is it possible to do too many facial masks The Gift Of Listening

is it possible to do too many facial masks The Gift Of Listening
Everyone likes to think of themselves as a good listener.What do you think you are?Why do you think so?When you listen, how often do you actively accept what others say, and how often do you mentally form your reaction, waiting for your turn to speak?From the opposite point of view, how often does someone interrupt you when you speak?How do you feel?What do you think of someone who interrupted you?Do you think they are selfish?Irritating?Immature?Disrespectful?When people interrupt you, no matter how you feel, I will put the money on it, not anything positive!If you think about it for a while, when is it possible to interrupt others?Is this any help for you?I thought not.We feel that it is impolite to interrupt others, because the core of it is selfishness and arrogance-the "qualities" that we find unpleasant ".When we interrupt someone, we are basically telling them that what we say is more important than what they say.It says you know them better than they do, and you know them better than they do in a way.It tells them that you are not interested in their point of view, which shows that you lack respect.Do you want people to feel this way about you?It all sounds negative, so let's turn it around.If it's so rude to interrupt someone, then there's certainly no greater compliment than having someone listen to us intently, so if you want someone to feel recognized and valued, listen to them appropriatelyWhen you do that, you tell that person that you respect what they say.You tell them that you value what they say and they deserve 100% of your attention.Effective Listening is a technique that proves its deficiency by interrupting the voice of others.Unfortunately, this skill is far less common than you think.Based on this bad picture, by honing your listening skills, you can bring yourself a considerable competitive advantage.When you listen appropriately to someone, they will have a positive impression on you.In a business environment, it's easy to see, repeat with employees, colleagues, managers, providers, and customers, how this really develops your positive image, even better, in return, they are more likely to listen to you.It's all good, but what if you were born a bad listener?After all, we all have different skills and abilities.Some of us are naturally better at some activities than others.The good news is that no matter how good or poor your current listening skills are, you can improve your listening skills.This is not only a skill but also a discipline.Like riding a bike or playing an instrument, you can learn, improve and master.Here are a few tips to get you started: 1.Make a decision to listen.Listening is not just not talking.If you want to listen well, then you need to make a conscious decision to do so.As the saying goes, we have two ears but only one mouth.Does this mean that we should be listening twice as much as we speak, or should we spend twice as much energy listening?Either way, you can't do something unexpected well-so decide to pay attention.2.Open your mind and ears.Don't think you know what this person is going to say or what their point of view is.We all have preconceived views on individuals, but we need to make sure that they don't act as filters so that our ears tend to support what we preconceived and prevent us from hearing what is actually said.3.Count to three.A simple rule, but mentally count to three before you reply.If you do this every time you talk to someone, you will find it impossible to interrupt or even be careless.It gives space to the people you speak to complete what they say and helps you focus on the key to the conversation and really understand the core of things.4.Pay attention.When you talk, what do you think of people who don't look at you?Are they considered untrustworthy or just as if they don't listen?Eye contact is critical-not only for the right listening, but also for the impression that the speaker is being listened.If someone is worth listening, then they deserve your undivided attention, so give it to them.This means that you can't watch TV from the corners of your eyes or write memos or read newspapers.Use body language to show the people you are listening to, such as getting your body towards them and avoiding visual cues that you have better things to do, such as fidgeting.It is important to be a good listener, not only because of what you may find if you listen, but it also enhances relationships and helps increase your business and career success.It also expresses respect for the people you listen.How many people do you hear complaining that their spouse is not listening?Bring these technologies home and use them at work, and your personal relationship will thank you for that too!
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