is it possible to do too many facial masks Think About Networking in a NEW Way...

is it possible to do too many facial masks Think About Networking in a NEW Way...
Let's imagine a network, not a network.If you put yourself in the center of this network, you can see how your direct links or connections extend outward.These links also extend out.But they are all related to each other.That's what we want our network to look more like "work "."I 've met so many entrepreneurs and business people who believe or act as if their sales efforts are one-on-one direct deals with potential customers and customers.What they don't realize is that when they build a network, most of the sales and exploration can actually be done by others.A network can help you increase yourself.At my webinar, I asked a question, "conservatively, how many friends and acquaintances do you think you have?The answer is usually between 200 and 500.My next question is, "How many do you think these people know?Then we do math.Conservatively, if each of these people knows only 200, then this person is "connected" to 40,000 and only one person has been deleted!Imagine the numbers connected to the second and third layers!Therefore, the first obstacle to overcome when building a network is to recognize the strength of the connection.This is a very important person in a business that many people can hardly recognize or understand.There are relationships that need to be established in any business.These are positive developments.We call these relationships networks.Through personal work alone, people have made little progress in their careers;There are usually several people involved in a successful career or career.Many people are afraid of the advice of the "network.\ "They feel that they may be building a disingenuous relationship or damaging their true self by rubbing shoulders with higher people --Ups in the organization.So, out of principle, some people who are very capable are not connected to the Internet.So, let's get the record straight.The network is not collecting business cards.This is not someone who pretends to like you or not.This is not a disingenuous cater to the boss or potential client.The network is about building reciprocal, collaborative relationships with people in your organization, your business community, and your life.It cares more about the progress of others than you care about yourself.It is a bond of trust and support with people who share your goals or your business goals.The powerful side of building this network is that you provide superior quality and service.When you build your network and provide quality service, your network will start to work for you.People talk to people.Satisfied customers will introduce you to others.You actually work on the Internet.So when we look at networking as a sincere effort to build a mutually beneficial relationship, it will actually be fun!When you take your attention away from yourself and put it on someone else, the whole picture of your relationship will change.You are not selfish, but guided by others.You become caring for others, not yourself.-absorbed.You get funny, not bored.Isn't that even better?This approach puts a different focus on how to build and enjoy your network.You can allow yourself to collect one or two more business cards instead of writing a mandatory mail merge letter the next dayFocus on dialogue with people in online activities."Other focus" is a key word in this equation.Many people mistakenly try to get each other to know their business, which is the main goal of their conversation.People can see through it right away.If you show real interest in each other and avoid talking about yourself a few minutes before the conversation and building a mutually beneficial relationship, you will go a long way.The reality is that after you show real interest in their business, the vast majority of people turn around and ask you about your business.This is how reciprocal relations are established.A little heart.Reciprocity does not necessarily mean immediate benefits.You have to be patient.The network has been established over the years.One person at a time.The more sincere and helpful you are, the better the quality you provide, the more mutually beneficial (and fun) your network will be ).Your network will be effective!
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