is it possible to do too many facial masks Why can’t you say “NO”?

is it possible to do too many facial masks Why can’t you say “NO”?
I work with so many people.Busy women are stressed beyond imagination, but they still have a hard time saying "no" to demands from all sides ".Even if friends, family members or managers allow them and even urge them to reject these requests, they still find it almost impossible to open their mouths and let that sound come out.Why is this?This is a possible reason.Fear of hurting others or being seen as "bad" or "selfish": I notice that people who are afraid of saying "no" are often also people who are hard to hear "no, "go through people who refuse them, or despise their demands or tastes.So they naturally think that the other person will hear "no" in the same way ".Here are some suggestions that make me comfortable to hear this horrible word: "No" usually means "not now" or "I have to deal with another commitment/emergency now, or "I don't like that kind of special event/food, but I like you.It could also mean, "If you were the last person on Earth, I wouldn't take the time to be with you/do it for you.However, why not wait for more evidence before you think this is the real meaning?Don't think that the "no" you hear is permanent;The same request made at another time is likely to bring "yes."When you need to use the word (which you should do), here are some guidelines: Don't assume that the other person is as sensitive to the situation as you are.Assuming that the other party is a mature adult, it can endure the small frustration of hearing "no", especially when the situation is clear.Say "no" clearly and unemotionally to the request, and if possible, give the real reason."I'm tired. I really need to go to bed early.I would love to spend some time with you when I can really relax and enjoy your company, but now is not the time."Don't give false excuses-if you get caught in a local pizza shop and beg for a sprained ankle and you can't lose weight on it, it will make you feel very stupid."My grandmother is very ill and I have to visit her" has been used too many times by the pretender to hold on without real evidence, and later you find yourself shopping in high spirits, this not only undermines your honesty, but also makes you doubt your ability to care for others.Not only do you look stupid when you fall into a lie, but the other person will feel hurt and annoyed.It could be a relationship.ending move.As for thinking that you say "no" is selfish: Remember that saying "no" can be a way to protect your commitment to your loved ones that you have made to them, in order to be commonEmployees, customers, even yourself.Someone said, "You can't say" yes "until you can say" no "."When you reluctantly agree to do something, or when you really don't want to go, your mind will wander, your facial expressions and your body will secretly show that you are not there with all your heart.Don't you think the other party noticed?Once people realize that you are willing to say "no" to things that don't fit your agenda or taste, when you say "yes", they will know that it is very sincere.What a compliment to another person!Instead of feeling selfish, you establish yourself as a respectable person, a person to rely on-in fact, an upright person.Don't you feel good?
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