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is it possible to do too many facial masks The Convincing Side of Change

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-09-27
is it possible to do too many facial masks The Convincing Side of Change

Fight against those who resist you knowing you need to make changes in your organization or team?I don't know how to buy it-So you can make things better?Challenged by the undercurrent of resistance to your efforts to push the organization forward?Have you tried changing people?Everyone knows how difficult it is to change a spouse (have you tried it?Not a beautiful sight!More importantly, have you tried to change yourself?It's not an easy thing, is it?!Think about the failed New Year's resolutions ...... Change requires a lot of effort and focus.Even small things.So why is it easier to change things in business or community organizations?I will never forget that I had to make some changes with our team when I was in the US company earlier.I think I just had a short meeting to tell everyone what we were changing and then fired them.Like I said, a piece of cake.NOT.Check for new changes a few days later.Guess what?No one is doing it.Hmmm.What's wrong here?Don't they understand what I mean?What's worse, are they not obeying me???When I had the courage to ask, my shoulders shrugged.Then a brave soul whispered, "We are afraid it will make our jobs disappear.I was taken aback.Their work will not be eliminated;This will make their work better!After I convinced them, we started to make progress.It took me a long time to realize that it was not a task to make people and process changes.This is about something else.Management change is not as difficult as you think.But things are different.We need to go further rather than focus on whether change is right or not.We need to make sure that those affected by change understand why change is right and how it will affect them.Unfortunately, this work is often overlooked by changers.This is probably the most important part.Because no buyThere is no promise.Change could fail without commitment.This can happen even with the most suitable and perfect solution.If the affected person does not buy it, the chances of you making a change will be reduced.So how do we promote positive change in our organization?I would like to suggest that you change your idea from being a task to a marketing and sales job.(Note: We are not talking about the decision to make a change;We are talking about implementing the change after the decision.Big difference.) By accepting the idea that implementing change is actually convincing all stakeholders to accept, we can now move forward to what that means.I think it means a plan to communicate.By planning and communicating the details and benefits of change, you can speed up your commitment.This means observing each affected position (or individual) and figuring out how specific the change is for them and what their concerns and fears may be.For example, an individual in the sales department may be affected differently from the transportation and reception department.By looking at the position from the perspective of people in these positions, you can better design the right way to communicate the benefits of change.Once you have set up a "point of sale" to gain recognition for change, the next step is to make a viable plan.The more complex the change is, the more complex the plan is.Any type of communication can be used: letter from the CEO, newsletter, email, group meeting, large meeting, focus group, manager sharing the "talk points" video, recorded audio information ...... Creativity is a good thing here!Then implement it once you have it.Then listen carefully to the feedback.People need an opportunity to ask questions, share concerns and provide ideas.Be sure to provide a forum for people to respond.Who knows that with feedback and ideas for improvement, things that you start with can get better!The biggest challenge here is to do it.Not paying attention to the actual sales of the changes may be one of the most serious mistakes in implementing major changes.Unfortunately, we often see this happen.The change here is to stay.Groups that know how to accept positive changes more quickly will have an advantage.This means getting the purchase from all relevant personnel as soon as possible.Maybe you don't realize how much sales are in the leadership team ...... Are you ready for sale?
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