resentful and tired. think about it: Resistance is futile.We waste precious emotional energy and space in our minds, trying to change the behavior of others. Instead, we should devote ourselves to creating our lives and participating in our passion.Give advice a superficial "Thank you, I will consider it"Give, surface sympathy for the complainer, and continue to do something real.8.Daydream.When stressful problems need to be solved, it seems natural to force yourself to concentrate and focus on them until we solve them.But new research suggests that when we let our minds wander, the possible solutions to the more complex problems we are dealing with are more likely to appear in consciousness.9.Redefine negativity.Creativity is a psychological "muscle" that, like the muscles in the body, becomes more reliable through training and repetition and ready to accept things.We develop it in ways related to adversity --The builder is related to weight as it provides the resistance required to regulate and enhance a particular muscle group, I .E.e.A dominant cooperativeEmployees who may be honored because of the hard work of the team can be regarded asThe catalyst we need to grow ourselves.Assertion, a consumption relationship, is the stimulus to find and express stronger personal boundaries.By reframing our responses to uncontrollable negatives and situations, we eliminate their power to control us and become more resilient to the harmful effects of stress.10.Follow your discontent.A common theme that appears at my training workshops and webinars is that so many talented, successful people are out of touch with their own passions, especially when their work life is not expressedOne way to re-Discover that our inner driving force is to notice which news articles and stories cause strong emotional reactions within us and follow these feelings.Ask, "What is it that excites me?Know what's going on with this, which part of me is activated?"The passion and gifts we are abandoned are right next to our discontent, so follow these feelings until inertia is no longer an option.
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