is it possible to do too many facial masks Want to know the best way to save your life?

is it possible to do too many facial masks Want to know the best way to save your life?
If you could do one thing now to relieve stress, would you do it?Or your excess.Crowded Life-too much to do, the demands of loved ones are more important than your needs, and your work requires you to keep working hard-take over?The secret of a healthy and happy life is: sleep more.Sleep well.Sleep well and sleep well.It sounds simple, but it is a key element in my program and I always check with my client at the beginning.Given that we now know that only 10% of the pressure is due to what is happening to us, and 90% of the pressure is due to how we choose to think about what is happening to us, we need enough rest, see what these choices are and make wise choices.We live in sleep.National poverty;We sleep less than people in other developed countries, and here are some of the consequences :-You wake up too tired to take care of yourself and are overwhelmed by the responsibility of the coming day.-You have a poor memory and made more mistakes-is there any pressure on this?You bet!In fact, it will increase your stress.-Your memory will last 24 hours after a sleepless night;Think about what happens when you can't sleep overnight.The pressure is like a snowball, rolling down the hill, gathering more of your own kind along the way.-The efficiency of the immune system is reduced, which means that you are more prone to illness-wasting time and increasing stress again!Of course, lack of sleep over the long term can cause you to suffer from chronic and/or major illnesses.-Lack of sleep is fatal.A cardiologist even said that lack of sleep is more likely to cause heart disease than diabetes and high blood pressure.-Lack of sleep increases fatStorage mechanism when you enter survival mode.In fact, your body is craving sugar, fat and salt as your stress levels rise.Sleep deprivation can then help you store all the unhealthy things you pack.-You become too emotional and make bad decisions, including seeing things become anxious or angry, and you won't be disturbed if you are in good health --rested.-Finally, lack of sleep can reduce the power of the part of your brain that is responsible for your willpower, leaving you unable to do anything about life.It's no wonder that in the case of lack of sleep, you will feel that your life is out of control.You can start to regain some control by focusing on good sleep first.This is the best way I know to get rid of what I call a whirlpool of stress: a state where you don't sleep well, wake up exhausted, too tired to exercise, too tired to buy healthy food to eat.You are easily affected by the "simple" food that promises instant energy.In fact, you crave sugar, fat and salt.But in the right way, you will never get tired and sleep soundly.It's hard to know how to get rid of the pressure vortex when you're in a pressure vortex, because your mind is lost and you 've made a bad choice-which leads to a bad choice.The first thing you need to know is that sleep will not relax you;Only relaxation can make you relax.You may sleep if you're nervous about sleeping on the ground, but you wake up feeling like you're moving bricks all night.Therefore, cultivate inner and outer peace before going to bed.Spend an hour before going to bed to calm down and avoid flashing lights on TV sets and computers that have been shown to interfere with the manufacture of melatonin, a sleep chemistry made by your bodyDon't do strenuous exercise that hour.You can listen to soothing music, read a book (not a book that is too painful), browse the information about the dream holiday, and re-readRead the notes sent to you by loved ones-anything that fosters a happy mood.Your bedroom should talk calmly: no clutter, no pile of clothes waiting to be taken to the cleaners or collected, no pile of bills on the dresser, no laptop to boot.Block the light as much as possible.This includes small lights for electronic devices that are being charged, or lights that leak at the edges of curtains or curtains.When you wake up, you 've got enough sleep and feel passionate, not overwhelmed by the upcoming day.In order to determine a suitable sleeping time, work backwards from the time you have to get up.Then determine the sleeping time and stick to it.This is a "basic habit" and many other good habits will be maintained in this habit.(The topic of habit is covered in my full show, where I show you how to build a constant habit and change your life forever.But most importantly, sleep will give you better conditions to think clearly and make the right choices.As we are experiencing now, stress is not the result of wildlife rushing at us to tear us apart, but rather a matter of choice.So the first option you can make is: sleep, just as your life depends on it.
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