is it possible to do too many facial masks The Misadventures of Multitasking: How Trying To Do Too Much Makes You Unhappy and Unproductive

is it possible to do too many facial masks The Misadventures of Multitasking: How Trying To Do Too Much Makes You Unhappy and Unproductive
I made a mess yesterday.I want to be a super woman and do everything right.Instead, I slowed down and was still cleaning today.What's the cost of multitasking?Before we explore, here's a warning, humorous, reallife tale.Last night, I had fun plans with an old friend from San Francisco for dinner and shows in Manhattan.I 've been trying to clean my apartment all day and it's time to get ready for the evening.But what did I notice?After returning from the holiday, I haven't washed the swimsuit hanging on the bathroom door handle.Light bulb!I can throw one of them into the sink when I take a shower.So I took a sink full of soapy water and clothes and jumped up and washed my hair in the shower.This is an interesting place.A few minutes later, while shaving my legs, I caught a glimpse of the sink.This is a small apartment-So the bathtub and sink are almost touching.) Time to wash clothes.I reached out and pulled out the drain to release the water and then opened the water rinse suit.I'm still taking a shower, applying conditioner to my hair and continuing my usual cleaning ceremony.A few minutes later I realized that maybe I should check the situation with the sink.Yikes!The water went up to the floor and my iPhone and home phone were on the countertop-wet.Half of the fluffy white carpet below was soaked.Water is everywhere on the floor.I have a conditioner on my hair.I turned off the water in the sink and threw the two phones in the dry part of the rug (luckily, I grabbed them before it was damaged ).I cursed my hair, took a shower soon, and my hair was dry.I didn't have time to put towels and carpets in the dryer in the basement of the building, so, I installed clothes hangers in the bathtub for all my "dry flat" clothes and covered them on it.At least the mess was cleaned up so I thought I could get back to the beauty routine without seeing my friends too late.I have to wash the carpet and towels later when I have more time.Then my kitten Buddha keenly observed the cleaning work and he came over and started sniffing the area under the cabinet where the sink was located.What the hell is he doing?He never did that before.I opened the cabinet ......More Water.There is water at the bottom of the cabinet, and all kinds of items in the only cabinet in the small bathroom are also wet.More cursing!I put another beach towel on the floor and sat down and emptied the whole cabinet.Travel Bag, sample size bottle for lotion and shampoo, Q-Tips, cotton, alcohol, hair dryer I have never used, sunscreen, wire rack .......Everything is either dry or thrown on a towel.I cleaned the bottom of the cabinet and put back what I could do.I scattered the rest on the floor and dried it with various towels.I did get to the city in time to have dinner with my friends and have a nice night.But the stress of dealing with my multitasking accident is not interesting.I haven't cleaned up yet!After writing this, I'm going to the laundry room in the basement.The carpet will never dry without going through the rotation cycle.And, I either throw it away or put the items I left on the floor back in place.We do it because we think we can do everything right at the same time, but the truth is, we can't.Instead, we are switching from one task to another, diluting our attention, distracting ourselves too thin and swinging between different goals.The fact is multitasking: keep you slow-we do this because we think more work can be done in less time, but it actually takes time for multitasking.Research shows that it takes longer to complete the activity when multitasking.The smart way to work is time blocking.Time blocking is done in batches: pay all bills at once, then reply to all emails, and then go to the next item.This allows you to get into the mindset you need for each activity.As my bathroom failure has proven, research has shown that switching between tasks can result in a 40% loss of productivity.The more critical thinking a task requires, the greater the wrong mistakes.Do you remember your swearing?Making mistakes and wasting time cleaning up chaos can bring stress and unhappiness.Enough said.You missed your life today.In the interconnected world, few people stop and smell the smell of roses ...... Even take a look at what's happening around.Research shows that those who are busy doing two things at the same time can't even see something obvious in front of them.Remember the video of the woman talking with her mobile phone in the mall?First the fountain?The researchers call it "in-Pay attention to blindness "and note that while people technically look around them, none of them are actually registered in their brains.Reduce your creativity-according to research from the University of Illinois, "A ha" moments decrease when you multi-task.It requires a lot of "working memory" or temporary brain storage, and when these are all used up, our ability to think creatively is deprived.There are so many things in our minds to daydream and think in the blue sky.Making Ohio impossible-when you do multi-tasking, the productivity "handle only once" rule disappears.In fact, you may have to deal with it five or six times.Determined timesucker.Multitasking can also be done :-Hurt your relationshipLead to overeatingThe evidence is strong and clear.So, the next time you're looking at pod cast and sales calls, you find yourself stopping when replying to emails.Do yourself a favor.Grab yourself and reset your priority to complete a task before going to the next task.Me?I have to wash my clothes (carpet), clean up the bathroom floor, wash off my other swimsuit and assemble my new office chair-in this order!(Hey, do you think I can clean my suit while cleaning up the rest of the mess?
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