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Is This Ethical? - how to make cannabis skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-11
Is This Ethical?  -  how to make cannabis skin care products
I may have just had my first moral dilemma in my copywriting career, but I need to make sure it's actually a moral dilemma.
I reached an agreement with a new client to write a VSL for him, roughly following the VSL he wanted me to model from another company.
I asked him if he wanted to start VSL with proof like VSL from other companies.
He emailed me: "Yes, this will start with the recommendation in the same way, but you can express the recommendation in different ways and have a greater impact.
"I thought he had the real proof that he was going to use.
It gives me the impression that he will hire an actor to recite in VSL, since the one he gave me the model, "Actual people" give proof of their "webcam at home.
The problem is, this is a very reputable person, taking pictures with Richard Branson, proof from someone who is trusted in the IM space on his website (I think if he made up the proof, the team of credible people will find these proofs. . .
He will be forced to take them down ).
So he doesn't look like a random liar.
So part of me wanted to email him to make sure he was legal.
But on the other hand, he may know what he is doing.
As long as the false proof also comes from the "fictional" person, it may be legal to do so. . .
You didn't claim that a real person said what they didn't say.
At first, though, I did feel a little rough. But I realized--
Many classic sales letters involve speaking in the voice of a "fictional" character. . .
Where did this line be drawn?
Is it unethical when they appear as referees?
What do you think about this?
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