is it possible to do too many facial masks Who’s writing your life script?

is it possible to do too many facial masks Who’s writing your life script?

Our lives are based on assumptions-we are sure that what we have the ability to do, what we can accept, and what we think is inevitable are true.So where did these assumptions come from?I thought of this last week when I was in a show.The central figure is after 80.A 70-year-old manThe woman I met in the dog park.It's sweet, it's touching ...... It has nowhere to go.She actually went to Milan for a world opera.He had always dreamed of visiting the famous Opera House, but had never been there.He sat on a bench in the park.We can focus on the themes of those who dream but never act, but for me, the two seniors have all the elements of good romance, a recurring theme,, at least in the drama, film, or television programs we see, never stick to it.One of them died, or went to Milan, or to the moon, but we have never seen them hug.We never saw them perfect their love.How many of us accept this ending without a doubt?My question is: How old is the playwright?The broader question is: Who are we learning from?When we see, hear, or read a play, we are emotionally moved (if anything ).The creator gives us a snapshot of life-his or her life, not ours.As I pointed out to a friend, he criticized my practice of returning to my hometown after many years in California, "You can't go home anymore" is a title, not a universal truth.She was shocked and surprised.Everything we consume-not just food, but media in all forms-will affect us.We need to focus on our inner beliefs and attitudes, just as we focus on the food in our stomachs.So when you're fascinated by an artwork, or even hypnotized, stop and ask yourself, "who created it?How old is this person?What gender?May or may not be relevant.What culture or pointsWhat culture does this person represent?Be careful here;Sometimes the assumptions we make in our culture are the most blind, so it's easy for us to accept them.) What trends do you see or hear over and over again?According to media reports, as I have pointed out, the elderly do not have sex.Repetition does not necessarily make a concept a reality.Anything else you can find about the creator can help you appreciate the work in its context without necessarily turning it into your background.Because what you believe is what you are going to live.The same is true of what we eat here.
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