is it possible to do too many facial masks Your Work Vacation Strategy

is it possible to do too many facial masks Your Work Vacation Strategy
My resort strategy!I 've heard the shout, "Do I have to have a resort strategy too?Is career strategy, life planning and investment direction not enough?I would say "maybe" but it means "no "."While I have written a lot about the value and importance of work, in fact, I am a devout believer willing to take the time to leave the office and stay away from almost everything.I also agree with the idea that if you don't plan, others will get long weekends, Golden Week and extended holidays.Guess who's left of the fort?When I talk about holidays, I encourage you to consider your physical and emotional needs and what you want.In fact, I ask you to put them before work and family obligations for the time being.For some of us, this means that time really breaks our minds and bodies with sleep and daydream.For others, it could be a thrill of a new adventure, and for many, it's an opportunity to be with the people we love.Before we spend time or it's too late, many of us don't know how much we pay in the office.I'm not talking about working hours (although it's a factor ).I mean know the price we pay for a year, a pound of meat.The time we spend on the task at hand and the people we need to work with are huge.No matter what your ranking is, and no matter how many years of work experience you have, every job has its boredom, it will be refreshing and energetic to get rid of it.Step back and you'll realize how long it's been since you thought "it's not a big deal."The holidays also offer the opportunity to do what we like --long open-Stretch the drive, dig in the dirt, read from our major, or play the game.If we are not sure what we like, it is very likely that we will not arrange them, and they will never happen.I always do massages on my own when I go out and must have done 100 massages in 30 different countries.The holiday started for me.Send a message to my brain "relax and let go."The only way I can count on getting one is to book before I arrive.Otherwise, I will be canceled or distracted by the events of the day.I also worked very hard not to wear any work-related clothes or even that basic white shirt, which is said to be available anywhere.Again, it sends me a message that it's different and I'm not ready to fight yet.I limit my interaction with people, especially those I don't know or know very well.I don't think vacation is a chance to make friends."So, what do you do?"Next, I know what I 've heard about someone's brother who has been out of work for a long time --in-Legal or crazy boss.No thanks.However, I do enjoy traveling with friends, which is the very successful start I have had recently.It's another thing to have a long time with someone important to me.My family lives all over the United States.Although we often contact by phone and emailMail, we don't have much chance to get together at the table, for a walk or for a small chat.The holiday season met the needs of contact and left some of the best memories.It also gives me the opportunity to interact with young family members who think the phone is out of date and need to be avoided at all costs.I like to measure their growth based on the height of the waves or on the top of my head (now all are higher than me ).So, if you have a strategy, what might be the component?The resort strategy is a great way to meet your needs.It takes some thought, soul exploration, and time, and can prove to be a good investment in you.(C) Jane Cranston.
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