is it possible to do too many facial masks What is life was a multiple choice test?

is it possible to do too many facial masks What is life was a multiple choice test?
If life is a multiple choice question, will you always choose the same answer?"Let's take a look, this is Option B.I think I will do this all the time."At least in a real multiple-choice test, you can see all the options-usually four-you can even think about them before you mark your choices.In real life, even if there are more than four choices around us, we often act as if we only see one choice.Habits and stress make us believe that only one choice is open to us-we 'd better accept it right away and not stop and think too much.Here are some examples of customers who look around and stop and make different choices with admirable consequences.Alicia goes to work by bus every day and she thinks she has to take the time ahead of time to worry about waiting for her work at her desk.She is particularly worried about the coming year.Her bonus depends on the final review.She learned to take a deep breath, forget about the future, and look around on the bus.She looked at her deskmate and responded to his words and found herself in an interesting conversation and finally met a new client who was impressed by her cleverness and enthusiasm.Her boss was impressed, her comments were great, and so was her bonus.When she asked him to take out the garbage, he failed again, and de Bush shrugged.Ants are everywhere in the kitchen.(Not the first time.) She decided not to reply angrily as she had before, "You never listen to me ".Instead, she asked calmly (in which case she asked as unemotionally as she could), "when did you decide that what I asked you to do didn't matter?"He was surprised to find that things he thought were not a big deal were explained by her as rejecting her importance.The result is,Deep conversations about their relationship are much less than the previous ones.My story: Usually, when I line up or ask for information, the person I talk to will call me "young lady "."Now, this is obviously ridiculous, because I didn't think I was young except for the centenarians.My typical reaction is to smile politely and ignore this sentence, but frankly, I think this is a condescending attitude, as if the speaker assumed to be a certain age and naive.The last time this happened, I chose curiously to ask, "are you going to do this when you call me 'young lady?The speaker stammered, "I think so," rather uncertain.I went on to ask, "would you feel praised if I called you 'young people?The cautious answer is "no ".I told him that I was sure he didn't realize it, but I didn't feel praised either.We continued to chat in a very friendly way;He helped me and I gave him some information about possible work.Answering a question caused by Curiosity does not sound hostile or defensive, which is a good way to clarify communication between two people.So look at your habitual reaction to the situation, see where you can change your attention or your reaction, and discover the wealth that you have not noticed.As Aunt May said to her nephew Patrick, "Life is a grand banquet, most sons --of-His Bitch starved to death."Don't starve to death.Open your eyes to the rich choices around you.
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