is it possible to do too many facial masks What Do You Do After a Major Accomplishment?

is it possible to do too many facial masks What Do You Do After a Major Accomplishment?
You put a lot of time and resources into this project.When you are going to show it, the day has finally arrived.It's finally over now.What do you do later?Are you celebrating?Are you going to take a shower?Do you meditate and thank your spiritual team for being with you?Are you blaming yourself for thinking it's not as smooth as you 'd like it to be?Me?I clean.I cleaned because not only did my house not see brooms and dusters in a few weeks, but cleaning also kept me from focusing on analyzing my performance, my attachment to the results, reminds me of simple things in life.When I was cleaning up today, after the climax of my call to help women awaken the leaders of their inner wisdom, I began to see how this was applied in my life.As the floor became more shiny and the furniture became smoother, I saw how I was freed from the disconnect from all the work I was doing, as a way to remove the pieces of stress, expectation, selfI have been accumulating judgments and attachments on this project.Don't get me wrong, the project itself is amazing, but the process can be difficult at times because I have to struggle with the tendency to be easily distracted and doubt myself, stay away from the attachments and expectations of what I wish I could accomplish.What if taking the time to nourish yourself actually creates more space for creativity?If sweeping the floor and polishing the furniture gives you an exit to clean up the dust and debris piled up inside without letting you see your beautiful light, just like the dust on the furniture hides the beautiful wood under it?It's not so much to encourage you to clean your house as to encourage you to clean the dust inside so that you can see the wise spiritual leader inside.So how do you start to improve your life?First of all, choose!You have to choose to do that, otherwise you'll just be a tough chore because someone says you should, (which includes the evil little voice in your head ).Second, love yourself!It's not always fun to clean the house, but when you know you do it because you like how shiny your stove looks, it will make you more enjoyable.Internal cleaning is the same-it's not always fun, especially when we deal with a lot of emotional crud, but do it in our own wayLove, know that you are cleaning up the space for your smart spiritual leader to make it easier.Third, respect yourself!When you begin to respect yourself and your experience, you begin to appreciate the challenges you face and may be the challenges you face.You won't leave anything behind.Instead, you will find it all.Just like cleaning in the back of the refrigerator.It's really hard to get back there, but when you get back there you can see what's piled up.When you respect your experiences and your stories, you can now let them go because they have achieved their purpose.Now you can sit in that beautiful, bright, fresh and clean home and enjoy the fruits of your labor.In your heart, you will sit with the beauty you are now, knowing that now you can start creating again, because there is more light and brightness in your heart and mind.By the way, would you like to see my work reach its climax?Well, it's actually just the beginning, but I'm proud of it for putting a lot of time and resources in order to bring it here!www.Wiseheartleader.
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