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If you have stubborn fat pockets and you are trying to get rid of them without success, you can now use sculpture to get rid of them and become thinner.Next is sculpture.No need for anesthesia, no incision, less than 30 minutes to complete the body contour and the body-to-body technique to tighten the skin.But since sculpture is a new technology, you might thinkIs sculpture safe?What is sculpture?Sculpture is a non-The FDA has approved invasive procedures to reduce fat.
This is a laser treatment that works by targeting subcutaneous fat below the surface of the skin using a 1064nm laser.SculpSure is used to treat both the abdomen and the side.SculpSure is an outpatient treatment that takes 25 minutes to complete and removes 24% of the treated fat.
This is the ideal way to get this goodDefines the middle section you always want.In addition to the body of the sculpture, the heating effect of the sculpture also shows the role of promoting collagen.Therefore, the skin will tighten after treatment.
The laser is equipped with 4 rectangular nozzles to drill down the laser energy into the fat cells and set a control temperature of 42 to 47 degrees Celsius.This disrupts and ultimately destroys the fat cells, which are gradually eliminated by the body over the next few weeks.The applicator can be placed in different positions in order to treat separate areas around the abdomen and sides at the same time.
The laser has a contact cooling system and adjustable power options that help ensure discomfort is minimized.How much treatment do you need?Many patients achieved the best results after one SculpSure treatment.However, the number of treatments required varies, as this depends on the unique aesthetic objectives of each patient.
It is best to discuss your expectations with your doctor during the consultation so that he/she can customize a plan for you.There may be some swelling, bruises and tenderness after sculpture treatment, which may take a few days to resolve.However, most patients are able to return to normal activity after treatment.
Some results can be seen in 6 weeks, but the final result may take 12 weeks.Is it safe?SculpSure is a security procedure with no real risk, but it has to be executed by a good personTrained doctors who have obtained relevant certification in the use of the technology.Patients should understand that the safety of surgery is directly related to the skills and expertise of medical professionals engaged in treatment.
The clinical studies conducted so far do not indicate any long-term side effectsEffects related to engraving.Most patients involved in clinical studies conducted prior to approval were very satisfied with their results.The sculpture does not damage the outer layer of the skin in any way, as it is specifically targeted at fat cells.
How long does the result last?The result of sculpture is long term.lasting.Once the fat cells are eliminated from the body, they disappear forever.Therefore, as long as you keep a healthy diet and exercise regularly, you can expect to maintain the best results.
Am I a good candidate for sculpture?Sculpture is not a weight loss surgery, but to reduce isolated fat pockets.This is a weight loss therapy designed to help you get rid of the troublesome fat areas in the medium termsection.Sculpture is not a solution to lose weight, so it does not mean treating those who want to lose weight.
If you want to get rid of stubborn bumps on the abdomen and sides, but you are not interested in invasive surgery, SculpSure may be the right treatment for you.Kyle song, MD at CA Irvin e, is committed to bringing you the most effective and state-of-the-art beauty solutions, so he is happy to provide you with a sculptural body profile
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