is it possible to do too many facial masks The Magic of Solitude and Peacefulness

is it possible to do too many facial masks The Magic of Solitude and Peacefulness

The most beautiful thing in the world is invisible or even impossible to touch;They must be felt with heart.-Helen Keller, 1880-The greatest men and women of all ages often practice being alone.They learn how to keep their minds in silence and use their super-conscious power to answer their questions.In this article, you learn how to apply this wonderful technique immediately to improve the quality of your life inside and outside.Your feelings, your emotions, are the entrance to your inner strength.In getting in touch with your feelings, the most important part is to start practicing loneliness on a regular basis.Being alone is the most powerful activity you can participate in.Men and women who practice correctly and regularly will never be surprised at how different it is in their lives.Most people never practice being alone.Most people don't sit down quietly alone for any period of their lives.Most people are so busy that they are too busy.Even watching TV.It is very unusual for them to simply sit down, deliberately, and do nothing.But as Catherine Dith points out, "When men and women start to spend their time quietly alone, they start to become great when they start to practice loneliness.This is the way you can use it.To make the most of your solitude time, you have to sit quietly for at least 30 to 60 minutes at a time.If you haven't done it before, it will take you about 25 minutes to stop fidgeting and walking around.You almost have to put yourself in your seat.You will have an almost irresistible desire to stand up and do something.But you have.Loneliness requires you to sit quietly, completely quietly, with your head upright and eyes wide open without cigarettes, candy, writing materials, music or any distractions for at least 30 minutes.An hour is better.Relax completely and take a deep breath.Let your mind flow.Don't think about anything.The harder you "don't try", the more effective it will be.After 20 to 25 minutes, you will start to feel very relaxed.You will begin to experience the flow of energy into your mind and body.You will have a lot of happiness.being.At this point, you will be ready to make the most of these moments of contemplation.It's incredibly lonely that if it's done right, about 100% of the time is working.As you sit there, there is a stream, a river, and many ideas flowing through your mind.You will think about countless themes in an uncontrolled stream of consciousness.I call this the monkey brain.Your job is to relax and listen to your inner voice.At some stage of your lonely period, the answers to the most pressing difficulties you face will appear calmly and clearly, like a boat gently placed by the lake.The answer you seek will come to you so clearly that it will feel so perfect that you will experience deep gratitude and satisfaction.When you come out of this quiet period, you have to do exactly what you think.It may involve dealing with the human situation.This may include starting or giving up something.Anyway, this will be exactly the right thing to do when you follow the guidance you receive in solitude.Everything will be fine.It will usually be much better than you think.Just try it.You must learn to believe in yourself.You must develop the habit of listening to yourself and then take action based on the guidance you receive.You can take the following three steps immediately to put these ideas into action.First of all, choose a specific time and place to sit quietly and practice a whole hour of solitude.Don't put it off.Second, take some small silence and solitude during the day, especially when you feel overwhelmed by a problem or responsibility.Third, take immediate action on the ideas and insights you receive when you are alone.A good idea can save your efforts for months and years.Trust is the key.
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