is it possible to do too many facial masks Three Little Words - The Secret to Making Meetings Work

is it possible to do too many facial masks Three Little Words - The Secret to Making Meetings Work

Do you want to know the secret of managing success?Here's the answer to what you did at all the meetings we attended.Only three small words are needed.Here are the "three small words" that will change your meeting life forever ".Who knows that they may even support your career!1.2.3.Sometimes the best solution is the simplest.This is one of the times.We all thought we spent too much time at the meeting.Maybe this is true.But maybe it's because they don't work, or they're confusing, or they're rambling, or (fill in your favorite gaps), and our negative feeling may be because the meeting doesn't work, not the fact that there is a meeting.Try to remember the last meeting you attended and you feel it was a really productive meeting ...... While this exercise can put a burden on your memory, try to think about the factors that make it a "good" meeting.The usual elements of getting started on time, setting the agenda, and getting "right" people involved are likely to be there.But it must also include clear and definable action, isn't it?This is the source of the "three small words.When will who do what?When will who do what?The person in charge of the meeting will be suspended before continuing to discuss the next topic to ensure who's content and time is allocated.He or she can instruct the person taking notes to make sure that these three pieces of information are recorded before proceeding.What if the leader is not doing well in remembering the "three small words?”Easy.Others in the group can push the meeting forward by asking for "three small words" at the end of each topic or agenda item.It would be great if someone was the leader of the meeting, but not so.When will who do what?It sounds simple.And it is.Someone (hope you) just need to remember to do it!This is the difficult part.When there is a lot of conversation flowing, sometimes we forget to use these three small words.With "who will do what at what time?"Assign accountability, define the appearance of success, and establish a time frame."When Will who do what?Drive success."Who" assigns responsibility.It gives responsibility.It wrote a name on the task.How many meetings have you left knowing that "we" will do "x ".”Who is “we?”Is it you?Is it Harry?Or Olivia?Have you taken responsibility (for others of course), but two weeks later you get embarrassed when asked when the project is progressing.Who, me?Clear expression of "who" eliminates all doubts.It gives others an idea of how to deal with the project.It assigns responsibility.What is the task ".The end result is that "who" should achieve "what" is the action part of this triad.It can be anything from a major project to a call.What drives the results.From the end result rather than the activity, the more "what" is described, the more effective the result is, right?Set the "by" of the target date ".It removes expectations of timing.It helps "whos" manage their work.It can help others manage the results of the meeting.It avoids embarrassing situations.Did you let someone follow you before you thought the task was due?Expectations for disappointment, interpersonal "challenges" and poor results are not clear.Setting the target date allows everyone to know the time range.It lets "who" set the focus of his or her work.It supports planned work, not stress-driven or crisis-driven work.So ...... When will who do what?You should use these three small words at the next meeting.See what happens!You will succeed.You will do things right.Who knows, you can even enjoy the meeting!
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