is it possible to do too many facial masks The Stress Cure - Is Stress Zapping Your Memory?

is it possible to do too many facial masks The Stress Cure - Is Stress Zapping Your Memory?
What is the cause of stress that leads us to a long story on negative ideas?The answer has a lot to do with our memory.Although this is the miracle of the brainA three-pound nerve tissue can store any memory.But there are some amazing quirks in the human memory system.The most important thing to note is that we forget something.The forgotten information is still somewhere in our brain.It's just that it's hard for the brain to put its (metaphorical) hands on any particular memory when needed.There is a lot of other competitive information there.In order to solve this problem, the brain usually has to "jog" our memory by relying on memory cues or information fragments related to what we are trying to recall.Almost anything can be used as a clue as long as it is somehow associated with the information we are looking.It turns out that the brain uses our emotional state as the most important memory clue.Whether you believe it or not, the brain will mark each of our memories based on the emotional state we are in at the time of the event.Whenever we are in the same mood, it becomes a powerful search thread.For example, when you are sad, a depressed mood triggers various memories of other moments when you are sad or depressed.When you experience a feeling of failure, when lonely and rejected, everything comes up and it's hard to remember that things are going well at any particular time in the past.If you're in a relationship, all you can think of is other breakup --Past ups you can't remember the good times you had with anyone.It turns into a downward spiral of memories.When you are overwhelmed by stress, you may think that your emotional health is declining.In addition to being grumpy and prone to excitement, your memory can also be affected.Stress is usually the result of a chaotic schedule and when it is stressful there is so much to do and it is not uncommon to forget about things.If you feel stressed and are "casual", you need to take the time to increase your attention to reduce the overload and overwhelm of extreme chaos and periods of tension.When your attention is reduced, you can regain control.There are several ways to improve your thinking ability during coercion.My first choice is to exercise.Exercise can help your brain produce new cells related to memory enhancement.Physical exercise increases oxygen in the brain and nerve discharge.If you feel isolated for working long hours or taking care of your family at home, or if you don't drive or for any reason --Looking for a new friendshipMake sure you engage with your friends and family.Invite friends to dinner or go out for lunch.If it's someone who works with you, don't talk about work.If you can't go out and meet your friends or meet new people, develop new friendships with people you meet online --line.There is a whole world outside. many people are lonely and want to find a new friend.When you adapt to different conversations in a new environment, this gives the brain a new workout while activating or re-activatingActivate different sensesIf you are driving a long car, consider listening to an audiobook.You will be surprised how pleasant your driving has become, the traffic has become more relaxed and allows you to reach your destination in a more relaxed state.You can also breakImprove the routine of driving by occasionally trying a new route.If you usually drive on a highway, find a route that allows you to drive on a country road.Stress does not necessarily lead to a decline in your memory, if you do not allow it.As long as you exercise your brain by creating new neural pathways, just like exercising new muscles while exercising, you will have a healthy memory, can let you remember important things when you are stressed and anxious.
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