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is your anti aging skin care products too expensive? by ... - older skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-16
is your anti aging skin care products too expensive? by ...  -  older skin care products
Are your anti-aging skin care products expensive?
Skin care ingredients should be of high quality if the price is expensive.
But the expensive price does not guarantee the quality, or even the completion of the work.
Why are skincare manufacturers pricing high for products with poor performance or simply not working?
One of the reasons is that they keep changing the packaging and some anti-aging skin care ingredients.
This is because the last package failed and the product failed.
As a result, these changes may lead to higher prices.
There are many ways to promote skin care products.
Celebrity endorsements and a large number of advertisements on online programs and information advertising.
All of this costs a lot of money.
Therefore, the price of skin products has become very high in order to make up for the overhead.
We have talked about some reasons.
Have a position;
It's not cheap to rent in a busy area.
The cost of the factory, the staff, and a big cost is the freight.
There are indirect costs for each business.
But the most important factor we have to consider is not the cost, but the raw material.
If the skin care product is for work and safety, the ingredients must be of the highest quality, preferably truly natural.
So the company cut back on raw materials to save money.
But then they launched a cheap, ineffective product.
It costs a lot to sell a product.
Customers need to understand the product somehow.
Expensive advertising is usually required.
Therefore, in order to keep the price low, cheap synthetic materials replace the effective and safe ingredients.
Customers who buy this product are losers.
What ingredients are effective is not a secret for skincare companies.
But as already mentioned, these ingredients are not cheap, so it is often "watered down ".
I mean, really. Read the label.
The number of ingredients listed in the first batch is the largest.
May be water or Vaseline.
Water is the first one and will not make the product worse in itself.
But it's better to have some powerful ingredients to support it.
Or you just bought a tank of oil. water. UGGHH.
What should your skin care products be?
The ingredients that really work should be at least 50 concentrations in the worst case, more than counter products that can be harmful to your face, neck and skin around your eyes.
Many skincare collections are rich in filling ingredients, dyes, spices and parab gold. Read the label.
I have more information on which products to avoid on the websites listed below.
High-end and low-end stores are not places to get quality products.
One will allow you to charge more and the other is so cheap that most people fall in love with what is called savings.
So, where can a good quality product be found without being torn off?
The Internet may be the best place to find quality at affordable prices today.
Usually, the best skincare companies also have a range of high quality nutritional supplements.
I'm warning you here.
Not all internet companies take your interest to heart.
Not all products, skin care or nutrition are natural.
Some are synthetic.
So you should go to the discount store.
This is what my research showed me.
Please pay close attention.
CoQ10, anemone, grape seed extract, vitamin E, and xinniji TK;
These are the ingredients you need in skincare products and nutritional supplements.
If you don't get that, you're wasting your money.
I found a company that passed all the safety, quality, effectiveness and price tests.
For full details, please see my website below.
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