is it possible to do too many facial masks Why Entrepreneurs Procrastinate & How to Overcome It!

is it possible to do too many facial masks Why Entrepreneurs Procrastinate & How to Overcome It!
Remember when you decided to take a 15-minute break from work and sit down at the cafeteria to read the newspaper?Later, you got up very well with current events, but realized that an hour passed and you had to rush back to your desk to complete the taskdo list.Or when you decide to clean up the drawer on weekdays looking for a piece of paper and finally redecorate the whole room with your son?While the two exercises may seem productive in the first place, they are not.The hallmark of a smart and result-oriented person is discipline, not just to get things done, but to get things done "right.You may actually be the victim of delay.The same is true of running your own business.I have seen many promising entrepreneurs suffer from this problem, including myself.Common symptoms include extending uncomfortable or challenging meetings such as auditors and creditors, habitually reporting late or early departure of work, taking too long breaks, falling into a task and refusing to move on, causing nothing to be completed.As Japanese, they actually invented the concept of "justice"A timely inventory system shows that wrong decisions are better than delayed ones.So why do entrepreneurs delay?How do you overcome this malice?Step 1: Clear your priorities. Our brains are made up of millions of neurons, forming millions of connections per second.It's easy to start daydreaming in the morning staff meeting.Your idea may not be about "what dinner your spouse was doing that day", but you might actually be planning "you meet the client next time ".Looks okay?Wrong!This type of delay is the worst because everyone is affected to some extent.You ignore the important tasks at hand, because you are pursuing tasks that are easier to manage, easier, and ultimately less important.Healing: Ask yourself these two questions each time you feel the need to shift your attention to a different task: 1-What are the most important issues that need to be addressed?2-Am I trying?If not, why not?Of course, even small tasks and errands will pile up, which will have cumulative adverse effects in the long run,, a direct threat to a big task may leave you in the workplace not long enough to see the adverse effects of ignoring small errands!All the people who are impressed are notorious for ignoring everyday trivia because they prioritize bigger issues.Nuclear physicists are a good example of such a person.He usually prioritizes a complex equation instead of shaving or dressing up.At the beginning of your day, always remember to make a-Listed in priority order.It will give you a bigger picture and keep you on top of the game.Step 2: Set your own deadline and finish the work on time, which can easily be confused with doing a good job.These two emotions are very different, and even the brain's chemical reaction to these two emotions is different.One handles the relief after a period of stress and the other handles the excitement.Treatment: once you have determined the priority of your work, it is time to set a personal deadline that is more stringent than the actual deadline, deceiving yourself to give the attention you need to the task, at the same time, reward yourself with some small things, such as coffee breaks and catching up with colleaguesStaff or view personal emails.The time you save can even be used to improve your tasks or take a break in your busy schedule.Step 3: once you start working hard, your productivity will drop exponentially.There are many questions about the level of employee motivation.Some even believe that employee motivation is a skill that triggers a management study called Human Resource Management.In a broad sense, motivation is the reason why people perform different tasks.Depressed employees will quarrel over the most trivial issues and drag their work to the last minute without contributing to their full potential.An entrepreneur can use lack of short-term incentivesLong term rewards, long hours of work and increased bills.Treatment: it is important to maintain your health, both emotionally and physically.It is important to exercise regularly at least 3 times a week, especially for middle school studentsaged people.Emotionally speaking, it is very important for an entrepreneur to delve into a business that is compatible with their life's goals and passions.Their startup must be a description of the skills they are good.This will ensure that they maintain a long-term goal of prosperity and growth at all times.Step 4: Let yourself be responsible for another reason why many people delay.Of course, for sole proprietorship operators, it will be difficult to deal with as the person managing the affairs, but there is also a way to deal with this.For employees, the study shows again and again that even the most motivated employees tend to relax without proper checking and balancing mechanisms.Treatment: The floor manager or shift owner is rightly referred to as such because he/she is closely following the staff and is always there to help and always there to condemn if someone is out of line.The employer should be responsible for their secretary and administrative manager.They should allow the selected person to ask directly about tasks within their boss's jurisdiction.They should have their office too.Collect an emergency number wherever you can arrive at any time.Following these steps in the above order is one of the most effective ways to keep layingEven for the most determined DeLay, attitude will be restrained.So the next time you report the work, start with the first step and then start there.Wish you success!
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